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  1. It means in few days after eol you cant even open google search since google made new standards to newer chromium. What it likely means is that Chromium engine wont get "new standards" and version number stops bumping and you are left with one build with something like 90.43 or so that gets mostly bug and security fixes. Chromium on XP did so for while Someone correct if I am mistaken
  2. I actually would say we need both "false" information and "real" information and user need to make their own decisions based on arguments. World is full of examples where information first accused false has been true at end. I want my belief to be questioned properly because if I can still argue against it properly can assume it is correct.
  3. what I noticed is that even though youtube does not invidious (third party youtube frontend) still fetches dislikes. I have not looked into youtube site yet but got feeling values still exists but they are not added as visible
  4. I am not sure if this is right topic to ask but does MSFN offer donation with wire transfer between banks instead of paypal? I have been thinking donating for MSFN for good while but I got no paypal and I have blocked use of online services from my bank card since here you can use wiretransfers to buy things, send money to other peoples etc. And by wire transfer I mean that option on bank that allows to transfer money to to another account if got IBAN number.
  5. combine that with Microsoft Edge save on shopping ads (it shows those on some sites to make you buy product from ms partner instead) and we got good setup
  6. I meant on more sensible western countries if use to hide from fb and others it is useless. On those areas VPN/TOR is crucial to use but many got misunderstanding what VPN is. It is not to make you 100% anonymous.
  7. All VPN does is route your IP to another location. Companies do not need IP to identify you. Also VPN was originally designed for secure corporate network access from remote locations and not for consumer markets. I know one who uses VPN on device to browse Facebook and others with Google Chrome and Windoze 10 and think he is safe from trackers and spying. Also that person pay VPN with credit card. Fingerprinting person based on IP is obsolete these days. There is lot more better ways for tracking. Also Mozilla VPN uses Mullvald but unlike Mullvald need all of your personal data to even sign up. Mullvald is only that I can somewhat recommend on VPN since wont need account, rather it setups id on signup and can pay with cash or crypto, BUT all you still do is routing your data to another server that may just log your IP and other data as well and that is why I got no VPN and recommend against.
  8. I actually saw protonvpn ad before that build if connected "insecure" network. Where that ad pops up?
  9. both are correct. They added integration to it and it is not any better. Also when I allowed js on site it wanted allow plenty of ultra privacy domains like tiktok. And I never trusted crypto echangers as that like many wont allow transfer of money on some wallets. Remember that all looks good on surface but once you lift the curtain it no longer does.
  10. i use Ematrix UXP which is actively supported and strange it did not work on you. What plugins you got for blocking? Maybe some other does
  11. sorry just could not resist to edit it like that. "This completely false sectence has been corrected by Mozilla thinkright technology" That is what many actually think from telemetry. Also it is not needed even to improve product. You can ask feedback on project forum or anywhere else. I need give those shot on my lab before can recommend. Though I pretty much trust your word over this I want do my own testing always. do you have umatrix or ematrix? You need add following rules after that is should redirect. By default it conflicts with uMatrix.
  12. that plus quick look to their site gave me good enough conclusion. Their site looks like obvious scam site all badges and others and what is funny isin't ability to choose addons freedom too?
