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  1. This might sound stupid but is machine part of any domain? Does it use custom WSUS server? Check group policy Second did you try upgrade older Windows 10 build from USB? I think you need to 2004 first and then can go 20h2. I rarely upgrade Windows 10 outside domain, but issue is usually too old build and need update manually until get new enough.
  2. That is just finnish honesty (In case you did not know Linus Torvalds is originally Finnish, just moved to states). Saying straight what you think from something is what many here likes to do.
  3. That reminds me that when time evolves in order keep these systems, we need to learn maintain all ourself. Behind are good old days when there was many third party service center around every town and repairing broken equipment to get extra out from it was normal. Luckily I have some relatives and friends who are better solder than me if ever need cap replacing. I hope wont need. I always was average to solder. I am better to work with anything solder free on hardware. I really hope wont need new caps anytime soon. DOS was good/bad in my opinion. Good was direct hardware access that allowed to make very well optimised software and games under DOS. Bad was no multitasking and no memory protection. One bogus application took whole thing down and had keep spamming crlt+alt+delete or reset. Windows 1 and 2 expect 386 one were mostly dos Shells. Windows 3.1 on 386 mode was what I could call OS. That was kinda horrible configure if had any network or cd drive. Many drivers refused to work on upper memory areas filling 640kb rather quickly. And trying run anything on Windows 3.1 that was 386 mode could result out of memory error. Windows 95 was built top of dos, but it had 32bit cd, network and other driver support so dos drivers were not that needed. Most of time something took down my 9x setup it was bogus dos program running on Windows. That is why I like exit to dos mode to run them Windows NT improved memory protection preventing that crashing but it is trade between perfromance, compability and stability that user must choose. NT based Operating systems were mostly chose by companies needing stable system and were not depend on MS-DOS applications
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aq97tTeGl14 a friend of mine linked this video to me. That actually surprised me because did not know there has been any large shutdown of teletext service. Ironic is that BBC was first to use teletext and then kill it. On here teletext is still provived by Yleisradio OY (Public Radio company) and MTV3. YLE teletext shows weather, planes arriving/taking off times news, radioation levels per area (useful in case of emergency) and lot more. I use it daily. It is also just text based so no useless clutter like on internet mostly and news shows what really matter not useless stuff to increase read time for ad revenue If you ask me Teletext does not equal to internet or Hybrid TV services. What if internet goes down? No more Hybrid TV services or internet news. Teletext works as long as got DVB-C DVB-T or DVB-T2 signal here so good in emergencies. There is actually 112 channel that shows any emergencies on YLE teletext. Internet cannot magically replace Teletext and fill it hole. Also it requires new end device and wont work oobe on my or anyone else old TV. This question mostly applies to european members, but does anyone else here use/used to use Teletext services and what channels in your home country provides it? I drop pic from our live weather on YLE teletext here.
  5. Are you planning use it on laptop or desktop? If answer is laptop I know one model that will work under Windows 98SE. I have not found driver yet, but it listed Windows 98SE as offically supported. I got one of them and model is Sony Ericson GC85 Edge card. It is triple band so as long as Poland (if flag is right) got 900 or 1800 or 1900mhz band for GSM it will work just fine. Another on go soluction is depending your wireless handheld telephone device (phone in short) is to use it as modem. Atleast older Siemens and Nokia phones until around 2004 or so had offical modem drivers for Windows 98SE. Depending model can use either IR, bluetooth (if got 9x compatible bt card) or data cable. They can generally achieve 43-100kbp/s speed which is not fastest, but fine for me on a road. Here operator killed older UTMS bands and in two years rest of UTMS bands are closed. Next goes 2g I guess and that point Finland which used to country highly developed in mobile technology will roll back to era where most had no phones. That point I may redirect all of my calls to answer machine that says. "Unfortunately person you tried to reach cannot use his phone because operator shut down GSM band and does not offer him landline. If you want contact owner of the number, please first call to operator number and tell them how stupid decision was to kill essential services." Also edge/gprs speed is not that slow depending how you tweak your software. I use email over IMAP with offline folders, use WTTR.IN to check weather, block js by default. On road edge/gprs works just fine. Back in day before web turned to bloat 100kb/s was luxury I did not have
  6. I do same but no as wide list. Mypal is my main browser but I sometimes use Otter browser and Retrozilla and sometimes more minimal netsurf or most minimal Lynx when feel like I do not want anything but text.
