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  1. New beta v1.4.16.15b1 available - https://github.com/JustOff/misc-pm-stuff/releases/ https://github.com/JustOff/misc-pm-stuff/releases/download/0.0.1/uBlock0.firefox-legacy- Topic on forum.ru-board.com - https://forum.ru-board.com/topic.cgi?forum=5&topic=50113&start=3440#6 Add: January 17th uBO legacy v. (stable) released. https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock-for-firefox-legacy/releases/tag/firefox-legacy- https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock-for-firefox-legacy/releases/download/firefox-legacy-
  2. Old as WinXP. However, anti-virus databases for version 4.x are still updated daily. And 4.x version loads CPU less than newer versions. I use this version on a netbook with WinXP and an Atom N270 processor. Yes, cool tool.
  3. ESET NOD32 Antivirus v.4.2.76 works great on WinXP x32 SP3 until now. But no antivirus guarantees 100% protection.
  4. I always turn off "experimental filters" and no problems.
  5. It's a normal. Changes in version ... Remove "uBlock filters -- Experimental" from stock lists ... ... At the same time, "uBlock filters --- Annoyances" has been moved to the "Annoyances" section ... https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/commit/eb44efc1fe515294d6fd188b6a49b4c2d3a346f9
  6. I use extension «User Agent Switcher» (by Chris Pederick, https://chrispederick.com/) to quickly change UserAgent. Unfortunately, the author has not updated this extension since 2011. Last official build - (January 4th, 2011). The build can not spoofed property «navigator.oscpu» and real version OS is visible. I changed the build - added a property "navigator.oscpu" for spoofing. Checked in FF 52.9.0, Serpent and MyPal. My unofficial build in the attachment and here - https://www.upload.ee/files/10968463/user_agent_switcher- user_agent_switcher-
  7. Old links in the post - 20200104. And here too - https://rtfreesoft.blogspot.com/search/label/browser
  8. Thanks for your reply. A listing from the javascript console says that the "openerTabId" property in the "tabs.create" function is no longer supported. Apparently, the "openerTabId" property has been removed by upstream. I found the "openerTabId" property inside the Tampermonkey extension - only one entry in the file "\firefox@tampermonkey.net.xpi\rea\background.js". I removed the "openerTabId" property in this file (as in the screenshot below). This solved the problem. The Tampermonkey extension 4.9.5921 works fine in the latest Serpent build. Menu items now working. Thanks again for your builds.
  9. Hi, roytam1. In today's build Serpent (basilisk52-g4.5.win32-git-20200104-fd382bb-uxp-26b297510-xpmod), there is a problem with the Tampermonkey extension (4.10.6105, 4.9.5921). No answer when clicking on menu items "Dashboard", "Create a new script" and other. The same problem is in the previous build (basilisk52-g4.5.win32-git-20191221-fd382bb-uxp-d6baead6c-xpmod). There was no such problem in the build of December 14 (basilisk52-g4.4.win32-git-20191214-dacb3da00-xpmod). Maybe you have ideas how to solve this problem?
  10. Hi. The dashboard Tampermonkey (4.9.5921, 4.10.6105) stopped opening (from sandwich menu and toolbar) in "basilisk52-g4.5.win32-git-20191221-fd382bb-uxp-d6baead6c-xpmod". Error Console: Error: Type error for parameter createProperties (Property "openerTabId" is unsupported by Firefox) for tabs.create. Source File: moz-extension://4ce6d92c-12ce-4a8a-b310-8cfec43908cc/rea/background.js Line: 3 Error: Cannot send message: Other side disconnected: ["MessageChannel:Response", {result:4, messageName:"231-0", recipient:{}, error:{message:"Message manager disconnected", result:(void 0)}}] Source File: resource://gre/modules/ExtensionUtils.jsm Line: 1092 In "basilisk52-g4.4.win32-git-20191214-dacb3da00-xpmod" no such problem.
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