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  1. XP - 2018 edition

    Wonderful. I also prefer the silver theme of XP instead of the default playskool one.
  2. Sure : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/15567809/batch-extract-path-and-filename-from-a-variable/15568164 @echo off set mypath=D:\Blah\Folder for %%i in ("%mypath%") do set driveletter=%%~di echo %mypath% echo %driveletter% pause
  3. "appdir" in the example is a path like "C:\Blah\Blah\Folder" but you can read any value in the registry and name the variable the way you like. I'm not sure exactly what you try to do but maybe you can try to extract sfx files with the command line version of 7zip. I'm not sure if it works, just an idea. https://sevenzip.osdn.jp/chm/cmdline/commands/extract.htm I don't know exactly what the good options are but there is probably one to set an output directory. Maybe something like : 7z e archive.zip -oC:\Blah\Folder -y
  4. If you want to read a reg key from a batch file, you can use "reg query", for example : for /f "usebackq tokens=2,* skip=2" %%L in ( `reg query "HKCU\Software\Hotnuma\MovEdit" /v appDir` ) do set appdir=%%M set movlist=%appdir%\movlist.exe In this example, I read an "appDir" value located in "HKCU\Software\Hotnuma\MovEdit" and put the result in an appdir variable. Then I use the variable to set an absolute "movlist" path.
  5. That's hilarious, that's how they spend their time, adding some ridiculous restrictions instead of writing some real source code to enhance the browser. That's the culprit apparently : https://github.com/MoonchildProductions/Pale-Moon/commit/c626566443da948ad0572b38896c69dc8695d9d1
  6. If only they could fix their video freeze bug before dropping XP, that would be perfect but I've got the feeling that this one will remain for eternity. Poor Mozilla developers, they're so busy with securshitty updates that they forgot the real annoying bugs.
  7. Minimal Qt Creator 4.6 for XP

    For sure. Recently I've built an experimental Qt Creator 4.6 for XP, with very minimal plugins and guess what ? The only function that breaks compatibility for that minimal built was here : https://github.com/qt-creator/qt-creator/blob/4.1/src/plugins/projectexplorer/devicesupport/localprocesslist.cpp // Resolve QueryFullProcessImageNameW out of kernel32.dll due // to incomplete MinGW import libs and it not being present // on Windows XP. static BOOL queryFullProcessImageName(HANDLE h, DWORD flags, LPWSTR buffer, DWORD *size) { // Resolve required symbols from the kernel32.dll typedef BOOL (WINAPI *QueryFullProcessImageNameWProtoType) (HANDLE, DWORD, LPWSTR, PDWORD); static QueryFullProcessImageNameWProtoType queryFullProcessImageNameW = 0; if (!queryFullProcessImageNameW) { QLibrary kernel32Lib(QLatin1String("kernel32.dll"), 0); if (kernel32Lib.isLoaded() || kernel32Lib.load()) queryFullProcessImageNameW = (QueryFullProcessImageNameWProtoType)kernel32Lib.resolve("QueryFullProcessImageNameW"); } if (!queryFullProcessImageNameW) return FALSE; // Read out process return (*queryFullProcessImageNameW)(h, flags, buffer, size); } static QString imageName(DWORD processId) { QString rc; HANDLE handle = OpenProcess(PROCESS_QUERY_INFORMATION , FALSE, processId); if (handle == INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE) return rc; WCHAR buffer[MAX_PATH]; DWORD bufSize = MAX_PATH; if (queryFullProcessImageName(handle, 0, buffer, &bufSize)) rc = QString::fromUtf16(reinterpret_cast<const ushort*>(buffer)); CloseHandle(handle); return rc; } That's the only function that was needed for XP. To be fair, I done a very minimalistic build, so there's maybe other ridiculous functions like this that are missing to build the full app with all plugins. I explain all this as a concrete example that shows the real reason why bad coders quickly drop older systems. It's called : L.A.Z.I.N.E.S.S (I prefer one million times Qt Creator or Geany or SciTE than NP3 by the way)
  8. Latest Version of Software Running on XP

    It's from here indeed : https://github.com/Reino17/ffmpeg-windows-build-helpers There's some build scripts for developers and a link to last releases at the bottom of the page. Then it's possible to type in a console window : ffmpeg -version But it just shows the same release numbers than in the release page.
  9. Latest Version of Software Running on XP

    There's different versions here : https://rwijnsma.home.xs4all.nl/files/ffmpeg/ I didn't tested last one but an older one that worked great with Avisynth.
  10. What Are You Listening To?

    Lilian Harvey - Leben ohne Liebe kannst du nicht - 1931
  11. Moonchild dropped XP because it's outdated and unsecured so that's particularly amusing when others thinks exactly the same about his forks. Anyway we are very lucky to have New Moon thanks to roytam1 and feodor2.
  12. What Are You Listening To?

    The Supremes - Let Yourself Go [Larry Levan Mix] - 1979
  13. FFMpeg and Windows XP in 2017

    Great thanks a lot.