  7. Well atleast you aware of problems and not some Windows 11 diehard who will eat me alive because do not like it at all. I have my reasons to hate it and you have reasons to like it on some level and both are fine to me. Some like something some do not. If it work for user and they are fine something else works for someone else it is fine for me. And that speculation purpose was not personal. It was rather overall. I see sad trend of moving all to cloud from local drives and ignoring any user who do like it. Also Microsoft sells Windows 365 these days that is cloud OS. They use it as "accessible everywhere" why better than local client. It is like going back to monochrome terminals connected to mainframe. Also what if internet goes down? No more access to your clould computer. If I would need system accessible anywhere I would buy small lightweight notebook and carry that with me. Sadly most consumer do not even care from it and try force it to everyone like you notice. As for update thing, it has been frustrated thing to begin with on Windows 10 and 11. You got all perfectly in desktop MS does system update and all tweaks might be gone. My work machine loves to do that to me. I will be stubborn one who refuse go to Windows 10/11 and will hang on 7/xp/98. I have made decision Linux despite it issues. And if Linux goes worse since company contributions (systemd as worst example) I move to bsd or stop most of internet related tasks overall. Today internet there is not lot to see compared 10 or 20 years ago. I pretty much use MSFN and few others sites and otherwise prefer IRLChat in f2f mode. that explains it. I am using nMatrix that blocks javascripts and youtube is blacklisted on it. On future you could attach it as link too from top menu in case someone else cannot view it
  8. Just wait until Microsoft updates OS to either break layout for good or blocking hw support like they did with Windoze 10 I mean Windows 10 to some atom cpus. This point it would no longer surprise me. For me it is huge leap down the hill. Windows 8 with it cell phone UI was rolling down hill, Windows 10 was running down and Windows 11 was hitting bottom of it. I do not want to install tons of system extensions to operating system just to make it less painful to use. It should be by default. Also Microsoft shows complete middle finger to system administrators by adding more useless bloatware that need to be disabled. Internet explorer was bad already but atleast for most parts same settings worked without issue between versions when forced network wide. Microsoft store has no place on production network, neither does start menu advertising and auto downloaded bloatware. Those can be disabled, but are enabled by default and to disable them you need more expensive Enterprise edition of Windoze, that costs more money. Also new touch screen optimised start menu is pain configure remotely to domain machines. Windows 11 is same crap as Windows 10 with uglier UI and everybody praises it like god. Windows 11 only started new era on hw requiments and one that I call end of personal computing. In 5-10 years from here non locked down computers will be rare and even having data and os on local system instead of azure or other cloud is stupid to many and nobody sees problem with risks of having all data on cloud. And I am not some diehard linux or xp/98 fan. Windows XP and 98 had their problems, but were solid operating systems and atleast Microsoft listened system administrators by adding requested management features. Also even though I like linux I am aware it issues, but to fair Devuan Linux does not insult me by pushing ads to desktop and adding new panels or menus is super easy and NATIVE TO OPERATING SYSTEM. For me as system administrator control over stuff without lot of hassle is very important and that is why I hate most modern products that want limit what can I control P.S your image is not showing up. Did you accidentally delete it?
