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  1. I would like to know, if Roytam1's browsers are for the general public (this means for everyone, who not necessarily know how to improve them to make all normal features usable) - or for some insiders?... The general public wants products that work in all normal features, it seems to me (extensions, videos, ...). It's work in progress, you can have the hope that things will improve over time, with new versions every week. Thank you roytam1 for your work, we look forward to the results all the time! Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  2. Thank you kitaro1, On WaybackMachine Internet Archive we have 30 captures of legacycollector.org, and latest is from Nov 10, 2019. ... don't forget some very useful extensions I use: Bitdefender TrafficLight: trafficlight- - for New Moon, Ad Blocking FiltersetP: for New Moon, Serpent 52, Serpent 55 / Moebius ... whitelist javascript websites (Javascript Whitelist): whitelist-javascript-websites-0.0.5.xpi - for New Moon, Serpent 52, Serpent 55 ... It reloads the current page, after changing its state (enabled, disabled) - very good.
  3. @looking4awayout, your github page instantly opens in the latest Roytam1's firefox 45 with 9 extensions here (in 1.17 seconds) ...
  4. I've then downloaded this Roytam1's version (firefox-45.9.18-20191123) of Firefox 45, and then removed this browser, because it gave me big problems - many extensions which are worked before some time (a few months ago), became incompatible, and especially (the next day) no more possibility to save (no more window with right click) or delete bookmarks (with many items become grayed out in right click menu window, I'm administrator). Bookmarks problems caused by some incompatibilities with other extensions or browsers, maybe?... I don't download it again, cause I don't need so many browser
  5. Extensions problems: Would it be possible to complete the code of Roytam1's browsers to increase the compatibility of extensions from addons.mozilla.org, addons.thunderbird.net, legacycollector.org? The latest version of Roytam1's BNAV Borealis, which supports my version of uBlock Origin, is from 2019/09/07. All the next Borealis browser versions check and reject uBlock O. In Add-ons Manager I read: "uBlock Origin is incompatible with browser 0.9.0a1." - so it's disabled, only have this "Remove" button. And no possibility to download other add-ons, all "incompatible with
  6. 8 hours ago, msfntor said: media.hardware-video-decoding.enabled - change to false (user set), Yeah, probably it was my wrong impressions, I guess today. The text in this example deteriorates during watching here: https://twitter.com/rajithegame/status/1175473097794818048 So what could I do to improve the quality of watching Twitter videos, please? Probably nothing...
  7. Mathwiz wrote: "Does anyone know of a site with distorted audio that can't be fixed with a different user agent? (If so, that would be a reason to restore Primetime support.)" ____________________ No, I don't know. My personal problem lived in Twitter distorted videos, now it's fixed by user-agent override, cause I change user-agent in uMatrix, sorry. ____________________ To improve quality, resolution of watching Twitter videos (that are, uh... look very bad, poor, with random parasitic noises interferences; search on the web: "Twitter videos randomly slow down to low
  8. @Tangy, Now I think about your computer problem, that with time your computer gets more and more loaded and warmed up, maybe you don't have enough RAM or a weak fan. Rescue for you is a Windows restart. Clean the computer from dust, especially the fan.
  9. @Tangy, @caliber, Look to change some rule in your extensions, and look to not block javascript entirely... First, to test, disable your JavaScript extension and other defenses: Test your JavaScript Browser Information by browserleaks.com: https://browserleaks.com/javascript JavaScript Inspector Know what JavaScript reveals about your browser: https://webbrowsertools.com/javascript/#javascript-uri Then I don't have problems with youtube.com home page, all videos are here and I could play them all. Then all Firefox based browsers roytam1 made I use,
  10. @kitaro1, ...so you have your general native user agent similar to mine, and you don't use extensions that can change it, like uMatrix, or User-Agent Switcher, Random User-Agent or other UA spoofer. I use uMatrix, that's why...
  11. Mcinwwl posted about the distorted audio issue: "It still affects all the videos on VOD.TVP.pl. Polish national TV provider, might be geofenced. It was reported first time over a year ago by @kitaro1, so won't likely change..." ____________________ In about:config, click New/string: general.useragent.override.vod.tvp.pl then value: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:55.0) Gecko/20100101 Goanna/4.0 Firefox/55.0 This works on Serpent55 / Moebius here, with test link "Ceremonia Otwarcia" on vod.tvp.pl: https://vod.tvp.pl/video/eurowizja,ceremonia-otwarcia,4
  12. Mathwiz wrote: "The distorted audio issue seems to be rare, but it does still seem to exist. Has anyone encountered it lately? If so, could you post a link to a video exhibiting the problem?" __________________________ I had these problems, the sound on Twitter videos was distorted as in slow motion. This solution to this audio bug I've found, works here: In about:config click New / string to create this user set new Preference name: general.useragent.override.twitter.com - then value in New Moon 28 is: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:4.2) Goanna/
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