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  1. For me is working i try checkers internet included game XP is working online maybe because last update posready ? but for me is ok
  2. is working with last solution thank
  3. maybe make unofficial server for WinXP user? people make server for msn why not for game in xp ? ^^
  4. try logg off and login again not find this key... im in admin account help? UPDATE: thank try your solution
  5. you know good game in steam is working with Radeon HD 5450 (this card not fan ) ? with core 2 duo E8400 , 2GB ram because i try payday 2 in low is not fast...
  6. hello i want know because i have original office 2007 but with end support wihout update is dangerous for security in xp ? or best use open office for security ? is supported in xp or so not dangerous use today office 2007, you have links or pack with all updates office 2007? or
  7. Hello I'm using Windows XP SP3 in "My Computer" i have recycle bin, how remove it ? in my desktop is ok but in my computer i want remove i make picture
  8. Please people make links in MEGA or Gdrive with all last update up december 2018
  9. Hello everybody i search one last browser for Vista is working with modern web with last update or unofficial i know for XP is mypal but in vista is crash
  10. for update for list is working in my computer with AMD A4-5300 APU (MY CPU) ASUS F2AM85-PRO

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