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  1. I had plan to test it on them and report back. I got tools to log all network activity done by adapter
  2. 800x600 is normal for on me on 17" CRT monitor. Higher than it even 1024x768 is bit too blurry to my eyes and also I prefer higher refresh rates over higher resolutions, since lower refresh rates causes headache to me. 100hz does not flicker on me at all. On flatscreen I use higher resolutions
  3. Well I used to have 3g connection with 20gb limit then fell to gprs speeds, definitely wont miss it and was happy to get better (more pricey) service plan. Funny how web bloat has increased. Back in day I was happy to 128kb/s connection which felt so much better than 56k and was fast even to many users. Biggest issue like I said is devs these days assumes all got same setup as they do and do not bother optimising. Site can be size of small video file JUST FOR TEXT! One site that might be useful to check weather is wttr.in. It is minimal weather site. If you block js works even faster. Here example how it looks. Just block JS and that loads blazing fast on any browser and connection. I can render that on my Nokia e90 communicator built in browser too. Also it got v2.wttr.in for detailed information and v3.wttr.in for weather map near your area. For email use it over IMAP with offline copies of messages, it saves lot of bandwidth. Despite I got 100mb/s connection at home I prefer minimise network usage so got bandwidth to things that actually needs it not to run soydev sites.
  4. Here is picture of my current XP setup. That is actually first pc I had. Specs are following That is one of best systems I ever had and was happy dad had not tossed it away. I will be likely use that more as main system.
  5. Definitely did not think this, less risky than wiping flash chip that I have been doing. I got some realtek cards, would those be incompatible with ME or what chipset you use? I got one 2017 intel system to test if works up to that new
  6. Seems person behind that is Tobin greatest fan. In all seriousness though. If they can actually make work proper on Macos, Windows XP+, linux with all spyware features removed and with good addon support we got a new browser to recommend
  7. it is for most parts not option sadly. Baked in telemetry, sold to advertising company etc.
  8. Antiviruses are obsolete these days since viruses evolves all the time. Definitions cannot keep up with them all. And most modern av sucks system resources like crazy. I use network/process monitoring and offline manual virus scanner to protection. I may need to test it, but I do not have KernelEx installed in Windows 98 system because I use 98lite with Micro shell (Windows 95 shell) and kernelex does not like it, so definitely not going affect my system Only time I had viruses was for similar reason as kid. I had insufficent knowledge from security and wanted download free games and others from shady sites on internet and well guess how that ended...nobody would definitely believe that considering my security knowledge today, but I learnt all by doing mistakes as younger
  9. there is no any war between "evil xp users who steal code" and "honest caring Moonchild(ish) devs" there is just Tobin with his paranoia thinking everyone are against him. Palemoon has turned into a cult that attack against anyone who even raises finger against them, question anything they do or even as simple as working to improve their code and haunt them forever. And do not get me wrong. Palemoon code itself been most part very solid and in my opinion what web browser should be, not like bloat I mean firefox is. It is also last that supports java and flash that I need use sometimes to access older network equipment or other. Many say it is bad since "uses old render engine, got security vurneabilities, does not work with Netflix, or cannot be used with online im clients to voice". There is simple reasons why voice wont work and Netflix wont either, it lacks EME DRM antifeature support and webrtc which are privacy and security risk. And for security, any browser got vurneabilities and most are related to webassembly and javascript and cannot be patched so only way protect is limit allowed javascript to minium with Nmatrix or similar. Render engine is old and slow is because HTML5 and javascript that been built around google chrome for most parts. It is done on purpose to make chromium look better. It is like Internet Exploiter back in day. If web browser was what they were just program that downloads documents from online and renders them on screen like originally intended for, only slowness reason would be bad optimisation of code on browser itself. HTML stands for The HyperText Markup Language and HTTP for HyperText Transfer Protocol and that is what it purpose was originally. I am not saying there cannot be pictures or media, but Media and anything else should be handled by standardised plugins and used only if absolutely neccessary. That way anyone could do a browser themself and we would have real competition. But big companies abuses web standards and do not want competition. It is sad to see internet go way it was never meant in first place. To centralised place with only few giants. Well enough ranting from issues of internet and modern browsers If I was developer of browser or other, I would be happy if someone was able port it to platform I was unable to (I guess first need have real not artificial block of compability) and would adopt it to mainstream some point or build special version with fixes to it, not haunt developer down, but I guess I am open minded and not part of any production with word child in it. Developer behavior causes peoples not to like project no matter how good and reliable the code is, since human tends to hate things if person that they do like is involved. That causes Palemoon to loose users and eventually die away totally. Stop while you still can Moonchild(ish) and issue public apology from hostile behavior toward peoples and there is hope for project to become popular. Also if they hide source code stop recommending using of their products since "spyware concern" since without source code cannot evaluate for spyware and other issues. Word like that is going cause lot backslash to devs, escapilly on linux community. I am happy from efforts of Feodor2 and Roytam1 and anyone else who makes softwares for XP users. For long time I though was last person on earth who did not want get "latest and (not) greatest" Windows and wanted choice of OS to be thing. FF52 started suck real bad on many sites I needed use daily wanted or not, then stumbled this board and projects done here and was able to use OS I wanted better than ever before and share my knowledge with others who may need it. I may not be programmer but I got good technical knowledge.
