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  1. If Windows 11 system requirements are going to be what they seem to be right now, I wonder how Microsoft will respond to Windows 10 End Of Service in 2025 when (official prediction) Windows 10 has a 53% market share among Windows computers. In my opinion, the deal breakers for Windows 11 will be the DirectX 12 compatible graphics adapter, Secure Boot, TPM 2.0, and CPU requirements.
  2. Do you get a "Couldn't load XPCOM" error message while trying to load New Moon 26.5.0?
  3. How well does RoyTam1's New Moon 26.5.0 work on Windows 98 SE or ME with KernelEx (insert your recommended version)? Are there any files that need to be added to New Moon's directory in order to get it working?
  4. It doesn't seem like reliance on application.ini is a problem, but the some of the code in "nsINIParser.cpp" (located in xpcom\glue) doesn't work on Windows 9x. I replaced the file with the one in RetroZilla, which allows Firefox to get past the "Couldn't load application.ini" error on Windows 9x, but still doesn't load. Here is the commit: https://github.com/ClassicNick/fx36oldwin/commit/389cadfb85c36d92fd37a1a41f17cab96d3ba1a6
  5. @roytam1 Do you want to include a mozconfig file with the source code of your browser builds?
  6. Because IME, that is one of the barriers to Windows 95 compatibility (Possibly 98 too).
  7. Would it be possible to do a build of Firefox 3.x that lacks application.ini?
  8. Recently, I have become interested in building https://github.com/roytam1/fx36oldwin and https://github.com/roytam1/palemoon26/tree/oldvc from source, but I feel like I'm lost when it comes to the required tools necessary for building. Could you publish a list of tools needed please? Ex. Mozilla-build version, Windows SDK version, etc.
  9. Or you could use New Moon 28.10.2a1, and then post your issues in the Pale Moon forum... Both suggestions make about as much sense (As far as I'm aware). In all seriousness, I do believe you should be filing your issues with RoyTam1's browser builds in this MSFN forum since he is the one releasing the specific builds we use.
  10. If I can do it, anyone could have done it... I could try taking a stab at it though.
  11. If someone were to download upstream's UXP source code, will the 1/2 implemented Shadow DOM v1 related commits be included?
  12. I'm not 100% sure, but I'm not worried about the inability to produce unofficial 32-bit Basilisk builds. There was a topic about the current/future state of Pale Moon for Linux... https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=23031 Matt A. Tobin stated that Pale Moon 32-bit Linux support will be officially dropped in/after November 2020, but it will not affect UXP at the codebase level. I believe the same principle will apply to 32-bit Basilisk builds. Officially there will be no 32-bit builds, but it will still be possible to build/compile your own 32-bit unofficial Basilisk browser. I'm sure 32-bit Serpent/Centaury will survive the year.
  13. Firefox 52 shipped with TLS 1.2 default with optional Draft 18 spec TLS 1.3 support. Even 52.9.0 ESR still only supports up to Draft 18 TLS 1.3. The first UXP browsers to support the RFC 8446 TLS 1.3 spec (final) by default are: Mypal 28.3.1 (Feodor2) Centaury 0.0.3 (Feodor2) New Moon 28.3.0a1 (2018-12-21) (RoyTam1) Serpent 2018.12.21 (RoyTam1)
  14. In my experience, the only supported video codec by Invidious is h.264. Firefox 52.9.0 esr does not officially support h.264 video (Apparently installing the Adobe Primetime Content Decryption Module will allow h.264 videos to play). However, as a fallback in case that option doesn't work, I recommend installing Centaury by Feodor2.

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