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  1. Normally, I would just ignore such a post as it has nothing to do with the topic at hand. However, I decided to point rule # 9. Per Rule #9. Do not bash old topics when a member has made it active again; it's been made active for a good reason: to answer an unanswered question, or to bring up new information. It does not need to be closed or deleted. In this particular case, I was just adding some info on Torisan drives and an alternative drive brand that others besides the OP may find useful, especially people searching for info on such drives.
  2. That may very well be the truth. I'd say that these charts for most places give a ball park figure at best. For these small population places, it is not very accurate. A case in point, I have my Firefox under Slackware set to appear as Windows 7 to get around some problems with a few websites that I frequent that expect you to be using Windows. the question is, how many people are doing the same thing as me?
  3. That's another good possibility. I do know Pitcairn does get some visitors too. It would probably be a complicatd mess to figure out what OS is in use by the small population there.
  4. Hmmm, particularly Pitcairn, with its population of 56 people might be not on the high priority list of MS (or Apple for that matters) marketing. Anyway, it is interesting, this graph here: http://gs.statcounter.com/#desktop-os-PN-daily-20151201-20151231 Shows how on 12th december 2015 OSX was 100% , on 28th december Windows 8.1 was 100% and in several dates, 3/4/6/19/22 and 31st december Windows 7 was 100% . It remains a mystery how Windows 10 managed to make 94.12% on the 15th and Linux managed to make 98.26% on the 24th December. jaclaz The only thing I can think of is it might be due to visitors. Christmas Island and Norfolk Island also seem to change in the same way.
  5. I don't think there is anything to worry about at the moment. I used StatCounter graph to have a look at the adoption rate of Windows 10 in the various countries around the world. There are only a handful of small countries where Windows 10 has either exceeded Windows 7 or is in the process of doing so. For the most part, Windows 10 appears to have left a bad taste in most peoples mouths around the world as they are holding out on Windows 7 and Windows XP. In some countries Mac OSX and Windows 2003 come in second. On a small side note, I even found out that Microsoft doesn't control the majority of the PC market on a few small islands. Linux is king in those places with Windows 7 coming in second. The islands are Norfolk, Pitcairne, and Christmas. There is even some island somewhere in the Pacific whose name I forget, that has a Linux use of around 17 percent. Those four islands have the highest Linux use of anywhere in the world currently. Edit: I forgot to mention that in some countries windows 8.1 was the second most used OS. Along with an Unkown OS.
  6. Why would you be converting MP3 files back into the cd audio format, assuming that is what you were doing? The best way to do it is to burn the MP3 files onto a CD and play them back on an MP3 capable cd player. There should be no confusion of a cd with MP3's and a cd that has audio tracks on it. Also there is no loss (not counting the loss of the MP3 encoding) by doing it this way like there would be if you were converting MP3's to CD audio tracks.
  7. I don't know. I lost count years ago. I tend to use some forums sporadically.
  8. My oldest machine that still works is a Texas Instruments 575CD laptop that is set up to dual boot Windows 95 and Dos 6.22.
  9. Perhaps Windows 2000 will make a come back. I was objecting to planned obsolescence 20 years ago. I still am really. It's really wasteful and an unnecessary drain on resources. It's all about greed and control. Here in Arizona, you just take the used motor oil to the auto parts store and have it dumped into a tank at the back of the store.
  10. Hello everyone. I came here primarily for the Windows 2000 info section of this forum as I am in the process of making it my secondary OS for 3D games and some other tasks that can't be done in Linux. It will replace Windows XP as my secondary OS. The reasons for wanting to move away from XP are due to it's bloatedness compared to Windows 2000 and it's WGA. My primary OS is Slackware Linux and I have been using it for about four years now. Linux has replaced Windows XP as my primary OS mainly due to choices it offers on desktop styles and it's much more secure nature than Windows. I'll probaly making my way around the forum on other Windows sections as things interst me. For instance I used to use windows 95 years ago but gave it up in 2004 when the Web got to be too bloated for that PC to be practical to continue using it. At that point i switched over to Windows XP. So I'll probably be keeping an eye on the Win9x section too.
  11. I had to create it. I noticed that they let you change the date range on the chart and have it to where you can download the chart as a .png file. So I just downloaded the charts I was interested in and ran them through GIMP under Slackware to animate it.
  12. To add to that, Windows 95 driver format is VXD. Windows 98's WMD driver format is completely incompatible with Windows 95's VXD. It'll never work under any circumstances. However, it might be possible to use the DOS USB driver's under Windows 95. Windows 95 does in fact allow the use of DOS device drivers as a fallback when needed. the only drawback to doing that is that you take a performance hit doing so. DOS device drivers are 16 bit drivers. Just be advised, that the DOS USB drivers are a bit limited in what they can do device wise. I tried surfing the Web under Windows 95 original release in 2014 for fun on an old laptop of mine. It was an interesting experience to say the least. I used an old PCMCIA T10 network card with DOS device drivers which I had hooked up to a Linksys WET11 ethernet bridge, which is about as close to using wireless on Windows 95 as you can get. I used both IE 5.5 and some 1.x version of Firefox which was the last version that would install under Windows 95. Both browsers were highly unstable with the javascript on today's web and would crash fairly regularly.
  13. I don't think this particular wifi device is ever going to work under Win98. If I'm not mistaking both Windows 95/98 were in existance before device drivers needed to load firmware into the device in order to make it work. I don't know if these old legacy OS's would be able to support the loading in of firmware into devices. This wifi chipset definitely needs the driver to load in firmware to the device to make it work.
  14. There is one thing I would like to add to that. The Torisan cd-rom drives were infamous for going bad rather fast. It's the plastic spindle that moves the laser read head back and forth. It's substandard and wears out prematurely. I have an old Texas Instruments 575CD laptop hanging around that can use one of the Torisan models as well as a Matsushima model. The two Torisan cd-rom drives that I had bit the dust fairly quickly, while the only Matsushima cd-rom drive that I have still works to this day. I got the Matsushima drive from a TI-570CD laptop. Maybe look at some of the older laptop models if there are any and see if one of them uses a compatible Matsushima drive.
  15. For anyone who might be interested, here's an animated line graph chart from StatCounter showing Windows 10's adoption rate. In Febrary,it has climbed up a bit more since January, while Windows 7's decline has slowed a bit. You'll need to click on the chart to see the animation.

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