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  1. Yes all updates works , I have create on my chanel an update pack that I update every month and the dlls to restore, I have some.
  2. Yes I have this error, I hope it will be patched because the 102 is the next ESR. Thanks for the information.
  3. Do you know how to get firefox 102 on Windows Vista? i installed it but i can't type anything its says firefox crash.
  4. Hello, I have an update pack, I even made a video of it you can watch it if you want. https://www.youtube.com/c/liptonacer
  5. Hello everyone ! I made a video on the understood kernel for the French to explain well on my channel because winclient 5270 has not yet updated its video so if you don't understand you can at worst put the subtitles if you have trouble install Vista with the intended kernel. Thank you Win32 for this extended Kernel!
  6. I released a video for my Youtube channel to make it simple for French people and to show the extended kernel
  7. I think I have followed everything well but the police are breaking
  8. ok but it still worked thanks i will finally use an updated chromium instead of 92.0
  9. Hello everyone ! I would like to know how to find my Windows Vista sidebar on the Extended Kernel. Because since the new versions of the Extended Kernel I do not have access to this sidebar. Currently I have to use the Extended Kernel of Windows Vista from December 2020 to keep my sidebar. I did some tests with or without the hotfixes and that doesn't change anything because you just have to apply the new explorer.exe but the sidebar is not available.
  10. I upgraded to SP2 on this machine, I was born in 2006 I have as nostalgia to put RTM, for me it is the most stable of all Windows Vista, You can see on my Youtube channel my banner
  11. Hello I am French I am a fan of Windows Longhorn and Windows Vista RTM here is my config

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