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  1. Is there an x86 version of this? I want to run it on my old 32-bit laptop to apply LTSC to a different partition, it has problems booting Windows normally and somehow I got 1903 working on it 3 years ago.
  2. No, its not GPU scheduling. It's just a dwm update which, in my case, my primary monitor is 165hz, and my secondary is 75hz. When a window is being moved between the two, or content is being rendered on the slower one, the primary will get slowed down to the secondary speed. Now, the primary stays full speed and the window rendering still happens at 165hz, but the secondary just can't display it at that speed. It makes Windows just seem to run smoother, nothing else than that.
  3. I gotta say that my views on periods of time can get a bit skewed based on where my thinking is. I constantly thought that "ever since Windows 10 was out that everything was bad" in which yes, that is true in some circumstances, but I can take a look at different things. Lot's of pretty amazing things (or amazing to me) came to exist during 2015-2021. I'd say an actual built-in dark mode was a nice feature, DWM fixing multi-monitor refresh rate difference issues, and interestingly, not having a single corrupt file on my Windows 10 21H2 install after just two weeks, which yes is not much time, but previously I would start having sfc /scannow detect issues. Nowadays, I don't have that. Possibly because of how many updates 1904x.x has gotten. Who knows.
  4. How exactly do you guys get the OS Spoofing working on Vista? I tried that file with a global config and it didn't work.
  5. I would sure enjoy something faster than a 970 like a 3060 Ti or something. Too bad you can't find them. At this point I might just wait until 2022 or 2023, then just grab a new prebuilt from NZXT or use their BLD thing. That would also be the time when I move to Windows 11, unless it gets fine in my book by then.
  6. Interestingly, this problem happens on 7 as well. Seems to be an issue with Aero in general. I think Firefox does that on purpose to try and emulate Acrylic or something on older versions.
  7. I could probably code some batch script for that. I don't have any Win7 systems or Alder Lake systems, but one day I will and I will probably need the batch script for Win10 as I plan to stick with 10 for a while. I'll have to look it up. Do you happen to know what cores are P and E cores? And what programs in particular should be running on what types of cores? I think there should be tier going on here. The Win11 scheduler automatically chooses which area of the CPU to put what apps depending on their resource usage. Microsoft actually has a document about setting affinity via the command line. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/archive/blogs/santhoshonline/how-to-launch-a-process-with-cpu-affinity-set
  8. So 11 has been out for a few months so I wanted to give an update here. People have been seen to have been able to get 11 working on systems as old as Athlon 64 3500 era (Which came out in 2004!) so yeah, the hardware requirements are complete BS. Other than that, the OS has been gaining marketshare pretty fast on AdDuplex, which gets its numbers from UWP apps. So, a fast release. I've tried it on some of my systems over the past few months and I have some information to report. The new UI is, okay, I guess. It's different, definitely different, and loses a lot of features from 10, but hopefully they remain for Win11 22H2 next year. Windows 11 won't be a dire upgrade, but it will be one that is here to stay. Personally, I don't really like it. But I guess that is because I was with 10 so long, but it really is just 10 with a skin, especially how you can just revert back to the old UI with StartAllBack or ExplorerPatcher. This is what my laptop looks like on Windows 11, with only explorer patcher and a few registry values.
  9. Yeah, I have pretty much cut out anything old in my decisions and I guess I'm fine with that. As said, I can tolerate modern vers of 10 and even 11. All I do is turn off all the privacy stuff (sure, there is stuff still enabled, but whatever, I use Google services and have my phone signed in to my Google account) so ill probably stick with the Win10 or 11 that I have been slimming down over the last few years.
  10. Deltarune and Undertale both work on the Extended Kernel. I had to rename KERNEL32.DLL.OLD to KERNELOL.DLL in SysWOW64 though.
  11. I could give it a chance, but even anything older than probably Win10 1703 would not fit some of my needs, like modern game support, etc, hardware too. NVIDIA isn't too great with that. I can use Linux, but that is also an nvidia problem and it just barely runs on my PC. Doesn't run well on my desktop but on my laptop it runs awesome. I've been interested or using computers since I was 7 or so. I used Ubuntu 12.04 LTS for about two years back then, so I have some childhood experience with Linux actually. But I used Win7 from about late 2013 to November 2015 when I upgraded to 10 on all my computers (which really was my Mom's laptop and the family PC), and I have been using 10 as my main OS since. That probably explains why I have a hard time figuring out what I want to do, because I've gotten so used to 10 that everything I essentially know of, has been with 10. I never thought much about Windows 10 until about 2019 when I started actually thinking about what I am doing. Before then, I didn't have the ability to have a somewhat form of judgement, so I just did things because I thought it would be cool, such as the reason I went to 10 in 2015. Now that I somewhat know of what 10 is doing, its the situation where you want to do something about it, but because you haven't over the last 6 years, it becomes increasingly harder and harder to. I think about it like this. Someone born in 2001. Their XP was my 7. Their 7 was my 10. Their 10 is my 11. 7 was the first OS I ever used and remember. It was the OS that brought me through the first 6 years of my life after I started being able to use a computer for maybe education games and stuff. More specifically, 2011-2015. Only 4 years but I really miss it. After then, 10 brought me through the rest of my childhood and into my teenage years, where we are now. If I completely ignore the problems and issues 10 has, I would say I will definitely miss 10 later on. It is the OS I used the most and learned about life the most on it. It wasn't just for educational games at that point, it was the environment I matured with. I guess that is why I find it so hard to try and not use it, because I have a mental attachment to something I have mixed feelings about. One day though, that will have to happen, I don't know when, and I don't know how.
