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  1. If I can do it, anyone could have done it... I could try taking a stab at it though.
  2. If someone were to download upstream's UXP source code, will the 1/2 implemented Shadow DOM v1 related commits be included?
  3. I'm not 100% sure, but I'm not worried about the inability to produce unofficial 32-bit Basilisk builds. There was a topic about the current/future state of Pale Moon for Linux... https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=23031 Matt A. Tobin stated that Pale Moon 32-bit Linux support will be officially dropped in/after November 2020, but it will not affect UXP at the codebase level. I believe the same principle will apply to 32-bit Basilisk builds. Officially there will be no 32-bit builds, but it will still be possible to build/compile your own 32-bit unofficial Basilisk browser. I'm sure 32-bit Serpent/Centaury will survive the year.
  4. Firefox 52 shipped with TLS 1.2 default with optional Draft 18 spec TLS 1.3 support. Even 52.9.0 ESR still only supports up to Draft 18 TLS 1.3. The first UXP browsers to support the RFC 8446 TLS 1.3 spec (final) by default are: Mypal 28.3.1 (Feodor2) Centaury 0.0.3 (Feodor2) New Moon 28.3.0a1 (2018-12-21) (RoyTam1) Serpent 2018.12.21 (RoyTam1)
  5. What makes you say they're illegal builds?
  6. In my experience, the only supported video codec by Invidious is h.264. Firefox 52.9.0 esr does not officially support h.264 video (Apparently installing the Adobe Primetime Content Decryption Module will allow h.264 videos to play). However, as a fallback in case that option doesn't work, I recommend installing Centaury by Feodor2.
  7. Correction: https://o.rths.ml/kmeleon/KM76.2.1-Goanna-20200718.7z The 20200711 date needs to be changed to 20200718.
  8. Can anybody confirm that YouTube with the Classic interface no longer works with the "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1) User Agent override? R.I.P YouTube Classic, July 10th 2020.
  9. In what form is Chromium 76 or newer coming?
  10. I just got on Reddit, and could not load the comments (Which means globalThis might not exist in Serpent 55). If it were me personally, I would stick to Serpent 52, but you'll have to try both extensively to see which one works best for you.
  11. Serpent 52 and 55 have disabled-by-default AV1 video support (from Firefox 63?) Serpent 52 and 55 have TLS 1.3 Support enabled (from Firefox 63) Serpent 52 has Several ECMAScript 2018+ features from Firefox 58+ (most importantly globalThis from Firefox 65 due to the new Reddit site) The web compatibility improvements compared to Firefox 52 will only get more massive as upstream (Moonchild Productions) finalize/release milestone 29.0.0 of their Pale Moon browser, which will feature ES Modules, ShadowDOM v1, and Custom Elements v1 (also from Firefox 63).
  12. Type about:config in the address bar, hit enter, then search for media.webm.enabled... Double click it to toggle the value to false. If you need to, try disabling the h264ify add-on.
  13. Would it be possible to drop the "RFox" prefix from "Cordelia", and rename "Arctic-Fox" to "Cordelia"? If it's possible, that has my vote.
  14. Did you try launching the "k-meleonW9x.exe" version of the file? You then need to copy "MSVCP71.DLL", and "MSVCR71.DLL" into K-Meleon's root directory if you haven't already. An updated COMCTL32.DLL file is also needed, and is best obtained from installing IE 5.5. The way I chose to obtain MSVCP71.DLL and MSVCR71.DLL is to install the March 5th 2010 K-Meleon 1.5.4 version from the executable installer.
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