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  1. VMWare is wrote min-port and used Mesa Winsys for Video , we can write a minport with UEFI support , and use Opengl/Vulkan/OpenCL/Directx9 on modern Intel/AMD GPU even on Nvidia with terrible performance.



    You can check it out , XP DDK and Server 2003 DDK have some driver example for Display.

    Thing is studying the driver and mesa and making a new driver , not gonna be easy but 80% work is already done by Mesa guys.

    Speaking of Intel i219


    Linux kernel have e1000e interrupts linked in the driver.


    This WinKVM have Linux Kernel Mode Api wrapper,

    Linux ALSA driver can be ported for Universal audio driver to Windows XP , including WiFi 6 driver.

  2. Software is hanging even on a ryzen 7 4800u as it is eating out 16gb of ram . you need 128GB ram to browse internet folks.

    Everything broken here and their.

    UI feels like GNOME and MacOSX married and produced a baby , doesn't feel Windows at all

    Downgraded back to Windows 10 , i am happy , no more windows 11.

    User: How buggy a software must be?
    Microsoft: Yes

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  3. We shall not assume the worst , their multiple timeline in universe , he might be a Civilian not a Army guy [ My heart is a civilian] , he might have said it as Ukraine not letting male between 18 to 60 to leave.

    Pray for him

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  4. Need Exorcism for a demonic entity called Tobinosaurus , i will bring rain from Tibet and holy water from ganges , cross from pope himself, secret arch of Buddha


    Jokes aside , This guy forgot what MPL Is

  5. On 3/3/2022 at 1:42 AM, Club Sportif Sfaxien 1912 said:

    Why was Windows 2000 not included in the update ?

    As far as I know, there is not much difference with XP 

    Their are huge difference , significant restructuring , its like comparing Vista and 10 , telling they are similar , yes they are but not direct code compatible. Syscalls are entirely different unlike server 2003 and xp where are almost same. User Api are same but Kernel mode is not, their huge difference.

  6. 8 hours ago, TrevMUN said:

    Oh jeez ... my condolences, Dibya. I know how it is to lose a parent; it took me several years to pick up the pieces mentally just from that. It's totally understandable to take time to process and sort things out.

    Is Samuka "Skulltrail192" on GitHub? I think I remember you said you incorporated your work on ExtendedXP into OneCore API a while back.

    Hoping things get better for you.

    "Skulltrail192" Yes his name is

  7. Honestly i am really busy in real life , not returning to active development until 2023 , life can suck some times.

    I lost my dad last year , haven't recovered yet mentally , no energy left for hobbies.

    Samuka is working rapidly on One Core Api , i will advice you to watch over his project.

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  8. It seems Microsoft did their job again i.e breaking stuff.


    Latest VC++ 2015 2017 and 2019 Re-dist is broken on XP: https://aka.ms/vs/16/release/vc_redist.x86.exe

    It now calls some API which are replaced with Stubs in Windows 10 ( Don't believe , Hit those api on respective DLL with Dis Assembler)

    We need to start a ticket to let them fix the runtime as soon as possible as People still code for XP and we need newer C++ Standard.

    Edit: Please someone start the Support ticket and We all will go and support. Microsoft accounts knows i am 18yrs old they will not take me seriously.

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