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  1. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD Yessssaaa I get Windbg on XP TXT Setup to work. The crazy Biostar board always enables the internal Lan device. After I check check check in Bios, that the internal Lan device is DISABLED, I get connection Dietmar
  2. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD I prepare all for Windbg of TXT Setup of XP. But now comes this message: I edit TXTSETUP.SIF with the following lines but no connection via Lan Debug [SetupData] OsLoadOptions = "/DEBUG /DEBUGPORT=NET /HOST_IP= /HOST_PORT=50000 /ENCRYPTION_KEY= /CPUFREQ=3000 /TARGET_IP= /BREAK" [SourceDisksFiles] kdcom.dll = 1,,,,,,3_,2,0,0,,1,2 kdnet.dll = 1,,,,,,3_,2,0,0,,1,2 kdstub.dll = 1,,,,,,3_,2,0,0,,1,2 Because I have no idea what the numbers behind those files mean, I just copy the entries from kdcom.dll . Now, XP TXT at "Windows Setup" stops, I think because of "BREAK" but no connection via Lan Debug Dietmar
  3. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD Here is the DSDT.dsl and DSDT.raw from the Biostar z690A board Dietmar https://ufile.io/u40d1f36
  4. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD On the Biostar z690A VALKYRIE I get the famous A5 Bsod with the new acpi.sys V5, when I install XP SP3 via the Intel Sata 1006 driver. But the most crazy thing is, when I use my already installed generic XP SP3, no Bsod with Intel 1006 driver and acpi.sys V5 at all. With the generic XP I can boot the same XP SP3 via the Intel 1006 Sata driver together with acpi.sys V5. So, this Bsod will be really hard to debug because it is only shown during TXT Setup of XP. With the acpi.sys 6666 from outerspace ) I get message: Out of memory, Setup cant be continued Dietmar EDIT: Because of this "Out of memory" message I replace the DDR4 ram with a single 4GB stick. Same A5 Bsod, also on the second Asmedia Sata Slot for ALL Sata drivers, that I have. With generic XP SP3 I can change the Sata drivers and through all slots. No Bsod with acpi.sys V5. I can install XP SP3 only direct to nvme device on the Biostar z690A VALKYRIE board.
  5. @Andalu I think, that this USB3 crash happens not randomally on Intel USB3. It depends on, which files where copied first, second etc. . The crash happens, when a lot of files with a size of about 2 Gb are copied one after the other Dietmar
  6. @Damnation Until now, there is no USB3 driver for XP, build from win8.1. But this will be a nice task, also together with ndis6 Dietmar
  7. I thought, that may be the crash on Intel USB3.0 is because to which device the files are copied. But the same crash happens, when I copy whole content of 200 GB from Sandisk USB3.2 to the Optane 905P drive, from which I know, that read and write speed does not matter at all, how big and how much splitted the files are. This test I do on the Asrock z370 k6 again. Now, copy is much faster, only 17 min until crash ;)) Dietmar EDIT: No crash on Asmedia USB3. Whole content of 200Gb is copied from Sandisk to Optane in 20min. EDIT3: Correction: On the Asmedia USB3 only with the own Asmedia USB3 driver no crash happens. With the from Win8 modded driver, it crashs also on Asmedia very fast after 3 min. This makes the situation a little bit more difficult. So it seems, that only the VIA USB3 on XP SP3 works perfect with the from Win8 modded USB3 driver. So it makes sense, to make a try with an USB3 driver for XP SP3 from Win8.1 build. EDIT2: I also test the for XP modded USB3 AMD 145 driver on Intel USB3. Same crash with this driver after 3min on Intel USB3.
  8. Now I make a test with the same Sandisk 256Gb ultrafast USB3.2 stick, the same board Asrock z370 k6 with Win8.1 (all Updates). On the Intel USB3 the situation is not better. Even copy starts faster, after 30 min the speed goes down to zero for about 60sec few times, see photo. No crash. Time for copy is 43min, means compi with FX58m from 2009 is faster. Second run without disconnecting the stick was 40min, may be because of deleted files.. And the most crazy: Win8.1 refuses some files to copy, tell some are malware and delete(!) some on the Sandisk USB3 stick without asking, brrr.. At once I understand, why I like XP Dietmar PS: Asmedia USB3 with same original Win8.1 USB3 driver needs 38min for to copy whole Sanddisk stick.
