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  1. yes I've edited my precedent post with these very shortened proposals ....
  2. Welcome trevmar, Yes, User Agent Switcher, or uMatrix yessss
  3. All these moving are the video-thumbnails with autoplay on loop mode - so right click / unnotch "loop" mode on each one of these moving video-thumbnails. Or right click / click "Pause" on each one of these... Or in about:config media.autoplay.enabled set to false. Or download SuperStop extension: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/superstop/?src=search - then you have to click Shift then Esc keyboard buttons to stop all animations on your tab - awesome addon! "SuperStop adds a Shift+Esc shortcut that stops background requests and animations..." Voilà miraculous
  4. Other suggestions: For replace New Moon (but I like "NewMoon"...): Noctus, Nocturnus, StrongMoon, MoonDream, NextMoon, NeoMoon, MoonBird, MoonLight, LightMoon, LastMoon, LateMoon, WinMoon, FoxyMoon, Foxtrot, RexMoon, RexyMoon, ... .. and for other: Surfer 52, SurfAny 52, AllSurf 52, WinSurf 52 ... Moebius 55 ... Edit: RFox ... RFox 28, RFox 52, RFox 55 ... WinFox ... WinFox 28, WinFox 52, WinFox 55 ... VERY short names indeed
  5. My easy solution: in uMatrix, changed all spoofed User-Agent strings to newest browser versions ... Result: no more "unsupported browser" blahblah Check with these links: Browser-Update.org: https://browser-update.org/update.html "Your browser is up-to-date." -and "What is my current browser? Your current browser is ..." Browser Check UpdateMyBrowser.org: https://updatemybrowser.org/ "You are currently using the latest version of Firefox. That is awesome!" ... "of Chrome... awesome!"
  6. @VistaLover, Surely I don't need so many browsers, I must give up the ones that disturb me, it would be wise. Thank you for posting so many explanations, that way I would be less ignorant, hopefully. Merry Christmas to you, you all!
  7. @VistaLover, I don't use Proxies/VPNs point. With my video tests to test Firefox/Nightly 45.9.8 - I'm thinking of helping RoyTam1 to detect the problem and find a solution to it. So it's good to test different products to help the creator eventually.... All three items of about:config you wrote about are on default "enabled,true" here ... Maybe I had tried this browser in the past, and I've made a mistake in about:config, who knows... I'm in a default RoyTam1's FF/Nightly 45.9.8 profile. And I don't want to bother installing "other solutions" in the browsers. To get thr
  8. Here is the suite of video tests, to test latest RoyTam1's Firefox/Nightly 45.9.8 (look in uMatrix, please): WOW Clip - So sad!: https://www.facebook.com/wowanimal99/videos/vb.1829183510736189/562988857824294/?type=2&theater problem: facebook doesn't send edge-chat.facebook.com with its XHR (none) FunniestFamilyMoments facebook video: https://www.facebook.com/FunniestFamilyMoments/videos/2597210773698487/ problem: facebook doesn't send edge-chat.facebook.com XHR (send only one XHR, so video play 1 second...): "Something Went Wrong We're having trouble playing this video
  9. I don't have K-Lite Codec Pack, but Sonic Encoders folder. Maybe I need download this K-Lite Codec Pack in my Windows? It's true, Twitter videos doesn't play in my FF 45.9.18 latest version: "We cannot play the video in this browser. Please try a different web browser." On Twitter videos only. - because twitter.com doesn't send video.twimg.com XHR's (none, no video.twimg.com in uMatrix). I see this all in uMatrix. Why? JavaScript is enabled of course. YouTube is OK. example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2LTL8KgKv8
  10. So you have "YourTube Box" downloader from Microsoft Store? System Requirements minimum Windows 8.1? - and without it, videos on YouTube doesn't play? You've downloaded it from which link?.. And Twitter videos play?... I've too Core 2 Duo - and in Program Files folder: Sonic Encoders folder. Maybe this is not enough, what do you think about, please
  11. Have an ancient version of NEW MOON 27.6.0a1-2017-10-06 - all is good, YouTube play, Twitter videos play...look at this Twitter video test: https://twitter.com/ChristoPrice/status/1160137655524270080 - and I've NOT downloaded expressly LAV video .dll's, this New Moon 27.6 version works good for video playback, natively (but I've set general.useragent.override.twitter.com to FF 52.9). In latest Firefox 45 RoyTam1's browser YouTube play good, but Twitter test above doesn't play for now (I've set general.useragent.override.twitter.com to FF52.9).... It's good to have browsers with
  12. In the latest Arctic Fox v27.9.19 I've downloaded: lightweight theme from WaybackMachine/firefox themes: https://web.archive.org/web/20170909165308/https://addons.mozilla.org/EN-US/firefox/themes/firefox adblockingfiltersetp from WaybackMachine/legacycollector Toggle JavaScript from palemoon.org extensions (Privacy and Security) link: https://addons-dev.palemoon.org/extensions/privacy-and-security/ uBlock O. v1.9.8 from WaybackMachine/legacycollector (cause github.com doesn't have download buttons...but from WaybackMachine/legacycollector another extensions (many...) "could
  13. VERY nice proposition, I'm for this!
  14. It's thanks to you @ArcticFoxie that I have paid attention to this new (for me) browser, after the customizations I will compare the speed of loading the home page and Google page, in different browsers with the same themes and extensions. So I'd like to welcome you to this Forum, thank you!
