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  1. Same here. 1809, LTSC Had Firefox, Steam, Discord, Winamp and VMWare running mostly. Happened two times in timespan of a few minutes, then nothing. Wasnt doing anything with Discord or Steam, nor had I any messages come in.
  2. Not sure if anyone done this yet, or whether its because I run at 125% dpi that I have this, but I found it sort of ugly and apparent it was made for lower resolution. The included atlas file is with correction for 'sharper' yet smoothed corners on buttons. win7-mt2.7z
  3. Hi all. I'm trying to use my 1607 build with forced DWM off and use the 'hidden' Aero Basic theme. Combining this with StartIsBack with Windows 7 taskbar works fine, except that no matter what I do, the taskbar stays 'black' and I cannot change it to the baby blue color to streamline it with the old basic aero theme. I suspect that because DWM is disabled, and StartIsBack relies on Windows for its taskbar coloring, it breaks? (Coloring the start menu obviously still works as that apparently does get controlled solely by StartIsBack. Is it possible to add an option to let StartIsBack color the taskbar rather than letting it rely on windows/DWM. or perhaps a special build for me? :-D Thanks! The whole point of using StartIsBAck is to rely as little as possible on Windows 10 engine and consorts.
  4. Thanks very much mate, looks lovely :-) Death to Windows 10 high contrast eye hurting bs.

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