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  1. Just for information: stunnel 5.70 requires the SSE2 instructions set but not stunnel 5.60... Regards
  2. @feodor2 After a lot of tests, only one setting change is needed to resolve all BSODs on my laptop with Mypal 68.12.5b or 68.13.1b : layers.omtp.enabled = false Regards
  3. With these settings, no more BSOD on HP Elitebook 8540p laptop with NVIDIA NVS 5100M graphic card and Mypal 68.12.5b or 68.13.b ! Need to try the new release now. Regards
  4. @silverni I can't connect to Privoxy with Internet Explorer 8. I only have error messages in the logs of Privoxy about failed TLS/SSL handshake. Error: The TLS/SSL handshake with the client failed: error:0A00008A:SSL routines::cipher or hash unavailable Error: The TLS/SSL handshake with the client failed: error:0A080044:SSL routines::internal error Error: Failed to open a secure connection with the client What is your list of cyphers in the conf file of Privoxy ? Regards
  5. @silverni Thank you very much for the links! I will try Privoxy as HTTPS proxy with ads filtering in the next days on a dedicated computer. Regards
  6. @Zorba the Geek By installing Microsoft TCP/IP version 6 the issue is resolved. In the results of a scan, an error message is displayed: |Traceback (most recent call last): File "loki.py", line 544, in get_string_matches TypeError: 'yara.StringMatch' object is not subscriptable Regards
  7. @Zorba the Geek Your compiled version of LOKI doesn't works on my computer: Any idea of what happen ? Regards
  8. Yes, WiseVector StopX require SSE2 (tested on a computer with a Duron 1,6 Ghz last year). Regards
  9. @we3fan Why don't you use yt-dlp_x86 ? OK, the official releases doesn't works on XP but the source files are availables. Here the link to a unofficial build for XP compiled by myself: https://www.mediafire.com/file/0ak8vljoht30123/yt-dlp_x86-2021.10.22.zip/file
  10. Issue resolved with these settings! Many thanks Regards UPDATE: Yesterday I get a BSOD with MyPal, the issue isn't completely resolved with these settings...
  11. Same issue with NVIDIA Quadro NVS 5100M (HP laptop Elitebook 8540p). Regards
  12. So, perhaps that the issue comes from the configuration or from one of the installed extensions. In the next weeks, I will install again MyPal from the begining and will do some tests. Regards
  13. @feodor2 Mypal 68 beta 4 crash when I try to go on the following website: https://www.zone-annuaire.tel/ The issue is reproducible. Regards
  14. Sadly, batch isn't adapted for that. You can try a loop in a batch file but the loop will stop if you don't keep the focus on the window. For that, AutoIt is much more adapted. AutoIt script can include batch commands and can be easily compiled into an executable. Here an example of a loop that I use for killing hidden installs of C++ redistribuables: $MICROSOFTVISUALCx86="vcredist_x86.exe" $MICROSOFTVISUALCx64="vcredist_x64.exe" Do If ProcessExists ($MICROSOFTVISUALCx86) Then ProcessClose ($MICROSOFTVISUALCx86) ElseIf ProcessExists ($MICROSOFTVISUALCx64) Then ProcessClose ($MICROSOFTVISUALCx64) EndIf Sleep (25) Until 1=2
  15. @AstroSkipper The latest build of ProxHTTPSProxy (ProxyMII_220717.7z) works without POSReady 2009 updates. It even works on a non-SSE2 CPU (testing today). Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable is the only one requirement. If you want, now you can write a complete tutorial. Regards
  16. No POSREADY 2009 updates installed, only SP3 here. Maybe the difference comes from here. POSREADY 2009 can't be a requirement for ProxHTTPSProxy ! Regards
  17. @cemalex I can't use Internet Explorer 8 with ProxHTTPSProxy: "[SSL: NO_SHARED_CIPHER] no shared cipher (_ssl.c:1094)" while trying to establish local SSL tunnel for [www.google.fr:443] "[SSL: UNSUPPORTED_PROTOCOL] unsupported protocol (_ssl.c:1094)" while trying to establish local SSL tunnel for [www.google.fr:443] "[SSL: KRB5_S_TKT_NYV] unexpected eof while reading (_ssl.c:1094)" while trying to establish local SSL tunnel for [www.google.fr:443] Regards
  18. Because I'm very busy ! I have skiped now the subject about the button... Here a list of extensions working with Mypal 68: Adblock Plus 3.11.4 AdBlocker for YouTube 0.3.4 Allow Right-Click 0.5.0 Country Flags & IP Whois 0.4.1 Fireshot 0.99.15 Flagfox 6.1.50 HTTP Header Spy 2.0.49 My Public IP 1.3 NoScript 11.4.5 Privacy Badger 2021.11.23.1 Simple Translate 2.7.2 Tab Reloader 0.3.7 Text Link 6.1.6 URL Shortener 12.0.11 User-Agent Switcher 1.4.1 YAWE 4.2.7 Regards
  19. Here the files from a HP 8540p laptop: CPU Type Mobile DualCore Intel Core i5-520M, 2800 MHz (21 x 133) Motherboard Name Hewlett-Packard HP EliteBook 8540p Motherboard Chipset Intel Ibex Peak-M QM57, Intel Ironlake-M System Memory 3056 MB (DDR3-1066 DDR3 SDRAM) Video Adapter NVIDIA NVS 5100M (1 GB) Regards BSOD.zip

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