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  1. @Dave-H This can also be a working solution for @Damnation and his USB problem. Can you write short Tutorial about to get this batch file working under XP Dietmar
  2. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD I think, that it is not allowed, that in UAA Bus Relations are 2 Entries. Only one is allowed(?) Dietmar
  3. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD NoSound UAA no entries in Bus Relations Sound UAA 2 entries in Bus Relations HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_10EC&DEV_0269&SUBSYS_17AA3800&REV_1001\4&16ee679&0&0001 HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_8086&DEV_2882&SUBSYS_80860101&REV_1000\4&16ee679&0&0201 EnergyStatus always D0 (NoSound, Sound) Dietmar
  4. @Dave-H I make a try with the more XP friendly Bios version 93cn27ww for the Flex 10 board. Exact the same symptoms, no restart, sound only when UAA driver disabled and then enabled again. And Sound lost again after next reboot. I also make a try with a naked IDE XP SP3, which I install on another compi. There, sound and restart work at once, but when put it into the Flex 10, same again. I think with @daniel_k , that this behavior is only because of its crazy DSDT Dietmar
  5. @daniel_k Dietmar ba930322: Device(GPED)OSNotifyCreate: 8A44AD38 (GPED) = 00000103 ba93032a: { ba93032a: Name(_ADR,Zero) ba930330: Name(_HID,"INT0002") ba93033e: Name(_CID,"INT0002") ba93034c: Name(_DDN,"Virtual GPIO controller") ba93036a: Name(_UID,One) ba930370: Method(_CRS,0x8) ba930390: Method(_STA,0x0) ba930399: Method(_AEI,0x8) ba9303d3: Method(_E02,0x0) ba93058a: }
  6. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD @daniel_k @Damnation I run a full acpi Debug session on the Flex 10. Here is the output Dietmar https://ufile.io/qr620l0w
  7. @daniel_k Windbg tells, that hdaudbus is started, very strange Dietmar 0: kd> !devnode 8a498008 DevNode 0x8a498008 for PDO 0x8a3c2ce8 Parent 0x8a49d2c8 Sibling 0x8a498ed8 Child 0000000000 InstancePath is "PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0F04&SUBSYS_398517AA&REV_0C\3&11583659&0&D8" ServiceName is "HDAudBus" State = DeviceNodeStarted (0x308) Previous State = DeviceNodeEnumerateCompletion (0x30d) StateHistory[09] = DeviceNodeEnumerateCompletion (0x30d) StateHistory[08] = DeviceNodeStarted (0x308) StateHistory[07] = DeviceNodeEnumerateCompletion (0x30d) StateHistory[06] = DeviceNodeStarted (0x308) StateHistory[05] = DeviceNodeStartPostWork (0x307) StateHistory[04] = DeviceNodeStartCompletion (0x306) StateHistory[03] = DeviceNodeResourcesAssigned (0x304) StateHistory[02] = DeviceNodeDriversAdded (0x303) StateHistory[01] = DeviceNodeInitialized (0x302) StateHistory[00] = DeviceNodeUninitialized (0x301) StateHistory[19] = Unknown State (0x0) StateHistory[18] = Unknown State (0x0) StateHistory[17] = Unknown State (0x0) StateHistory[16] = Unknown State (0x0) StateHistory[15] = Unknown State (0x0) StateHistory[14] = Unknown State (0x0) StateHistory[13] = Unknown State (0x0) StateHistory[12] = Unknown State (0x0) StateHistory[11] = Unknown State (0x0) StateHistory[10] = Unknown State (0x0) Flags (0x000000f0) DNF_ENUMERATED, DNF_IDS_QUERIED, DNF_HAS_BOOT_CONFIG, DNF_BOOT_CONFIG_RESERVED
  8. @daniel_k You are right. I succeed to install all the files from patch KB88111 and a look in device manager shows me, that now I have indeed hdaudbus.sys from XP SP2 at work. But the symptoms are exact the same, hdaudbus.sys is sleeping. I also set Group from hdaudbus.sys in Registry to System Reserved and Start=0 does not help Dietmar
  9. @Dave-H Seems to be a problem with hdaudbus.sys in XP SP3 and this version of the Realtek device. Microsoft offers a fix named KB88111 has to be installed before the audiodriver. But in update catalog and nowhere I can find it Dietmar
  10. @Dave-H I think it is better to have only one thread for XP. Here we solve the problems for XP on newer hardware, especially because auf acpi.sys. About the Flex 10 I still do not know, where the problem is. When you make a Standard PC install of XP SP3, can you reboot compi or does always the message appear "It is now safe to shut the compi down" or does it hang? This problem and also that with sound can be Acpi related Dietmar PS: Today I make an install of XP SP3 on the Flex 10 with XP SP3 Debug version. Maybe, that then Windbg has a chance to see, what is going on.
