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  1. I agree on this one. I used to be into noscript for quite time before was able to move to nmatrix but I can say it is superior after using few months to learn it. What is strange on noscript is that if I allow some domain on site a it is allowed one site b too. Nmatrix do not have that problem.
  2. ah yeah that is Palememe drama where Tobin decided to block Noscript for some personal reason. Noscript is fine. Reason it "breaks sites" is because it block JavaScript by default. Absolutely ridiculous reason to hard block it. Overall addon blocking is stupid idea, you give someone else control over what addons are ok and what are not. Go to settings>security and set addon security off. I wonder why@roytam1 left it on build since it keep pinging palememe servers. Could it be removed on future builds?
  3. I have been messing with Teamspeak 2 on Windows 9x. It is nice software for voice communication and got plenty of public servers and best of all allows to host your own private server. It runs without issues on my Pentium 3 under Windows 98SE. Despite server software being old I was able to make it run on modern day Linux. All expect WEB UI are fully functional on it. That is good example from proper self contained non bloated program and way programs should be. It only need Gclib which is included by default on most distros. I could have used it on Windows but Linux can be shrunk down more. Following notes on using it under Linux, you need 32bit or if cant get it multi-arch Linux distro. I used Devuan Linux, but Debian or other should work. Following server software is latest for linux: ts2_server_rc2_202319.tar.bz2 no download here because was unable find official mirror to it. Software is free for personal use so that is not an issue. Create non root Linux user and extract files to home directory. Then go to folder with command line/terminal and type following to start it: teamspeak2-server_startscript start and following to stop it teamspeak2-server_startscript stop For managing user permissions there is two ways. Way 1 is having copy of server software ts2_server_rc2_202319.exe on NT4 or newer Windows and using it to create users and then transfer server.ini and server.dbs into linux install Way 2 is login to server with latest teamspeak 2 client using built in account as credentials (you will find it on server.log file) and add new users by right clicking server on client. I was thinking this sits best to thread because it is one few remaining VOIP software that support 9x and allows self host.
  4. unless he got unit with DRM to prevent refill. I tried refill to friend inkjet. It went fine but printer gave error from cartridge due DRM counter had different value than ink level. I am not saying there is no way reset them, but feels ridiculous that I don't own cartridges on modern printer. Well 1l tank of printer ink costs way less than one "genuine" cartridge and I could even buy new ink printer with price of cartridges
  5. maybe I did not phrase myself correctly. I meant drive had so much bad blocks I could only use half of it capacity even after did proper wipe using manufacture util. It was retail hdd and was using it on my custom build. At that point I had no choice but try keep using it before was able get money for new drive. Luckily I no longer have to do that. Windows can convert any printer into network printer with few clicks. I use that on most cases but was thinking would be nice to have local access to scanner and printer on Windows 98 pc that is right behind workstation I am writing this from
  6. I have not used it but I have been able to use outlook 2002 last year on test for email. If you use provider like GMAIL or Posteo or Yahoo or some other that allows IMAP you need to do following. Make sure you enabled TLS 1.2 in internet explorer settings (you need to have TLS 1.2 patches installed). Then whatever provider you are using enable "app password" or "insecure login" option if yahoo or gmail and make sure IMAP support is enabled on any provider. Then add new account and configure it with following (in example of gmail) Arriving mail server settings: Type: IMAP Address: imap.gmail.com port: 993 Security: SSL / TLS Username: full email address Password: Gmail password/app password (if 2fa) Outgoing (SMTP) server settings: Server: smtp.gmail.com Port: 465 Security: SSL / TLS or SSL if tls is not available Username: full email address Password: Gmail password/app password (if 2fa)
  7. Been while since posted into this thread but I finally find proper printer for 98. I was able to dumpster dive (not that I would ever do it) Brother DCP 7010 printer+scanner. I did some tests and it smells like cigarette (been in smoking person house likely) but prints just fine and scans too. That smell bothers me a bit as I have never smoked but it will fade away eventually and I keep it next to open window. Drum life is at 15% and it still got toner left. I ordered new aftermarket drum rated 15 000 pages and toner rated at 2500 pages to have backup since they wont dry like inkjet and usually shaking cartridge fixes issue. Also finding replacements for older printers is getting harder and harder to make people consoom more but luckily brother seems use same design on many laser printers. I plan hook it with USB to my newer XP rig and Printer cable to my Windows 98 PC that got limited USB ports.
