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  1. i have a question about the aeroglass gui. first is there a tutorial of any kind on the settings on the gui? secondly on the second tab under theme, with no instructions i found anywhere i made some assumptions and for theme atlas i created my theme atlas and saved it to the folder of the theme i was using and then picked it as my theme atlas with the browse button. not sure if that is the correct way to set the theme atlas up or not. and then below that it says glass reflection image and has a browse button but i honestly have no clue where i would find the image of the glass reflection that is needed for that function. can anyone point me in the correct direction i need to be going to set up the glass reflection for my theme? i am using Mr GRIM's hud red theme for win10 v1607 aniversary edition thanks for any help i can get on this issue Quasi
  2. ok great i will still make another donation on the aeroglass because i appreciate all the work he has put into it , i jsut wasnt sure if it was needed for each computer i have or my donation bought 4 key codes for any machine i wanted to use them on. thanks again for all your help Quasi
  3. Thanks DAVEO76......... i donated and followed the instructions on how to generate and get the keycode, but the instructions stopped there, unless i missed something, i tried to open the keycode and win10 wouldnt open it and asked about finding a prog to do it i am totally lost now, i have no clue how to use the keycode, do i open it with the aeroglass program itself? my other question is , when i went to the key generation page it says i can generate 4 keys i have 2 different computers i use the aeroglass on do i need to donate for each machine, or do i jsut generate a new keycode using the machine number that aeroglass gave me when i installed it? i have 2 computers one is mostly jsut used for streaming videos to my tv in place of having cable and the other i use for most everything else, they are both jsut personal use. any help you can give me here would be totally appreciated Quasi
  4. opps i posted in the wrong forum, i jsut downloaded and installed aeroglass v1.5 and installed it on win10 rs1 version 1607 it seems to work fine but there is a watermark on the lower right corner that says aeroglass for win8.1 i was trying to figure out how i get rid of that and the people atr virtual customs said i should come here and ask so i made an account and here i am lol any help you people can give me would be truely appreciated Quasi
  5. hello i jsut downloaded and installed the aeroglass version 1.5 from www.glass8.eu and i have a watermark in the lower right corner that says aeroglass for win8.1 i was wondering how on earth i get rid of that? someone said i need to donate to the builder and he will tell me how to run it off, if thats the case no problem i dont mind donating and i will even if there is some other way to turn it off, i jsut wasnt sure how i go about making the donation and how i get the instructions to remove the watermark thansk for your time in helping me thru this issue Quasi
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