  10. I have tried use that on devuan linux and had issues building. That is pretty much perfect Palemoon with all anti features removed and windows fork would be cool
  11. I really hope I am wrong but likely this will break stuff on me since I use gnupg to pgp encrypt and sign my emails under XP. If they do not care xp related issue may mean plan and drop xp support "in benefit of user" and if gnupg drops support no more pgp on xp. I need test upgrade it and see if anything else broke related encryption or signing.
  12. So I am not only who prefer to have slower system for main Windows 98 setup. My 800mhz Pentium 3 EB with tnt2 is my main choice to 98 over Pentium 4 system that I use to xp for most of times. Maybe I just like Pentium 3 one more. I also got presario 5000 with 820mhz celeron cpu as backup. only time I got virus on Windows 98 was from old infected cd with cih aka spacefiller virus. Luckily 815 chipset is not compatible with it bios erasure payload so only had to recover hdd. Now I scan files with Clamwin before copying anything off my old cd disks. Also few years ago I did go and indeed test claim if you use Windows 98 today you will get infected easily. To test I downloaded lot of malware, adware, worm and spyware samples starting around 2006-2018 or so. I did test on real hardware too. Most of them did not even execute under Windows 98, some had illegal process, some crashed virtual memory manager and funniest were that said "This program requires newer version of Windows" so obsolence can be security too. Some did run but all were removable using clamwin or spybot s&d and consider I had to SEARCH to find samples of newer malware that run under Windows 98 for long time. If I cannot find them intentionally lot wont likely get them in to their machines either
  13. Sounds similar to my old thinkcentre with 945 chipset. It first had random reboot when inserted or removed usb drive, then boot started take long and eventually system died. It had no bulging caps and I assume caps next to ram died since when try boot using igp get memory failure on good modules and gpu failure when use deciated gpu
  14. Some sites uses js that makes browser explode on 32bit. I have had similar issues on some sites recently. For example adding item to cart on certain stores makes browser lag like crazy. I usually block js but some sites for example stores need lot of js to even basic function. I have contacted them about site having too much js and they say "upgrade your hardware" as response. And many times site I am talking would not even need js to work if were coded properly. More like they assume everyone got 1gb/s fiber connection. Before sites used to have basic version to older browsers and modem users, then they were crippled off with bloated sites. 10mb worth scripts and other useless stuff in top of images and others may not be issue to many, but not all got high speed internet. Some areas I worked on got slow DSL and you are lucky even to have internet in cell network on that area and having bloated site as only option really makes life harder.