  9. Well remember that Mozilla gets funding from Google. Would not be surprised it there is data sharing contract between them. I have actually seperated Firewall (openwrt), Modem and LAN from each other. Modem has been configured to bridge mode so only works passing IP address to firewall. All I need unplug is modem and can have LAN without internet connectivity. Though my Windows 98 system wont call home all the time. well I happy my both Pentium 4 and Pentium 3 system and even my Core2duo laptop lacks that or AMT. To atleast partially fix it if got newer board @Dixelgave advice use external nic without intel chipset and that seems work on few test systems. so big G themself cannot trust propieraty firmware they push consumers on smartphone to trust. Also even NSA or other goverment organisations do trust ME. some areas you have no choice but use operator modem. Luckily I was able get AVM cable modem and mod it to act as bridge (ethernet port passtrough). It was expensive (200 euros) and used long time to get hash right to enable hidden lan bridges. After it had to configure OpenWRT to raspberry PI 4 to handle network between wan and lan. Also my ISP offer 5 public IP so can have one for services like web or file server and one to isolated LAB network where can do stuff without risking main network. I do have long list of software and operating systems and hardware I forbid to connect on home network. I got no wifi either. All wired
  10. your operating system is evil. Just get free ram to 666mb and you will summon Bill Gates demon
  11. but imagine all those sweet potato quality avi videos you could fit into that . Well in all seriousness even 128gb ssd is overkill for Windows 98 with lot of software and media. Did so because my old drive and finding working 120gb or smaller hdd is hard here. Bios limit is 137gb.
  12. for me asking anything outside email mean I am not welcome to the site. Unless site is goverment or teleoperator site meant to manage my personal subscribtion or data cannot see reason to need anything else than email.
  13. good to know. I guess I avoid it like a plague. I need direct x 8 for few games. Maybe if had late win9x hardware it would be ok. I noticed had less graphic related issues on dx8 than dx9 installed on 98. Had illegal processes when closing games on few installs until had direct x 8 installed. Very interesting problem. I guess it did not work on one chipset. If Windows 98 detects drive on first phase it might be able do copy part without issues and if lucky may even be able boot into desktop. If not R. Loew sata patch will likely work.
  14. forced av install will break stuff. What if user runs older version of Windows or BSD or other OS that cannot run that AV? I guess next sites start asking taking clone of your hard drive without encryption and all personal documents and mailing it to them so they can verify you got no viruses. Consider some sites want your ID already would not be surprised from that.
  15. I do not use firefox, but use gecko render engine based browser (Webbrowser, Mypal, Newmoon). I do not like Chromium at all personally.
  16. Have you tried Newmoon web browser? Gog.com worked few weeks ago on on it still.
  17. I am more surpised you got 8tb and bigger hard drives to be used on tests like that . Biggest drive I got is 4tb. Was drive detected by bios? Did you try wipe drive partition table before it? Sometimes that can break stuff. 9X is very picky about what drive can have
  18. I used to say Windows 10 is worst Microsoft operating system, but I have to take my word back, Windows 11 way worse . I did more testing with it more on my isolated lab network (Yes I highly trust new MS products). It is pain to configure for deployment. Yet have not found way to configure start menu template properly. Was way easier on classic start menu since mostly needed drop files to sample user folder on image or server. ADMX templates on servers need to be replaced. Also I do not like built in android emulator, because it may take developement away from win32 and 64 (or appx if someone even uses that). When Microsoft will enable it somepoint I really hope they add GPO option to disable it (more replacing files on server yey!). And worst of all it feels like running Windows 95 on 386 with 4mb ram despite test hardware is fast enough (ryzen 5 3600). I keep having high cpu usage from edge. And do not get me started on Windows 365. It is like returning to terminal era where all client systems were dumb terminals connected into company mainframe that generally was leased off big company like Digital or IBM that charged per cpu cycle at worst. I really really hope my or other workplaces wont get it. I see huge security risk on that too. Imagine your hard drive being on cloud and then someone hacks that service and downloads all of virtual disks. There goes trade secrets and others. I really wish could have had something positive to say, but Microsoft did not learn anything from Windows 8 or Windows 10 and future of computing looks dark . Well since it will be shoved down everyone throat who works on IT (or anything with computers) without questioning, time to start testing deployments. I have not tested, but pretty sure using bios will fail on MDT since Windows 11 needs uefi. Then test automated installations and other things.