  13. nothing. It is good phone. Just funny how long end handsets kept similarities for long. There has been mostly slight modifications for series 30 UI. I actually got 1110 from 2004 or 2005 that shares same UI as that phone. I guess Nokia had perfect design for basic phones OS wise. That phone got horisontal UI scrolling while newer ones did vertically and new one got different battery and signal indicator but under hood share similar code and functionality. that was good price cut from 2005. Low budget phone before that was 1110 that was around 50 euros here when came out. 1280 was one of few last phones on market that did what phone supposed, make and recieve phone calls. Also monochrome screen is superior on dark and bright environment and makes battery last longer which is why 3330 and 6110 are my favorites
  14. that like brand new compared to mine. Nokia 6110 from 1997 (old photo)
  15. well I used to use 15GB quantum fireball LCT hdd that had plenty of bad sectors. I had to reinstall Windows many times whenever bad blocks were on same as Windows system files and hosed up. But it still chuigged along over 5 years I connected that hard drive and it had 25 sectors marked as bad and not remappable. LCT stands for low cost technology for reason and back in day bad sectors on drive were normal, this drive however had problem where controller overheated so much it turned into red . I saw that on friend once and though they were cold cathodes or led fan that was glowing
  16. I said out of so called privacy options it is worst. Did I mention Chrome or Edge as alternatives? No. Many fall for Brave after Firefox thinking it is more private and secure and close their ears from facts. You choose trust some other evil than before but wont get rid of the evil. Few interesting facts like here that may also interest @Dixel https://spyware.neocities.org/articles/brave.html here was some analysis from Brave on it default settings. http://tilde.club/~acz/shadow_wiki/browsers.xhtml#Brave here some more and if I did not prove enough here is last nail to coffin related to your comment You need account on uphold which privacy policy states that is same level of surveillance as Facebook for me. That is not anonymous or privacy respecting at all. If they did not do payment system to respect privacy can you trust anything else they say. take everything on internet with grain of salt even my sayings. My sayings are based on my and others research. I compare my test results to ones mentioned on websites. I do them on lab network with MITMproxy. And I can say Brave is as evil or even more evil than Mozilla. It is shilled everywhere for and they usually defend it with "Mozilla does bad things too". If someone does bad things it does not justify others to do bad things. If someone else steal car am I allowed steal one too? No. Brave, Mozilla Firefox, Protonmail etc. are mostly aimed for privacy normies so they can think they are on super secure platform that respect their privacy. Once you evolve with your technican knowledge you understand there is no such as privacy respecting provider. All that say so are liars. You wont trust any provider to handle your private stuff. First one I never heard about but that name suggest it is not private at all. Well I need fire up my lab again. GNU icecat is okayish but I rather recommend librewolf. Only thing it adds is libreJS that can also be downloaded other browsers. And librejs is pretty useless for privacy actually as it only cares from javascript licence and not what JS does in your system. Iridium got one problem that developers wont address and that is google safebrowsing https://spyware.neocities.org/articles/iridium.html That still exist on latest version of iridium. Why safe browsing is issue? Since browser needs to connect on Google servers to download file and that means excess connection. Also developers refuse to address issue saying "it only downloads them for local use". Safebrowsing always been obsolete since malware sites got so many domains ready. Once safebrowsing blocks one they add another. Vivaldi is huge red flag too. Here some more sauce to support my findings https://spyware.neocities.org/articles/vivaldi.html It sends telemetry that includes your profile unique ID, screen resolution and your IP. That is same fingerprinting as other violators. Also their developers don't care about user concerns. And forget about building it from source since there is no full source code that makes it not to be open source. So what browsers I should use? If you really need to use big browser use either Ungoogled Chromium or Librewolf (Firefox based). If you want something else UXP browsers like Palememe and and Basilik based browsers are great alternatives. Though vanilla versions have started limit user control but many forks still respect. And do not fall for built in privacy protections scam. Remember that developers whitelist trackers many times from built in protections. Use your own set of privacy addons like Umatrix/Ematrix, Decentraleye, Nocript, Ublock origin that gives you much better privacy. I welcome any actually privacy respecting browsers to be listed at end of first post. We need to give them that alternative I told to go for. And it does not have to be for "latest and (not so) greatest" OS. Lets take example from ff52 that is latest on XP and Vista with offical support. It got plenty of telemetry built in already like you know. And yes I know Windows phones home but I mitigated most of it on my personal rig and it is not as bad as with windows 10 or 11. Palememe based browsers are way better alternative or go minimal like Netsurf. I asked your opinion for other legacy supporting that non spyware browsers since you got experience with Chromium under older Windows versions.