  9. @Damnation I just download NTLite. May be for win7 it is a nice tool, but it does not work under XP SP3 Dietmar
  10. The Asmedia USB3 chip on the Asrock z370 k6 did not crash. It has the same original win8 driver as before. In 34min the whole 200Gbyte from the Sandisk ultrafast USB3.2 stick are copied. And I also make the same test, without disconnecting the stick, once more I copied ALL, same speed, no crash on Asmedia USB3 Dietmar
  11. Now I just copy the whole content under win8 from the 200Gbyte Sandisk USB stick to the harddisk. There is only the original win8 USB3 driver. Crazy, it starts fast with about 200MByte/s but now it is sometimes slow as much as possible, speed goes down to 5(!!!)kb/s, less than from Floppy disk Dietmar PS: Whole time for to copy is more than 1 hour on Intel USB3 until now. In 40min on the VIA PCIe USB3 slotcard on XP SP3 all(!) was copied. Yesssa, at the end speed goes down as much as possible but does not crash. Then, I copy the same content of the USB stick (without disconnect(!)) to a new folder, and, voila crash, see photo. This simple means, that the Intel USB3 is not so very good
  12. I succeed to change the acpi.sys on the win8 installations DVD. But setup on the Asrock z690 Extreme board still hangs also with the new acpi.sys, modded against DDB Bsod, at the menu, where I get choose the language Dietmar PS: @Damnation Do you remember, which acpi.sys win8 works for you for win8 bit32, modded for DDB BSOD? I make acpi1.sys, acpi2.sys, acpi3.sys and acpi4.sys for win8. Just now I try with acpi4.sys. EDIT: With the for DDB Bsod modded acpi.sys I can install win8 on the Asrock z370 k6 board. So, may be it is not an acpi Bsod, also possible, that the Sata driver from win8 does not work on the Asrock z690 Extreme board.
  13. @Damnation Nlite gives to me often error because of disrupted DVD structure. After a lot of searching I found the nice tool gimagex. This works also under XP SP3. Waaoh, now I can edit any *.wim files simple with copy and paste under XP. And I set up a new version of Ultraiso. Now I have new win8.iso with my for DDB error hacked acpi.sys and soon I test it Dietmar
  14. Hi, can somebody here write a short Tutorial, how to change a single file acpi.sys in install.wim from win8 bit32? And can I use ImgBurn to make a new win8.iso from all those files extracted from the original win8.iso? Best Tutorial would be for XP SP3, but I also can use Win7 SP1 or Win8.1 Dietmar
  15. @daniel_k I cant install win8 bit32 on the Asrock z690 Extreme. When the message about to choose language appears, compi hangs Dietmar PS: May be, this happens because of DDB error in the acpi.sys of win8. But when I try to edit the win8.iso with UltraIso, I see only a *.txt file. With Virtual Clone I can see all the files on the win8 DVD, so I can extract them and change acpi.sys against the DDB error modded one, but how to put this install.wim with modded acpi.sys back into the win8.iso?
