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  1. Or maybe like this : dir > text.txt & copy /y text.txt text1.txt & copy /y text.txt text2.txt
  2. you should do the minimal requirements, remove all references to those trolls in order to avoid any kind of advertising that they don't deserve and just ignore them in the future.
  3. From the sources : https://github.com/openssl/openssl/blob/master/crypto/rand/rand_win.c Line 64, if the macro USE_BCRYPTGENRANDOM is defined, the block from line 65 to 77 is built, using BCryptGenRandom. Otherwise, the block from 79 to 115 is built, using CryptAcquireContextW and other functions. Rebuilding OpenSSL should fix that problem but unfortunately, OpenSSL seems to use a horrid build system written in Perl and that makes it not so easy. In a perfect world, it would simply use CMake but we're not in a perfect world.
  4. The biggest problem with Linux is the poor binary compatibility. Under windows if you download this program : https://www.7-zip.org/ 7-Zip works in Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2016 / 2012 / 2008 / 2003 / 2000 / NT. You have 20 years of binary compatibility !!! That was a huge advantage of windows. Under Linux there is absolutely no binary compatibility and you *must* install programs from the repository of your distribution, it's totally enclosed. Under windows, I use most of the time some Linux programs, gcc, Qt, QtCreator, etc... I'd rather use Linux, it would be simplest, but using XP I have that binary compatibility with a huge amount of programs. That was an advantage of windows in the past, but nowadays, Redmond guys are so stupid that they destroy everything that was good in windows. It's now buggy, bloated and it forces users to play the Russian roulette with automatic updates. That's incredible.
  5. I understand, that's how xompie do it. :-P So, I tried with xompie's kernelxp.dll this way : [DLL replacements] KERNEL32.dll=kernelxp.dll It works just fine. Thanks a lot. :-D
  6. Rose Royce - Is It Love You're After - 1979
  7. I tried ImportPatcher under XP and I can't really understand how it works. First, I've built a test.exe program which calls GetFileInformationByHandleEx and targeting _WIN32_WINNT=0x0601 I've built a mod.dll containing a dummy bla function with the same arguments that the real GetFileInformationByHandleEx Now I want to replace the missing GetFileInformationByHandleEx with the dummy bla function from mod.dll : [Patches needed] test.exe=Functions [KERNEL32.dll] GetFileInformationByHandleEx=bla * not found I tried also : GetFileInformationByHandleEx=mod.bla and different other things but I always get "not found". I'm missing something.
  8. https://jellevergeer.com/the-undocumented-istoplevelwindow-api/ https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16973995/whats-the-best-way-do-determine-if-an-hwnd-represents-a-top-level-window It seems to be something like : BOOL IsTopLevelWindow(HWND hWnd) { return (hWnd==GetAncestor(hWnd, GA_ROOT)); } https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/desktop/api/winuser/nf-winuser-getancestor
  9. How they could drop 1/4 of their users, that's crazy. That company made billionaires and that's how they treat those who made them so rich. I hope they will pay for that someday.
  10. AFAIK, KernelEx is writen in C and C++ : https://sourceforge.net/p/kernelex/code/HEAD/tree/trunk/kexcrt/ https://sourceforge.net/p/kernelex/code/HEAD/tree/trunk/core/ That guy wanted to do a KernelEx for XP which is not something very easy, but he's not able to compile a trivial C program : And now he wants to write a driver...

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