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  1. Confused. Found out that almost half the internet is running Server 2012 R2 and older.
  2. I would say that most drivers work fine other than NVIDIA ones, which are HIGHLY underdeveloped and aren't even open source, because nvidia themself doesn't like linux. Even Linus Torvalds said F you to NVIDIA.
  3. So I've been just looking around and working on getting the most modern Windows 2000 virtual machine as possible, but I haven't been able to find a way to get .NET 4.x working on 2000. Any way for this?
  4. I use Windows 10 Enterprise now (not saying how I got a digital license on all my computers, you will figure it out one day) and I have to say the ability of me having telemetry at 0 is amazing, it makes me feel more comfortable about it.
  5. Windows 10 is the worst because of its scheme to make computers dumber than they actually are. You can't even undo this change without modifying system files. Even after that, there is still a fair bit of the OS which is unfinished, even 6 years after release. Windows 7 is probably the best (may be some bias!) because the UI was simple, elegant and easy to use. All your settings are in Control Panel, file explorer is simple, the start menu isn't littered with ads, the lock screen isn't full of ads, and you have control over your PC. They even give you diagnostic information on blue screens so you know what actually went wrong, but I could say that the Windows 10 one also brings the same amount of information, just less explaining. Windows XP was also pretty nice, although I never really used it much. Every OS will suck when it comes out. Believe me, XP did, Vista did, 8.x did, and 10 did even more. But all of them fixed their issues in service packs / feature updates. XP SP2 was one of the best, Vista SP1 fixed a lot of issues as well as 7 SP1. 8.1 itself was a fix to Windows 8.0. I had hopes that Windows 10 would, but now here we are, 10 releases into Windows 10 and people are still angry about it. While most people have fallen to the gigantic corporation that is Microsoft, I can definitely see that there is a community of people standing their ground here. Unfortunately, Windows 10 has locked me into its ecosystem after my almost 6 years of using it, so I am basically at a loss. Any move I make is a compromise, such as migrating to Linux or downgrading to 7. A lot of people don't like 10. They didn't use it willingly, something forced them or influenced them to, unlike previous versions of Windows.
  6. But actually, I don't have nostalgia for Windows 8.1, so that might be where I sit Just gotta be serious, sometimes I get in those moods like earlier. Usually every few months.
  7. And this is the only reason I don't use Windows 8.1 or older. Its nostalgic to me.
  8. I know of a better way to explain it. Nostalgia in a way instead of making me feel happy about those times, instead it makes me have regret and just brings me down.
  9. I'm one of the younger guys here (I was born between XP and Vista), but especially when I have nostalgia for older versions of Windows (I used 7, barely remember XP).
  10. Using a 32 bit version, disabling superfetch would be alternatives to that, but XP is also an option
  11. Regret. I didn't realize how fast the last 10 years would go by.
  12. Okay, so 10 decided otherwise and keeps giving me bluescreens.
  13. Okay, so what I might do is have a dual boot of 10 and 7 on my PC. Use 7 when I feel in that mood, and 10 otherwise.
  14. Alright, I need some insight here. I'm trying to find what OS is good for me. My main focuses are: - Running my games and apps well - Easy to adapt to - Reliable and Stable - Security updates available - Drivers work And it appears like I have to find which one works best. Windows 7 fits all those boxes but program support is slowly dropping away (VMWare and Python) Windows 8.x has the same issues as 7, but program support isn't dropping as hard for those programs. Windows 10, I am not a fan of the feature updates. I want to install my OS and use it. Windows 10 fits all the boxes, but there are many parts of 10 which just don't make sense. Plus, I don't mind the UI, but I also hate how there is a lot of repeated text in Windows 10. Linux requires a lot of configuring to get it to fit the boxes macOS requires me to buy a whole new PC / mess with hackintoshing. As I said before, the problem for every option is that I feel left out or not in the majority. I see a lot of people here who use 2K, XP, Vista and such and I think its great. I wish I could be in the group of using Legacy Windows. But just 12 hours after I install a legacy OS, I suddenly have an urge to join back in the majority of computers in the world. As I said before, I am probably just overthinking it. But I need some insight from you guys here. Not from how the OS is, but what mentally pushes you to a certain OS? How do you stick with changing the OS you have used?
  15. Good, I already have all those updates installed. The only few things that make me want to use 10 is DX12 (although 7 still kind of supports it), Fluency (i don't mind it), and better support for some of my peripherals, like my Xbox One controller. Can't use it in bluetooth on 7.
  16. How do I know if I already have the kernel and user mode driver updates installed? Is it just an update that was released to WU?
  17. A little off topic again, but what would be the best performant GPU that Windows 7 would support well?
  18. I actually use pfSense myself, but stopped using Pihole recently after it was acting up a little with my ads (probably could of just tweaked the list).