  17. Have you tried pipe viewer with MPV? That comobination is bloat free and allows play and search youtube on my EEEPC. I personally hate whole HTML5 video thing since compability is limited
  18. what scares me is that nobody learnt anything and history keep repeating itself. Back in day there was no internet or other sources to do research today there is but everyone still think those are ok. You can easily find reality to those problems from internet but like you like seen nobody seems to bother
  19. I left that since it some are too Mozilla diehards to leave that logo and bloated UI and brand behind, For those it is better to even try fix it if refuse to leave firefox. Believe or not I met too many that refused go away from Firefox no matter what. I even showed them what MITMPROXY showed and they said they got nothing to hide and did not accept any more counter arguments so I ended up fixing browser issues. Arkenfox user.js file bulk fixes most issues on FF but that is not ok for me. I personally cannot use Firefox anymore and really hate use when it is only browser loaded to workstation. I guess I am too spoiled for proper system menus, non cluttered UI and other things that I take granted on my personal workstations.
  20. as far as I know there are no any XUL enabled browsers that got it. I never used that feature since only logged into one service at the time and when browser closes I clean cookies and other data. but in other hand they limit power of extension for altering browser for you taste. Feels that theming device is dying trend. Windows themes were able to alter icons, background, colors, cursors, sounds freely until XP and on XP needed create graphics for themes but was still possible. My nokias can do plenty of customisation on colors or even change battery level icon into something stupid if really want that. Firefox used to be all about customisation. Nowadays themes usually change few colors and add background graphic and that is all. Well I guess most users do not care from that anymore and are happy to put up whatever company decides. Well there is always seamonkey that can do better customisation. What seems strange many ff diehards seems to mock anyone who want to use browser with XUL addons. I can understand some benefit of Webextension but killing them totally was stupid decision. Biggest reason for me to hate Chromium is not engine itself rather same reason why I really hate Internet Explorer, company behind it tries push their broken standards down everyone throat causing plenty of compability issues. Many say gecko engine is like internet explorer to support today. No Chromium is Internet Exploiter of this decade. Back in day same was said Netscape/Mozilla just because INTERNET EXPLORER AND IT DEVELOPEMENT TOOLS USED BROKEN STANDARDS. I do not want world with only one browser engine because that point competition has died (what competition though like there has been any actual competition for long long time....)
  21. I found out Youtube automatically remove some comments too for same criteria. I had my comments deleted because watched video on Pipe-Viewer and MPV under linux and logged into youtube to comment then logged out. Same happened when used invidious and went to youtube. Also certain words are hard banned like faggot which is does even mean insult on some use cases, but according youtube it does
  22. https://blog.youtube/news-and-events/update-to-youtube/ in short youtube will be hiding dislike button because "We want to create an inclusive and respectful environment where creators have the opportunity to succeed and feel safe to express themselves. This is just one of many steps we are taking to continue to protect creators from harassment." I will state my opinion first about it. These days I am mostly using Youtube trough Pipe-Viewer or Invidious and rarely login into offical site to do anything. I did not know youtube did any testing on hiding dislikes until read that.Back in day youtube had star rating that gave very good image from video if was good or not but sadly that was taken away in favor of like and dislike system which was still ok. Originally dislike/like ratio had red/green bar where green was likes and red dislikes. That itself showed if video was worth looking. It like star system was simple way to state your opinion from video without leaving comment. Now youtube is planning to remove dislike button because it is apparently offending some when they get dislikes. Another step for walled garden. Really if biggest worry in someone life is that someone dislikes your video and wont have worries from finances, work or anything else I would be more than happy take that person position. If you cant take any critic do not make any contect or state your opinion. I am ready to take critic from my saying and it wont ruin my day or life. I may be angry for reading some personally insulting criticing nosense but it is someone opinion that makes that person look stupid. Cant people these day stand any critics?! I guess next whole dislike button is remove for good and next goes comments and likes and everything else... what are other opinion on this?