  15. The latest ArcticFox 27.9, New Moon 28.9, Serpent/Basilisk 52 - all are working perfectly! - all are RoyFoxes! - I see "Arctic RoyFox", "New RoyFox", and "RoyFox 52", too "RoyFox 55" (and beyond....) new brandings, what do you think about This is the first time I downloaded ArcticFox - this browser works very well, I want to customize it, add my lighweight theme, my extensions... then get my more complete impressions later. Thank you RoyTam1 for your HARD and FRUITFUL work!
  16. I don't have CAA (Classic Add-ons Archive: https://github.com/JustOff/ca-archive ) extension, but why downloading it, cause I've downloaded from legacycollector WaybackMachine link for Browsec (this same version browsec-3.16.16.xpi): https://web.archive.org/web/20191029180612/https://legacycollector.org/firefox-addons/603434/index.html I can download these (Browsec, Zenmate) - then window after click on icon confirm that all is good, but it's not true cause all links show insecure page - "Peer's Certificate has expired" problem. "Secure Connection Failled - The connection to the server w
  17. Yes, Windows XP here, so what do you think about WMF items in my about:config (media.wmf.enabled in default, true this one, others in false)?...Set it to false? or reset it? No problem? Thank you @VistaLover for your detailled, always interesting comments!
  18. Vladimir Putin ‘still uses obsolete Windows XP’: https://www.digitalmunition.me/vladimir-putin-still-uses-obsolete-windows-xp-despite-hacking-risk-world-news/ with reason, surely: much less telemetry than all next Windows versions!
  19. yes could you sharpen this nice mountain picture, and add orange color on the sky above, if you wish, please?..
  20. Okay, the olive branch is here, really. Two heads are better that one, right? It always helps to bounce ideas. United we stand, divided we fall, "we're all in the same boat here". Make hay while the sun shines.
  21. From what I see, uBlock doesn't support any icons on its left...so I put its icon at far left near address bar (this main one), then follow TrafficLight icon, then another (small) address bar, and to the right first uMatrix, then two other icons, so everyone agrees, no more problems! Thank you @VistaLover for your about:config tip, but it seems to me that it has not improved the cohabitation, which was already at its best!
  22. In Serpent 52: Tools/Preferences/Privacy - I don't have "Use Tracking Protection in Private Windows", "Learn more", "Change Block List" items ...but have these in Serpent 55. Is this normal, please? _________________ After downloading the latest version of uBlock O. (, icon not present after start of browser (uBlock is enabled) - but after disable/enable/disable/enable - icon is present after restart of browser...if I don't start ancient version of Serpent 52 I have. Repeat enable/disable/enable/disable - and icon is here... "My filters" list have only partially...
  23. Video problems I've in Serpent 52: Some TESTS: https://bnonews.com/index.php/2019/09/aerial-video-shows-devastation-in-the-bahamas-after-hurricane-dorian/ bnonews.com BNO News - Aerial video from the Bahamas shows devastation after Hurricane Dorian - TEST Serpent 52: NO VIDEO frame in Serpent 52 and Serpent 55, but good in New Moon. https://decades.com/videos/standalones/ian-anderson-of-jethro-tull-talks-with-sounds-of-the-time Decades.com - Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull talks with Sounds of the Time - TEST Serpent 52: NO VIDEO YouTube iframe, but play in Borealis, Ne
  24. Cool. I've test on Instagram, that not worked (on video), cause my ancient "Dark Mode" extension...but if notched Instagram case in this add-on, Instagram video worked! I've changed my darking extension recently, use now "Dark Background And Light Text" - and all works here: https://www.instagram.com/p/B2jvRllHJvc/
  25. @vikmin, I think to be not so sure to find and perform operations in userContent.css - thank you! Some problems I've since a long time ago: I (rarely) have the slider that starts scrolling at high speed down the page, and stops at the bottom. If I try to go up, it comes back down at full speed. On Serpent 55, and maybe on other browsers too...... I do restart the session, and everything is fine... On xiph.org, on video frame have: "Video format or MIME type is not supported." : https://xiph.org/video/vid1.shtml This video is on WebM, in about:config all four WebM s
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