  8. I will be back next year. Tomorrow will be spending time elsewhere away from workstation without internet. I got some sparklers for tomorrow. I hope everyone happy new year here. Lets hope MSFN will survive from 2022 as this place is one of it kind. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LtKbO8YVpg
  9. I am talking from natural fillet (filee) of it. Also it local one and fresh so it costs bit more in my area. I am talking from fresh rainbow trout (kirjolohi) fillet sold in vacuum bags. I eat with chili, tomato and spinach topping I do myself. It is not dry and is tasty food. For single person that price is not too high from fresh fish. I mostly like to eat rye bread (ruisleipä) which is popular here. Something I noticed when was visiting europe long ago that in other countries rye bread is too sweet. Tastes like someone slapped 20kg sugar to it. This is my favorite rye bread https://www.k-ruoka.fi/kauppa/tuote/oululainen-jalkiuunipala-8kpl-480g-6411402106407 it is bit harder than cheaper bread and it tastes more like rye.
  10. operating systems are going more and more controlling users instead of giving them free control over OS
  11. I hate to call on work phone. It is relatively new samsung galaxy with over 5" screen. I need both of my hands to call while in older smaller handsets were usable with only one. Also for me phone cameras never were to serious use. I prefer deciated cameras and camecoders. do you remember era where every company wanted make smallest phone possible? I got few of those small handsets that are pretty unusable with my fingers. Then one day they decided phone must be very large. Some of new ones are 7+" which is near size of my netbook. Maybe I should start walk with that in pocket to be trendy with huge device? Or pick my Nokia 880 with pull up antenna. It is same size as modern smartphone even though it was from 1995.
  12. Here fresh fruits are relatively cheap. For example most expensive apples are around 2 euros at local store. Cheapest ones are under 1 euro, but i like some of bigger and more juicy ones or apple from local farm during summer. Also I can get salmon with 5 euros for kilo when on sales. I really enjoy making food myself from fresh ingredients. Also during summer I got change to get fresh berries and fish where I live by going to river or to forest. Next summer I will be going deeper into forest to pick up mushrooms and berries with friend. I will get some equipment I may need like PMR phones which are long range handheld radios that atleast in finland wont require licence. Last time I had radio phones was back when was 15. In recent years I got my interest on radio phones and radios overall back because they got lot of potential and they are not depend on carrier to work (if network crashes). As long as got battery or other power source and there is no something jamming it you can get comms. I know how to use amateur radio and plan to get licence for them at some point when got time. this is one of hardest questions ever in my opinion. There is no simple good answer for it and it depends on circumstances.
  13. I am lucky for not needing application. Bank still offers paper with some one time use codes to clients since many customers are elderly ones who wont have smartphone. They ask sms auth (bank uses 3FA) for some thing though so need some way to receive text messages to use bank. For me my old brick nokia will do it but something like google voice should work too. They do want their users to use smartphone application, but I was able to silent bank officer from asking it by pulling out my old Nokia and asking if I can get app for this . I have always been bit sceptic for using SMS at authentation as SMS is plaintext and there is attack methods to steal your messages. Well they still need that piece of paper to access bank luckily and sms is only used for transaction confirmation after entering code from paper.
  14. your thing sounds similar what I got. I got newer hw for things that my old hardware fails to do. One example is accessing my online bank as site is very bloated even on Pentium 4. Need fast core2duo at minium to be able do money transfers proper. Never though I would need lot computing power just for keeping up with finances. For anything I can I like to use my trusty old Pentium 4 with XP and trusty old Pentium 3 with Windows 98. It is effective computing that I enjoy.