  12. I don't know much right now and I may be extremely incorrect but if you're getting ACPI compliance BSODs, there is some kernel parameter or setting you boot with to not use ACPI. The fact that you got this already means 7 does not recognize the type of ACPI used in modern motherboards now, so we will have to wait for a modded ACPI.sys for this to work natively. As of now, you can disable ACPI on bootup. I think it was some key you hold in the boot menu of Win7.
  13. I recently tested something and I will now note that Undertale and Deltarune both run on Vista. I tested it with the Extended Kernel by win32, October 2021 update. I had to rename kernel32.dll.bak in SysWOW64 to kernelol.dll for them to work. They work flawlessly after that.
  14. Everyone else talkin about Windows NT 4.0 and XP meanwhile I mainly used 7 back when I was younger. Never ever used Vista or older in my life as my main OS. Also, I am going to mention more why I made this thread. I was reading more and more about Win10 and Win11, and essentially it goes as right now I am mentally challenged with Microsoft and computers in general. I've learned more about the Windows 10+ Keylogger, the fact that diagnostic information is sent every 15 minutes, and also more of the fact that people who care about telemetry, and don't want to have to participate in such a high level of it, are slowly dwindling out. Only the hardcore ppl who use XP, hell even 95, are left. The fact is, I am stuck with modern versions of Windows whether I like it or not. My hardware requires that. I want to switch to something like 7 or 8.1, maybe even Linux, but the reason I haven't is because I don't want to change. I hate change. I've gotten used to 10, but the issue is you know, when you used something for so long, that when you realized how horrible it was, you had mixed feelings? "Well yes, I hate it, but what can I even do about it?" There isn't much I as a person can do about the MSFT telemetry and privacy problems. Switching to Linux or an older version of Windows is possible, but then I lose out on things that I loved about Windows. I love how well Windows works with hardware. I love how well it works with 3rd party software. But I hate how itself works. I can stand Windows 10. I can handle it. The problem is, I am afraid that one day ill move on up to Windows 11 and be even more down the privacy rabbit hole where I have no privacy at all. Windows brings all these amazing features like Miracast (which I use) and the hardware support with my computers, so giving up on all that could be a pretty big problem to me. Linux can do that, and it can do all that well, but my problem with THAT is that to do ANYTHING like that with Linux, you need to install 50 different programs, set them up, and then they don't work because you're on the wrong distro or the wrong kernel version. Reinstall to the correct one, and then behold, the program doesn't work at ALL for a reason no one knows why. You make a post about it and people try to help as much as they can, and you end up having to fill in a support ticket on the github which hasn't been updated in years. That has been a good chunk of my Linux experience. So Linux would have been possible if I only browsed the web and played occasional games, plus didn't care about the small issues, but I do now. That is why I have been using 10. I have forgotten about the privacy issues because I got used to it. Now, I don't know what to do. I have time before 2025, but everything with what I should do is just a big IDK. I tried iOS out for a year and went back to Android recently, but now I am concerned that Android isn't really private either. Kind of wish I could just not care. Sorry for dumping such a huge comment here. Just needed to get that out of my mind.
  15. I am having an issue where Undertale, a game which can run on XP natively, has issues where it can't find KernelOL.DLL. I renamed kernel32.dll.bak to kernelol.dll but that didn't do anything. Deltarune has this issue too, but that game is built for 7 and later so that could be just a Vista problem. Disregard all that. I was stupid and didn't use the search function on this site. Figured out I needed to do it in SysWOW64 instead of SYSTEM32... oddly the audio doesn't work with the game.
  16. I do actually like working around with Windows 2000 and XP vms. Interesting to see what software I can get working and its really fun when it does. Same with Vista. Issue with using them as my main OS is that hardware doesn't work with it.
  17. I said 452 at the start because I was trying to remember how much it actually was. I checked my email and went by the amount of times that I was emailed from Steam saying I have logged into a new computer. I do that a lot, saying things are higher than they actually are. Blowing them out of proportions. It probably has been 452, but not in one year, but more of maybe in the last decade. Win10 does still activate normally, though someone at MSFT probably thinks I am going crazy. I mainly keep reinstalling it because i'm like "oh but i want to use THIS" but then "this!!"; I can never make up my mind. Oh yeah, upgrading your PC with Open Shell, uninstalling it, then rolling back bricks explorer. I've had this happen three times.