  23. Librewolf does as far as I am aware. It is Firefox without all nasty stuff and includes more privacy features like addon firewall (control addon traffic)
  24. what really bothers me is that one article there states SystemD to be good for standardising init and other systems. SystemD is horrible and limits user freedom for choosing system to use. Also when SystemD had bug Redhat developers were very unprofessional with their responses and made Linus Torvalds mad and he stated that would not contribute for Redhat anymore. Also statement that automatic forced updates are good for security. Those has been used to abuse and caused system failures at worst. Second thing bothering me is statement there is no more secure distros and that there has not been breaches on linux users. or faster or more customiable linux distros and all are equal. I disagree with that. If that is case something like Qubes OS does not do anything to improve security by virtualising all processes to containers. Also some distros includes ssh or vnc on by default that can be security risk. And should I mention Openssl library had vurneability that allowed hacker download small amount of data from victim machine? Some distros with same desktop are faster by default since they include less background clutter that makes stuff crawl. Lets compare my default Devuan with XCFE vs Xubuntu and Devuan is faster on slow hw and uses less ram since it wont have automatic updates, telemetry or other junk. Also some distros limit customiability. What is I want change my init system? Too bad that most systemd distros wont allow it while Devuan allowed pick it during setup or could do it afterwards too. And third and worst was this is that article written by some intelligent agency or just by dumb person? Let start with the obvious. If I configure my linux distro for miminal how it will be less private than Windoze 10 64bit? Also TOR identification sure is possible but if you configure browser correctly it is less likely. You should set slider to safest mode on browser so it will block all js by default. Also if you are super worried from fingerprinting use Whonix or Tails linux. Does that person even know how Tor or VPN works. VPN that refers to so called "anonymity service" is just using VPN protocol to route your traffic trough different IP that is usually logged. And VPN is not designed for anonymity. VPN was originally designed for secure remote access for corporate network. It is still used for that atleast on my workplace. If I work from home I need use VPN to access some data. Where did this VPN for anonymity came from? TOR in other hand routes data trough 3 nodes run by volunteers before exiting to network or reaching either internet or onion service. First node can see your ip but not traffic. Last node can see reguested data but not your IP. Sure there is ways to sniff that traffic with malicious nodes or try fingerprint browser but those are not always the case. So that article states that is is more private to use Windoze 10 with keylogging and other features with Google Chrome spyware or Firefox which nasty issues I mentioned here https://msfn.org/board/topic/183138-mozilla-has-turned-into-evil-mitigate-problems-or-go-to-alternatives/ Windows got your MAC address and real ip and keylog all strokes to Microsoft and you wont block JS while trying be anonymous and that is safer and more private than linux? Just use spyware to be private that went bit long rant but that site deserves worst contect overall award from me . I have seen way more professional artcles that lists real issues with linux and one I cannot find right now at says at the end "there is lot better things on linux compared to Windows but problems are usually overlooked" that is true and still addresses main issue unlike any article on that site. I started moving into Linux when Windoze 8 came out. I never liked from MS making UI looks like tablet. Also somewhere around that time GNOME on Ubuntu took same approach but guess what great thing I learnt that day? On linux I HAVE THE CHOICE OF UI. I was able swap out for XCFE and that was great. Also found Mate desktop that is great too. Then I started explore other distros and I was hooked. I had all keys for control and was able break my setup few times but hey atleast it allows me to do anything I want for OS. Also I got plenty of hw that cannot run Windoze 10. For example my EEEPC 900 with 16gb ssd (now 256gb). When had 16gb I was able use Devuan with 4gb install footprint including programs I needed. On other hand Windows 10 takes that 16 and even more for bloat. For me question do I want use linux or Windows answer is both. I like to use older Windows for gaming and it very reliable softwares and use Linux for some other things like banking. While I like linux Windows before Windoze 8 got special place on my heart.
  25. graphics cards sucks. Get rid of them and use system headless with ssh There is also Web Browser (palemoon fork) for linux that works great. Problem is I had issues getting all depencies under Devuan linux yet so only made it work on other test machines. Here is source of it if want try compile it. I have been planning give salix a shot but linux biggest issue is depencies and if some package is not available on other distro you need to compile it and will have depency hell. That is biggest slowdown on changing distro compared changing windows version where there is usually some version

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