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  1. do not trust on everything you read, some people just post nonsense without any previous experience https://msfn.org/board/topic/182703-can-my-2006-laptop-use-samsung-860-evo-500gb-ssd/?do=findComment&comment=1199797
  2. if the SSD is big enough you are not likely to notice any performance flop but your SSD without TRIM functionality will just downgrade its lifespan. fortunately crystaldiskinfo utility still works on XP so you can use it to check your SSD total writes with and without TRIM usage.
  3. in theory Samsung has already reserved some spacing for over provisioning tasks, this is why the 860 EVO is 500GB not 512GB like the PRO version but it's recommended to leave that 20% (the more the better) as unallocated space.... the SSD will happily use that free space to paste files given he has no access to the Samsung Magician utility. I don't think any other utility will perform the TRIM task any better than the official Magician tool.... NO. your Windows 10 is unable to know what files have been deleted in the XP partition so you can't do TRIM through another partition. I have recently bought a brand new 850 PRO 256GB for $40 + shipping and I am looking at some other setup alternatives such as 850 M2 to DDR2/3 slot
  4. TRIM and garbage collector are two different things, and the alternative tools that supposedly support TRIM commands do not work as intended. https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2015/04/ask-ars-my-ssd-does-garbage-collection-so-i-dont-need-trim-right/ I know that XP will run fine with any SSD brand if you don't care about its degradation over time, they are able to re-write thousands of GB's after all. as a side note, Acer recently got into the SSD market but their SSD don't even have a custom made utility. https://www.theverge.com/2021/4/27/22405943/acer-ssd-solid-state-drive-nvme-pcie-m2-biwin-storage-ram
  5. ''Can my 2006 Laptop use Samsung 860 EVO 500GB SSD?'' NO it can't. The last version of Magician utility for XP does only support the 850/950 SSD
  6. the unofficial SP4 was meant for the english version only.
  7. what are the advantages of this leaking ? if we only could run some W7 programs on XP it would be amazing...
  8. So true ! the yellow icon showed up by chance the Windows Update Mini Tool has first detected 149 POSReady updates because I didn't patch XP last time I formatted this PC by the end of July hopefully they give me enough time to test the latest offline wsusscn2 file to see if it matches the same number of updates provided by WU agent.
  9. his dental clinic has been fully reformed due to a gas cylinder explosion on the upper floor. I can't believe his new equipment X-ray machine...etc is still using XP or why such an expensive machine has not been updated or supported by the manufacturer with newer software.
  10. this argentinian dentist is using Macintoch computers with XP ..... virtual machine ? what purpose ? https://youtu.be/c7udrrz9VMk?t=515
  11. I am unable to make icedove-uxp run as an email client. what am I doing wrong ? email, password, imap, port...everything appears to be correctly set up.
  12. ''In new versions, they broke support for TLS 1.3'' as I said on my previous post it works perfect with W7 they didn't brake anything. I have also checked other chinese browsers based on chromium 75 and they have the same https problems under XP.
  13. Thanks. can you help me out ? the version 11 of the 360 explorer browser is based on chromium 69, the version 12 = 78 and the recent release 13 = 86 how is it possible that the same website is no longer supported by the most recent version ? (chrome settings are identical) I have also checked out the Serpent browser @roytam1 and the TLS 1.3 certificate seems to be fine... moreover I have installed the latest 360 browser on W7 trying to replicate this issue but everything was ok and the https was not striked out.
  14. Hi I have seen a screenshot somewhere of the IE8 advanced properties with all TLS protocols 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 listed there I have checked my IE8 settings and I only can see TLS 1.0.... what can I do to enable all other missing TLS protocols ????
  15. Not sure I want to install that huge package of files. is it 100% reliable ?
  16. mmmmm..... first off do update you Magician toolkit and then it would be cool if you were able to run this Magician version and the latest Magician under W7 to see if it detects any newer FW version. that way we can confirm whether it's the Magician or Windows version that blocks the newer updates if any
  17. I was more interested on the WD Blue line which appears to be an improved version of the Sandisk series as for the toolkit v1 can you confirm it will recognize any of the current Sandisk SSD's ? I have been reading the intel SSD toolbox releases notes I haven't found a similar doc for other toolkits though you can see that older SSD are still getting NAND optimized but it's unclear if those improvements are included in the firmware file or it's part of the toolkit algorithm if it's all inside the firmware file then I could just run and outdated version of the intel toolbox.
  18. if a SSD supports garbage collection I could live without TRIM even though it will bring its lifespan and performance down. the problem comes down to SSD firmware updates and 99% of manufacturers do not make them available for download so you can't use 3rd party tools the last supported version of Magician is 4.9.6 or maybe 4.9.7... can you still download the latest firmware releases for the 850 EVO or do the Samsung servers detect the Magician 4.9 too old and as such it doesn't allow you to download them ???? is it necessary to hit the TRIM button when using W7-W10 or it just does it automatically ????
  19. I can understand that a recent SSD won't be well optimized with an old version of the optimization software but I am afraid it does not even detect it !!! more details. I came across to this. https://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/samsung_ssd_magician.html ''I purchased Samsung EVO 860 Sata for Lenovo R61 Win XP Pro sp3 notebook. The latest version of Samsung Magician (5.x.x) refuses to install under Windows XP. The former version of Magician (4.9.5?) installs under Win XP but does not recognize EVO 860 SATA SSD as Samsung product. Catch 22???''
  20. what good SSD can we purchase now for XP ?? do we have to purchase 5 years old SSD's that will be hard to find ?? now a 120GB SSD does cost less than a 64GB USB memory stick so it's a good time to get some. I have checked all mainstream SSD manufacturers websites and downloaded their SSD optimizing tool but it doesn't run on XP. they don't even have a link for the legacy versions the Kingston website says that its tool works from W8 and up however I installed it with no issues Kingston is not my first priority nor am I sure their utility with a vintage looking has support for TRIM I know there are some after market tools for SSD but I think they will not be as good as the original one from the SSD manufacturer
  21. you have to remove the GPT protective partition to access your data but I would not try this method if you don't have a backup of your data. I just want to know how safe the Seagate tool (or similar) is for this purpose. https://www.seagate.com/support/downloads/beyond-2tb/ I can create 3 partitions in 6TB HDD but.... ¿ is there a way in which Windows might brake the partitions system and all my data becomes inaccessible under XP or W7 ??
  22. I don't want to install XP in it anyway it would require a 64 bit Windows + UEFI you get a BSOD ? what hard drive were you trying to format with Paragon utility ?
  23. amazing performance this intel optane ! I wonder if it supports the TRIM feature by software
  24. I'm in the market for a 6 TB HDD (Western Digital or Seagate without SRM) is anyone in this forum using large internal SATA hard drives under windows XP 32bit ? I am not 100% sure if it's safe to use 3rd party utilities or drivers during XP installation that can read/write GPT partitions... I have read somewhere that it's also possible to create 2TB partitions within the same disk but don't know how a 32bit XP could handle this. I know that the best alternative is using Server 2003 or XP 64bit but the lack of drivers and BSOD is what stop me from switching.

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