  15. What a coincidence. I have exactly same notebook and had EXACTLY same audio issues there. All sounds were muffled like you described. I am not sure what driver exactly fixed it, but it was one included in Snappy driver installer. I can check version someday but unfortunately I wont have laptop in my house as I gave it for one who needed XP laptop. I know this is far from best fix but I fixed it by using earlier downloaded copy of snappy driver installer, then chose audio driver and installed it. I need to try confirm what version I installed once I get my hands on that laptop again. I know what you thinking. Driver updaters are bad. That is true for 99% of them and even to this one if you use it wrong way. Snappy driver installer is legit in my experience as it is open source, it does not need internet connection after you downloaded drivers and indexes. Just keep in mind that only use that for audio driver or other missing driver as otherwise it may break stuff. Here is real DL https://sourceforge.net/projects/snappy-driver-installer/files/ For XP laptop that is very fast. Also it got nice large display. Shame dell default drivers are awful
  16. Hello everyone in cafe. I am back for few days then offline again when year will change. Christmas went just fine and was able to hold on traditions like past years. I got too many mentions or notifications...damn Is anyone going to fire fireworks this new year? I will stick with sparklers (sticks that emits sparks when ignited) as they are only good firework left. Quality of other fireworks went down but price went up. What I find odd is that apparently these days you need to be 18+ to handle sparklers. Back when I was kid I was legally allowed to handle them. Apparently it is safety reasons why not, but I wont know anyone with proper brains that burned themselves with one as child. Besides there is lot of adults that harm themselves with fireworks so age got nothing to do with it. Well one less joy for new generation. Well I am happy I grew up before all of this insanity and was able to have proper childhood.
  17. Well this is last day when I will posting or checking in here before christmas. I hope everyone in MSFN happy Christmas and even though things are not best in a world I hope everyone will at least have most important. Spend Christmas with those you love. I will be checking in next time before new year! This owl will be flying away now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6PlTobopUc
  18. I wont either but since you said ended up checking and good for that. Exactly 100 different which is rare Ok enough offtopic.
  19. I know that "It will be cool" thinking. I used to do the same. Then one evening when was walking at lake I though is this what I want. That evening I made decision get rid of things I did not like and went back to old and working. I got feelings too towards Windows 10 but those are not fond. Rather slap to face. For me it was 98 and 95 as child and first pc I owned was running Windows XP Professional. For me Windows 10 is not standalone OS rather cloud based as it tries push that onedrive and ms account to login integration. I hate Windows offender, I hate Onedrive, I hate Windoze as service and wish could erase them forever. Sure Windoze 10 is fun as standalone but nightmare for proper administrating on big network. It is not ok for OS to hose up totally every time you install patch and even less ok is to force renew ADMX templates. Back in Windows 7 era on domain making start menu was much easier and it did not include UWP bloatware. Ad infested programs got no place in production network and with Windows 10 they are mandatory! Sure not if you got enterprise edition but do you think every company in world can afford licenses for that? So I hate win10 for it refusal to co-operate with experienced system administrator, rather limit what I can do and will stick on old tech that works. My advice to you is still same as before. Put all critic from your decisions to /dev/null/ which is in normie language means ignore it. Nobody here can tell you what to do or what to use. I no longer care at all what others think from fact I am sticking on older equipments. You need to make decisions on your own or it was not your own decision. You can see how open I dare to be about Microsoft or technological problems? Do I care that many disagree with me? No.
  20. well this country ain't perfect, but compare it to many other countries we are doing very well. If I would move away from every country border I don't like I would be living in the moon.
  21. I would say problem is modern web and not Palemoon. W3C been bought out by big G and other big corpos. They dropped all actually useful things like marquee, tables and then gave it CSS replacements that wont work at all. And everytime they release those end user would need to upgrade browser to view site using it. Code keep getting more and more complex to do same task. Consider how easy tables were. Compare it to CSS replacement of it. That is why I keep referring web standards as broken. Last proper standard was XHTML but it was dropped when W3C was bought out. Palememe based browsers in other hand lack many antifeatures of modern browser like webrtc, WASM is easy toggle off as it is security risk, EME DRM. Also it got smaller codebase.
  22. I was expecting them to kick tobin out of project and stop being hostile. Well I got fear palememe might die as there has been fight between tobin and moonchild. Codebase is solid but I cant recommend it anymore for their hostility towards everyone. Only some of it forks are good.
  23. funny is that many want to live on southern parts as they are more "civilised" or whatever while I want live away from these as life in middle of big town would not be fun. Those areas rents are super high. Here you can get 50+ m2 apartment with lower price than getting small 20 m2 apartment there. And I still got proper hospital, stores and other services in 9km range.
  24. here is USB dongle I can confirm to work on XP https://www.tp-link.com/en/home-networking/usb-hub-and-converter/ue300/. It is realtek based and cheapest gigabit USB dongle in market where I live Also you could look around for PCI nic from something like Craigslist or whatever. I was able get few of them for free.

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