  18. I switched over to 10 before I had the correct judgement on making a decision. And even now, I still don't have that judgement. This whole post is to mainly discuss what options people have if they don't like Windows 10, or are confused on the decisions they previously made. I want to be different than people, but I also don't at the same time. I think that what I have doesn't work, or doesn't do what I need it to do. I overthink what I am supposed to use as an OS, making it seem like its a bigger deal than it actually is. It is just an operating system, and I am making a big deal about it. I also won't ignore how I reinstalled Windows 80 times in one year.
  19. Played Undertale recently and I am in love with the OST. (the site embedded the Spotify album.) My favorite in this whole list is Hopes and Dreams.
  20. I know that Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and the really old versions of 10 like 1507 or 1511 are a no-go for me. I've been with modern Win10 for so long that I have gotten used to some of the features. Absolute oldest I could use would be 1607/1703 era. I'm just so stuck in the whole Windows 10 feature update dilemma, because I have been using it since release, that using something older just feels odd to me. I can do it, but not easily. The issue with Windows 11 for me is that I just don't like it. I've thought about it like this. Essentially, Windows 10 is the OS that I used most. I have been using it more than I did 7, 8.1, and XP. So because of Windows 11, I am in a situation that many people were back in 2015. They wished that Windows 10 didn't exist, and I wish that Windows 11 didn't exist, but that is not possible. My two choices is to stay on Windows 10, or go to Windows 11 at some point. I don't want to do either of them. Now I am just hoping Linux becomes a player in my book in a few years. Because of my hardware, Windows 7 still supports a good amount of my stuff, but not well. Essentially, I am stuck having to choose what I like about something I don't like. I don't want to keep using Windows 10 as it is.
  21. 19041 has gone EOL as of Tuesday so I would say its safe to assume, as I said before many times, Aero Glass is dead. Project is dead. We need to move on and find alternatives.
  22. But then the question is, if the answer is so simple, why do so many people out there still use something like XP or Vista? I don't have a problem with that, but it is a question worthy to ask.
  23. That is how I have been living with Win10 so far and have been considering moving up onto 11. Just don't think about the things that I don't like and everything will be fine...
  24. I can probably use anything 1703 and newer. I don't like using 7 and 8.1 nowadays due to support and stuff, 1507, 1511 and 1607 have problems with me. I don't like explorer in 1709 and 1803. I don't entirely enjoy enablement packages. So that limits it to 1703, 1809, 1903, 2004, and ill add 21H2 into the mix. Linux is missing some useful features I use.
  25. I haven't built a PC outright. It has just been upgraded over time. I use a GTX 970 now (the 1050 Ti is in my server) but at the time in 2018 I got the 1050 Ti because I couldn't afford much and I needed something better than a HD 6850. The i7 came around when I had a 5700 XT last year, but I sold that card expecting that cards would become easier to come by, thinking I would have made a profit. Fortunately, that was not the case and I am stuck with those two cards for the foreseeable future. It runs bad, but I'm used to it now. I dealt with that for 8 years. The problem I have with Linux is that it does not feel like it has the UI effort that Windows barely has. Windows, still being a problem, for me feels more refined than a Linux DE like KDE, Gnome or these other derivatives of the main DEs. Plus, to do 50% of things, you need to go to the command line, and even then it takes a few hours to do. With Windows, I apply a registry key to map my user folders and thats it. Especially with how horrible NTFS support is on Linux (even with the new kernel driver in 5.15), by just shutting down the wrong way it gets marked as dirty and you need to boot into Windows to fix it without losing data. At the time when I grabbed the 1050 Ti, it was miles ahead of my Radeon HD 6850 I was living with. I want the OS to just work and have support. I don't want to have to keep fixing problems that happen just because they can (which happens to me with Linux) and I don't want to have to jump through hoops just to make the OS not so spyware (which is Windows 10). I didn't mind 10 back then because I was younger and didn't think much of it. Nowadays, I wish I could just go back to 2015, and not switch to 10 the day it came out. What I have been thinking of doing is just plopping LTSC on every system I have. Not sure what LTSC because 2015 is a big no no from support, 2016 has update problems, 2019 is slowly falling into purgatory with support, and 2021 is hardly considered LTSC. I don't mind the Semi Annual Channel releases, the support length is long enough for me, but I just wish that there was one out there that was super duper slimmed down but also not to the point where stuff stops working. Interestingly, when I ran 10 on a MSFT account, with all the stupid stuff turned on, I had no problems. I only had problems when I realized how horrible that all was and started saying no. And don't forget, I mentioned that NVIDIA support on Linux is still not working well for me. If you want to know in particular what I use my PC for, I use it for web browsing, playing games (Undertale, BeamNG Drive, Minecraft, Roblox, Detroit, etc, nothing much thats AAA), Discord, sometimes recording screen, managing my servers, doing school work. I don't use it for extreme gaming or extreme productivity. My laptop cannot run Windows 7 or 8.1 well. Read bio for my specs.

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