  19. Unrelated, but one thing I have which really isn't Windows 7 or 10's fault, its the fault of my decision making. I want to like Windows 10, I really do and I have tried to in the last 5/6 years of using it as my main OS. (Moved to it 2 days after the RTM release). I've used every version of the OS from 1507 to the latest insiders and honestly when i'm not caring, it works fine. But when I started caring (around late 2018) I started hating it more and more as the releases go by and it got to a point where I just wiped Windows 10 from my PC and installed 7 (back in January). 10 has a few features I really like, such as better multi-monitor support (taskbars) and generally a more optimized DWM, plus I prefer fluent over aero (I like the higher amount of blur, but aero is fine too). Windows 7 100% works fine on my PC, but I also know that Windows 10 is the latest, gets updates, and has a larger user base. Oddly, the things that make me choose an OS is the amount of market-share. I used 1903 from release to September of last year, until I upgraded because I realized that most Windows 10 computers were running 2004. A weird issue that I have where I want to use whatever most people use. Same with trying Linux. The reason I didn't care about Windows 10 from 2015-2018 was because I just used my PC. I will give it that, it is very unnoticeable when you just want to sit down and get some work done. I never had it interrupt me or anything. I mainly just used it to play games until I started getting more and more into technology where I realized how poorly designed it was. Computing nowadays has less and less advanced users. The advanced OSes now is Windows 7 and Linux. Windows 10 is clearly not designed to be an OS for the advanced tech-savvy users. After realizing this, I wished I stayed with 7 instead of updating to 10 in 2015. I've also been locked into the Windows 10 ecosystem too. The only reason I use Windows 7 now and like it is because I grew up with it. The best times in my life (early - mid 2010s) was spent with Windows 7. The memories I have with Windows 10 are entirely sour starting in 2018. Before then, I had good times with 1703 and older. That is just a mental image. There is actual reasoning with how Windows 7 is still better, 12 years later. It oddly still supports all apps, is still fast, and can still run on computers made 12 years later. It's a more unified and simple OS with less back and forth. I will not say consistent; every version of Windows is inconsistent. 10 is fairly consistent for its release time, but also has a fair bit of dated functions. I usually pick an OS for "if it works and do I like it". The times where I didn't repeatedly think about what I was running was nice, really, really nice. September to December 2020 I stopped caring and the relief was nice, until I got right back into failing at decision making what I should use, because its a battle of nostalgia vs what ACTUALLY is useful. Windows 10 as I said earlier, works for the majority of people. The majority of users don't care or notice anything weird. One of my teachers is still running 1709 and doesn't notice. Meanwhile, even using 1903 and knowing market-share about it makes me want to go to 2004 or higher. Windows 7 same way, I like using it but knowing market-share completely demolishes my motivation to use it. In another case, I could just be overthinking this over just a simple computer OS. Microsoft made it harder than it needs to be. I care about my privacy for apps on my computer. As far as web browsing, I could care less. I just don't want MS looking through my files and stuff like that. I think I have restored my Windows 10 and 7 image of my PC (all apps installed) probably 2 times a day in the last 3 months because I can't choose. They both have strong pros and cons, and in a situation like this where I don't want to dual boot, It's a hard decision to make.
  20. Looks like one software I am moving away from. They announced today that they will be restricting free users to an unlimited amount of only one type of device (Like phones, iPad, chrome extension) and you have to choose one and can't be in two at once. I moved to Bitwarden (open source and free) and it works a lot better and has no stupid restrictions. Bad decision by lastpass for the consumers, but they get more money so.
  21. Oddly enough, back when this was happening it was mainly caused by my old CPU. I got the 9700K and it was actually not drawing as much power idle as the 8400.
  22. I agree. I am aiming to get a new 30 series card and wish to keep LTSB compatibility as well as 8.1 support.
  23. Well that situation didn't last long. Seemed like my AMD drivers did not work well, the driver kept crashing every time I ran any type of 3D application. AMD drivers are pretty unstable sometimes, and I was lucky to even get it to function at all on the RTM build. After that disaster, I did finally realize that Windows 10 isn't as bad as it was when it came out in 2015. I eventually just threw a fresh copy of 7 on my PC and gonna go with it. Any problems, it is what it is. I already fixed my multi-monitor issue and now the only thing stopping me from certain things is programs not working, which also that doesn't exist because all my programs work. I can see how some people use 10 nowadays, but personally I just really don't like 10 lately. When the UI refresh comes out, ill try it again.
  24. Okay, so I think I found my solution. I'm testing out LTSB 2015 (based on the RTM version) and so far it is working fine. I don't have a problem with colorless title bars, and this is the most 8.1 like Windows 10. It still gets updates because its LTSB and it seems to be working fine as well.

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