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  1. The past couple of days I've noticed that with IceApe on XP, you can't place bids on eBay anymore. They've got something new now where a white box pops up into the foreground and says: "Oops! looks like we're having trouble connecting to our server. Refresh your browser and try again." Just for the heck of it I tried the last version of SeaMonkey that works with XP, and the white box appears with a spinning circle and nothing else happens. Anybody else having this problem with any of the Roytam browsers?
  2. Apparently, the latest bnavigator, mailnews, iceape & icedove weren't uploaded to the server... I get "404 not found".
  3. It was one of the few apps working with XP that would be updated within a few days (or a week) if something was broken. And if you pay the developer, especially in the case of the "Batch" program you get unrestricted features. Maybe YouTube has "changed for the sake of change" and the dev can't fix?
  4. Yeah, it's not an official "web broswer" but considering you used to be able to bypass Youtube's website to find new videos... close enough. Anyway, a couple of months ago the "Add Feed" feature broke on XP & 7. I contacted the developer a number of times, but no fix yet. Haven't tested on newer Windows versions... 'cause I ain't going there :) Used to be, you'd get a listing of up to 100 videos from a channel or video list/playlist. You can still use the search function, but it's alot less useful. Anybody know what's going on? Some security-based weirdness? I did update web certificates recently.
  5. Noticed recently that the PaleMoon 28 build won't download any files from Mega (kim dotcom's site) ... you get "temporary error" and infinite retry failures. The file browsing part still works OK. In contrast, the 360Chrome builds from ArcticFoxie work fine...
  6. Both work OK for me... so I won't use that Russian version LOL.
  7. Yowza!! Stuff like this is why I keep coming to this forum. Thanks for the XP builds!!!!
  8. Bad links in this one. "098160e04" needs to be replaced with "01d12e322".
  9. Am I correct in thinking you need Cygwin installed to even run this? Maybe why nobody replied to your reddit winxp post...
  10. I'm confused. Is ArcticFoxie now NotHereToPlayGames or is this a different user? If so... why?
  11. There's also LZDoom, which apparently had it's last XP compatible release on github earlier this year... version 3.87c - note the "XP fix" file too. https://github.com/drfrag666/gzdoom/releases and https://github.com/drfrag666/gzdoom/releases/tag/3.87c Tried the newer versions and get the "not a 32-bit app" dialog.
  12. Sorry if this has been talked about already... but does this version of Chrome utilize DRM (digital rights management tech)?
  13. And not the classes... eh? Anyone here remember Jack Tramiel?
  14. I think I've discovered a weird bug in the program... using version 12, if you leave the "avatar" on and accidentally right click at the bottom of it (Chinese text) the browser UI locks up... and all chrome processes have to be force-quit in the task manager. Fortunately, in the UI settings you can enable/disable the avatar.. Also, is there an easy way to enable/disable smooth font rendering in the browser? Aside from that, it's remarkable how stable & quick version 12 is. And it's definitely "quiet"... doesn't connect to China or any e100 (Google) servers upon starting up to a blank page.
  15. How ironic that the Pale Moon developers are circling the drain over "web standards" and are now taking everyone down with them.
  16. The guy who builds the 32-bit XP-compatible versions of MAME has 0.235 available as of yesterday on a Google Drive page here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1eiNztWEpk0C7CiiZXz0SMDM_eJOmb0FO It's just the executable, no other files or folders except "about.txt" I found that link on the Retro Roms forum a year ago: https://www.retroroms.info/forum/topic/32-bit-Mame-and-other-distributions-executables.htm He doesn't archive older versions, but Progetto-Snaps does: https://www.progettosnaps.net/index.php And they put everything inside their downloads, all necessary folders and config files, etc. Although I've tested the newer versions of Arcade in XP, I've stuck with 0.211 because in subsequent versions, the MAME team got rid of the ability to individually enable/disable the various artwork types. Now it's all or nothing. I also like Mameuifx32 version 0.175.1...
  17. I know Humming Owl has links in his thread... but are these other versions available for download?
  18. So.... are we 100% safe from Chinese telemetry or gawd knows what else...?
  19. There's a number of "recent" (if you consider 8-10 years recent) pro-level notebooks you can get for cheap that work with XP well: Lenovo L420, L520, L530, T520 (i'd say T530... but it's got some issues) Dell e6420, e6430, e6230, e6530 These are the ones I have... there may be others..?
  20. Everybody is searching for the truth... and it turns out it's the world's biggest racket.
  21. ArcticFoxie said: "the "internet" is evolving towards Chrome-only" Is that going to be the new thought-terminating cliche here now? You know, like... it is what it is.
  22. I was wondering... what is the unique ID for both mailnews and icedove to convert older Thunderbird add-ons (if you open up the .xpi files)? The three addons I use get rejected: Auto Select Latest Message, CompactHeader, and Contacts Sidebar. These all work fine with Thunderbird 52.... Halfway back in this thread the unique hex code for IceApe was revealed... so I figured there was one for these email apps too. Thanks in advance...
  23. Also tried to download these, but again... 404 not found.

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