  19. I use dd and ghost. Norton ghost is faster way to restore image if proper partition table and dd is if whole drive is corrupted What gpu you got? I got Nvidia TNT2 M64 and forceware 31 works. Though that is buggy driver released overall so need to change to newer. Will report results once find most stable one. You safely disable all internet options during setup expect TCP/IP. If need anything enable them after setup. Direct X 8 is latest I managed get to run under 98lite. Direct x 9 complains about lack of cryptographic services even if enabled. I guess ms knew 98lite was used a lot. Retrozilla, vlc 0.8.1, winamp pro 5.05, netscape 9 with TLS 1.2 mod(Thanks @Gansangrifffor info how patch it), premiere 5.0, photoshop 5.5 illustrator 9.0, office 97, . virtual clone drive 5440, spybot search and destroy 1.6.6 (disable persistent protection and teatimer), HZTOOL (Force higher refresh rate on games under 98), TCMP mod, mplayer, ImgBurn works beautifully under 98 micro shell. I may have had forgotten few utils, but atleast those works. I need get around testing latest 7-ZIP that does not depend on internet explorer functions and also need find way install my copy of Microsoft Tips and Trips 98 without ie. It says you must install ie3 refusing finish setup otherwise, but ie3 wont work on 98. I guess could virtualise it and copy needed registry keys manually to install. For games tested following so far: Viper racing, Re-volt, Croc Legend of Gobbos, Croc Legend of Gobbos 2, Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers, First 4 Masa Mainio (Gary Gadget) games (were Macromedia based educational game here that I installed to play with friends to experience childhood again), Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 (you need install indeo video codecs), Microsoft Combat Simulator 98 WW2 european series, Half-Life, Half-Life Blue Shift, Half-Life Opposing force, Tf classic and any other original goldsource mod. Only updates I installed were Ide HDD cache bug update and Fdisk update I will update this post as find more software that works on 98lite and if any workarounds is needed
  20. 98lite can be installed and shell can be swapped and ie removed without reinstall. I did so to mine until accidentally hosed up registry when tried remove few old drivers and had last scanreg backup from 2 years ago so broke stuff even more
  21. *windows been beta software since 2015 atleast
  22. Kinda shame since I am devuan user. I guess I start using Lynx
  23. I have done some testing with Nokia PC software under windows 98. Nokia PC suite for Nokia 6600 version 1.1 runs without issue under Windows 98SE (Non lite). On test I used infrared connection that need to be enabled in mrouter settings and phone. Cannot say if bluetooth works, since got no 9x compatible dongle. I was able copy pictures out of phone and sync contacts and calendar notes with outlook 97. (Yes I still use it calendar features on outlook 97) For other phones from same era Nokia PC suite 5.17 is last with Windows 98 support. It support following devices. If you want to use DKU-3 cable with it this driver works for Windows 98. I like Nokia calendar sync, because can have same notes on my paper calendar, but also on my desktop computer and notebook. Calendar sync should also work with Lotus notes, but I do not have that. that might dependant on monitor. I like my CRT and will use as main monitor for Windows 98 pc. Some may or may not get defects even if low use. Sadly CRT services are fading, so likely need service it myself without offical parts. Also I do not have monitor on 24/7. Most of time it is off
  24. well Facebook went even more far in antibot protection and "protect you". Facebook can now force you to download antivirus into your system if suspicious activity on browser (read try block fingerprinting). I got no account, but there was outrage from it. I wonder what that av sent from your pc back to facebook? That reminds me from fake antivirus sites that told same, expect was from Facebook.
  25. I have few 2tb and one 4tb and 1tb external drives for data storing and bunch of dvd and cd drives. Some things needs to be kept safe and preserved to the future. What I still need is offsite backups. I only storage I can hold on hand. Cloud is not soluction to me and cannot trust internet to always have files I need that point my low res crt and old win98 pc will be superior

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