  11. @Dave-H I put this installation of XP SP3 on harddisk from the Flex 10 board to an FX58 board from 2009, also in IDE mode. There, Shutdown and Reboot with this naked XP SP3 installation from Flex 10 works. So, it is not a problem of the installation. It is a driver, that makes XP hang (only on reboot) that is also used in Safe Mode via F8. No yellow questionsmark. May be problem with keyboard or touchpad on the Flex 10, (here as PS/2) device marked. No advice in any *.log file, all looks ok Dietmar
  12. @Dave-H I make an XP SP3 install to the Flex 10 in IDE mode, only to new acpi.sys V5 changed. Before last Setup step of XP, means before last reboot, compi hangs on reboot Dietmar
  13. @Dave-H Now your Flex 10 behaves exact as mine. When I show in Device Manager all hidden devices, I see a yellow question mark at partmgr. This device you need, in other case you get Bsod 0x7B. I think, there is a conflict between something, but the behavior, that you describe, happens the same in Safe Mode via F8 or with emergency start with nearly no drivers. Is there a Log file at boot time from XP, that can tell more? May be, that there is also a possibility to use Windbg for to check this, but I dont know how Dietmar PS: Today in the afternoon I make an install from original XP SP3 CD in IDE mode, just naked, only with new acpi.sys V5 and look, if then the install logs tell something more.
  14. @Dave-H For to have sound, you have to deinstall in Device Manager system devices Microsoft UAA High Definition Audio, reinstall it again, after this sound works with Realtek driver Dietmar
  15. @Dave-H I use an own harddisk for XP in the Flex10. This harddisk before I write with Winhex 00 everywhere and prepare it with RMPrebUSB with MBR, ntldr, NTFS and force use of LBA. Then I install XP SP3 from scratch with the new acpi.sys V5 integrated. All works at once and very fast install. The only things that still not work on the Flex 10 under XP SP3 is the 3D graphik, because no driver for it. And also reboot still does not work (I never see this on any other compi), only shutdown works Dietmar PS: I use the Storahci driver from Kai Schtrom.
  16. @Dave-H You need an xp.iso, where the new acpi.sys V5 is integrated permanently, means also in SP3.cab Dietmar
  17. @daniel_k I did the same for my Asrock z370 k6 gaming board. This was crazy hard work, because I cant use the EEpromer for the modded DSDT, because no place on board for to connect the EEpromer. So I have to upload whole new Bios always via Win7. This methode does not work on the Flex10 because of its crazy Insyde Bios. Even the Bios tool reads its Bios out as 3 Mbyte file (means crash, because it is 8MB). On newer Bios, with a size bigger than 16MB, the Bios tool does not work at all. So, now it is MUCH more comfortable to let do nice new acpi.sys all this work. Interesting, on this Flex 10 board I cant install before with original Bios 93cn59ww Bit64 XP SP3, Vista, win7, win8, win10. Only win8.1 I can install before. But now, XP Sp3 with new acpi.sys is the match winner Dietmar EDIT: How do you modd DSDT for Enable IO MWAIT Redirection (fixes CPU C states) ? This I dont have. Can you upload here your original DSDT from Gigabyte together with the modded DSDT?
  18. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD@daniel_k@Dave-H I just test the new acpi.sys V5 free for XP SP3 with connection() patch, which I compiled just now https://ufile.io/mzgeqhbo Waaaooooh, it works on the Flex 10 with newest Bios 93cn59ww Bit64, what a crazy nice work Dietmar
  19. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD Just test for me, if I understand you correct: "fix detect sequence 02 11 (connection as buffer), skip all inside buffer definition and jump" If acpi.sys sees any code in DSDT, that it does not like, via this way it jumps over it. For this, acpi.sys only needs to know, which is the byte code for the unknown >acpi2.0 word (here 02 11) and then it ignores what happens inside this code, jumping to the very first code after (here 02 11) is finished Dietmar PS: So, when the same happens again for another unknown >acpi2.0 word, you only need to do the same patch in parse.c again via its special byte code.
  20. @daniel_k I found this place in parser.c . I only want to know, how it works. Maybe, that my idea is not so bad and this way to jump over unknown words depending on the OS version can be generalized in acpi.sys Dietmar
  21. @daniel_k I dont have one of those USB sticks. But I noticed another strange behavior on any USB device with the new USB3 driver: When you copy a really big amount of data (for example 40 Gbyte) in one step, suddently comes a message, that not enough ram is there, even I have with patch 32 Gigabyte. When you disconnect the stick and connect again, you can copy this 40 Gbyte. But when you try to copy the next 40 Gbyte, exact the same message appears. This is not a big problem, because nearly no "normal" file is about this size, but the problem is real. This never happens, when you make the same transfer with 40Gbyte again and again via 2 Sata disks Dietmar
  22. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD Can you write a pseudocode with words, what you change and how? From your post before I thought, that you make the pointer from amli just to jump to next device, when it meets the acpi5 word connection(), depending on the real OS version. This would be very similar as we did in the very first editing the DSDT in the Gigabyte H110M board via Method (THDH, 1, Serialized) { THDS (ToHexString (Arg0)) } ====> Method (THDH, 1, Serialized) { If ((OSYS >= 0x07D6)) { THDS (ToHexString (Arg0)) } } From my thinking this would be the ideal solution, depending from the OS the words from >acpi2.0 would be just overjumped but now not with editing DSDT, just lets do acpi.sys exact the same Dietmar EDIT: May be, that you can make a compare between the DSDT.raw and DSDT2.raw files from my 2 DSDT examples on the Gigabyte H110M board, what this If ((OSYS >= 0x07D6)) exactly is doing.
  23. @Damnation I just test, gives the same netio.sys Bsod as before Dietmar
  24. @Damnation Nice idea, but for this you have to change the link from ntoskrnl.exe to ntoskrn8.sys I think in the 3 files from Win7 ndis/netio/msrpc.sys Dietmar

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