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  1. I have the same error here, I tried to open the old omni.ja file, but it detects an error. When it opens, the nsHelperAppDlg.js file is not there.
  2. The latest version of Telegram 1.9.3 can be installed but is no longer compatible with XP. So, I guess the support's over.
  3. Hehe! My second name is laziness... I finally installed it and everything seems right. Thanks for the tips, VistaLover!
  4. So, does anyone know if PotPlayer 1.7.20977 works without breaking anything? It's a pain to do a reinstallation and set it all up again if not.
  5. Pardon me Roytam, but i think you posted a link to an old version of palemoon 27. I grabed the new one from your index page. It's correct?
  6. So far I'm back to PotPlayer version 1.7.18958. The new one doesn't really work as expected.
  7. That's my situation, FranceBB. I have the HWiNFO32 program always at hand, to let me know when the CPUs enter toaster mode before self-destruct.
  8. I use DuckDuckGo. It's not a bad search engine and I love the psycho face of that duck ...
  9. New Moon 28 here, and occasionally Serpent/Basilisk 52
  10. I was plagued with those messages until in my antivirus, in network configuration, specified not to analyze the encrypted connections.
  11. I'm sorry, I can't help you. I guess things get old and that's it. In my case there is a slot that seems to fry any RAM card that I put in a very short time. I have recently been forced to change the network card twice as well, because they mysteriously stop working or are not detected. f****** Mysteries of obsolescence these days, maybe.
  12. The new Audacity seems to work right for me. But my experience has been something different. I have kept the version 2.2.2 installed and downloaded the portable zip version of 2.3.0. Finally, I applied a patch I found on this page: ( https://nikkhokkho.sourceforge.io/static.php?page=PatchPE ) When starting Audacity for the first time, an error appears that I have limited to ignore. Of course, I do not discard possible errors later. But nothing at the moment.
  13. @404notfound I noticed that too. But in my case it happens with all, even with firefox 52.9 when I watch some videos. Have you check the CPU temperature? It grows a LOT sometimes. Maybe it's my toaster thing that is finally dying...
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