  15. well there is Opera GX gaming browser which purpose I still wont understand. That will make opera king of browsers , Well all sarcasm aside, browsers will make poor client application platform and supporting will be hell. If want good example look at Infective X I mean Active x sites that are still used on many intranets and getting rid Internet Exploiter I mean Explorer fully is hard since those sites are still used to do stuff and nobody wants to upgrade. And Infective X I mean Active X created support hell. Webgpu gives direct access to gpu and I wonder all security issues of it implementation and if it becomes obsolete some point
  16. Meant I use anti exploit software and then other methods combined with it in case one fails. Never put all eggs to one basket. Most of modern non phishing attacks are exploits or other methods. Multilayer security starting on network firewall level until os exploit shielding, using script blocks on browser. My security would be considered paranoia by many, but better safe than sorry. And I am not 360 degrees secured still. Someone who is motivated to attack could do it but normal scripts or mass spreaded exploits wont. Even if I would have fully libre thinkpad with qubes os someone would able break in if had all motivation and deciation
  17. If you can access admin panel of router you should be able to check what devices are connected now and which stoles your IP. I would recommend set any static ip below dhcp range which is most routers is below 100 (for example To check ip use IPCONFIG command on command prompt Sounds like someone else been enjoying joy of network on work too. How about some smart peoples filling DHCP leases since they use mac address randomisation resulting address space to be reserved faster than they released and place having too many peoples. Been dealing with it and no joy
  18. I also use advanced detection like network level packet scanning with os side blocking. In case exploit shield is bypassed and get infected still if it wants spy or remote access it must do it trough my network leaving trace to logs i wipe disk then use clean snapshot from hdd or fresh install if get. Also reset any network password since hacker may have had stored them to reaccess. I know some examples of that where hacker came back later using stolen passwords of network or vpn. Some rootkit may hide in mbr or file table so restoring or making new partition may not help
  19. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/cybercriminal-sells-tool-to-hide-malware-in-amd-nvidia-gpus/ In short someone was selling exploit to Windows that allowed store hidden Malware into GPU Vram on hacker forums and few weeks later that person stated exploit had been sold. On august 29 2021 Vx underground released tweet stating that malicious code enables binary execution by the GPU in its memory space and that would demonstrate it soon. That way antiviruses would not be able detect it while executing. Exploit works on any Opencl 2.0 compatible gpu But I do have some questions from that. RAM data is lot on power loss so where does file live outside it? It must have payload somewhere in the hard drive or write itself to uefi other chip. Writing to hard drive means virus can be detected on drive using advanced methods such as rootkit scanners and even if it erases itself from hdd at boot and write itself back on shutdown I can permantelty get rid of it by unplugging computer while it is on causing it disappear from VRAM. Also depending side of malware VRAM may not be enough to it (Nvidia Riva TNT to the rescue) or it may cause reduced amount of free vram or malware may crash if run vram intensive application. If it writes itself to flash it may not work properly or it can brick system. I would not loose sleep over that. It is concern, but normal security practises should keep safe from it. I mostly assume that could be used to exploit servers with gpus that are running 24/7
  20. that one for example. It is 50-50 though. Some boards may not like it so small risk involved
  21. you missed my point. Peoples keep saying win7 users to switch their current Windows 7 pc to linux and do passtrough and waste countless of hours to mostly run Windows inside linux while using linux only as host. Also if trend of lobotomised, locked down, non programmable devices keep increasing soon may not be able run linux on hardware. I am not against linux, in fact I got deciated pc just for it but it is not magical fix to problems migrating from windows 7.
  22. you still likely will be able disable it using third party tools. There is some utils that wiped AMT module clean so it would not work. I got 954gm chipset on hp notebook from 2006 and it lacks AMT so must be on of last laptops without it. Also interesting note it got core2duo t7400 despite being 945 chipset and no AMT. So far have not come across any 945 based desktop mainboard without amt and core2duo support (can choose only one)
  23. what is that "standards thing". I have not heard from it. Every company claims to be standard but in reality all abuses their market power in name of standards. As someone who needs work multiplatform "standards" causes support hell. Only real web standard was XHTML
  24. Original Pentium from 1990s or newer 64bit one. Well jokes aside could you you give other specs like model tried boot from boot menu to hdd and made sure hdd is on boot list?
  25. then how did you were able to load it on vmware. Is the cd damaged from boot block? Also make sure you got hdd partition try following command winnt.exe /ox. That should create 3 or 4 boot floppies for windows 2000 or option 2 copy those win2000 cd boot folder I think.

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