  16. @Damnation We want to make things better. For me it is also a hard job, to look deeper at this error, because it only happens after transfer of such a lot of files through USB3. Yesterday in the evening I was soso much astonished, that with the same USB3 driver ported from Win8, the same XP SP3 installation but now USB3 via VIA Pcie slotcard this long standing error on Intel USB3 not happens Dietmar
  17. Hi, I make an interesting discovery: On all boards z370, z390, z690 that I tested under XP SP3 with ram patch all with 32 Gbyte ram and the Win8 USB3 driver, after about 40 Gbyte of millions of files, photos, movies, docs, pdf etc. comes a message, that not enough system resources. When I disconnect the 200 Gbyte Sandisk ultrafast USB3.2 stick, the same happens after the next 40 Gbyte. But today I copy this 200 Gbyte stick on an Acer Aspire m7720 with FX58m board from 2009 (!) with 6Gbyte DDR3 Ram and i920 cpu and an 4 port USB3 card in Pcie slot. And voila: The whole stick on this old compi is copied in half of the time compared with an z690 board and no message about not enough system resources appears Dietmar EDIT: This 4 port PCIe card is from Via with VEN_1106&DEV_3483 but not with its original VIA driver. The USB3 driver is the nice one from @Mov AX, 0xDEAD ported from Win8. So it seems to be a problem of all(?) Intel USB3. EDIT2: This 40GB problem under XP SP3 happens on all Intel USB ports, USB3.0, USB3.1, USB3.2. USB2 I do not test because for this I need days. And it happens after the same 40Gb from USB stick also without the nice memory patch from @daniel_k. EDIT3: On the Asrock z690 Extreme, on all USB3 ports, the Sandisk USB stick shows more than 240 Mbyte/s with Crystal diskmark. On the VIA USB Pcie card the same stick shows 140 Mb/s. But in real, the copy on the Via USB3.0 card is about a factor 2 faster for millions of files. For all those tests I use the same USB3 driver modded from Win8 from the last Integrator package Optional Patch Integrator v3.3.0b3 from @Outbreaker. But it seems not to be a problem of this USB3 driver, because on VIA USB3 Pcie 4 slot card VEN_1106&DEV_3483 this driver works perfect. Other versions of this driver show exact the same 40Gb problem on all(?) Intel USB3. EDIT4: It depends not on the USB stick. A Kingston Workspace with 64Gb shows the same error after copy of about 40 Gbyte. And the same happens vice versa, when I copy more than about 40 Gbyte from harddisk to this USB stick. All is formatted with NTFS and has all patches for XP SP3 until May 2014 and also all Posready updates.
  18. @steregushchyy Make a try, which drivers work best for you with the XP SP3 from Ramsey, there you can choose drivers http://www.zone94.com/downloads/software/operating-systems/123-windows-xp-professional-sp3-x86-integral-edition Dietmar
  19. @steregushchyy Just copy new acpi.sys instead of acpi.sy_ into folder i386 (delete acpi.sy_ there). No need to compress. And you need to extract with 7Zip the folder sp3.cab in i386 and change there acpi.sys against new one and compress it again with cabpck14, place it after this with same name sp3.cab into i386 folder Dietmar
  20. @steregushchyy Until now, on each board you can install XP SP3 as long as its Bios offers CSM. On newer boards you may find only Lan i219, where until now no driver for XP exists. I have 2 boards, where XP SP3 runs very nice: First is Asrock Fatal1ty Z370 Gaming K6 (stable, fast, 3 full armed PCIe slots, overclock, all drivers for XP) Second is Asrock z690 Extreme, for this you need an external Lan card for XP Dietmar
  21. @steregushchyy In most cases, the AHCI driver from Fernando 1006 is enough. You need the new acpi.sys V5 for boards >= Skylake oder AMD Ryzen or some crazy boads like Baytrail. But I have a X99 board, where I need the modded acpi.sys for XP bit 64 and not for XP SP3 Dietmar PS: Anyway you need also the for USB3 modded driver for XP SP3.
  22. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD Do you have an idea, what I can test on the Flex 10, for to have sound at once Dietmar
  23. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD Here now after refreshing RW. And yes, the device UAA is gone when disabled Dietmar Nosound Sound
  24. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD This "small" bug with sound may be a really big bug for all the Baytrail chips. Because the Baytrail chips have one and the same the Realtek sound, USB, cpu all together in one chip, called SoC. In Linux they solved the problem with intel_idle.max_cstate=1 https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=109051 Dietmar PS: The Linux Bug report mentioned also the power shutdown problem on all Baytrail Soc, brrr.. https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=70931
  25. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD A look in the old XP thread shows me, that the Baytrail board Q1900m has exact the same problem with the UAA driver. So maybe it is a hardware problem of Intel Baytrail chips Dietmar

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