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  1. Thanks-that 1st link was well funny-go Linux penguin! I think I must've wiped off that paper clip when I reinstalled windows on my laptop, darn it
  2. I've searched and searched through the forum, and I cant find a link for the paper clip. i've tried finding that VW one, my mate even put a post on all his VW forums, but no1's got it........hmmm
  3. I really love those million smileys that you get with those toolbars but for the past couple of days IE crashes every time it boots up cos of the **** toolbar I've installed (plus getting loadsa pop ups even tho I got popup blocker) I can't find the exe file for it neither is it listed when i got to add/remove programs How can I get rid of it aaaaaaaargh!
  4. Has anyone got that really funny clip of the guy who's sitting in front of his comp with the Microsoft Office Assistant buggin him sayin "You look like you're writing a letter" (or something like that). Then he starts swearing at the paper clip and stuff.... Also, if anyone's got the VW GTTDI advert where the little kid says "B****rd cos her dad fills up the car with petrol instead of diesel. I'd really appreciate it thanks
  5. Yes Aaron, I am on AO-hell (cept on 56 k not Broadband) , u dont know how much I wanna kill them, I thought i was something to do with SOBIG.....
  6. Hello everyone, long time, sorry, full time job leaving next week blah blah blah Anyways, am I like the only one who cant sign into hotmail and msn??? Hotmail redirects to some www.www.hotmail.com.com weird thing And messenger says "ur behind a firewall" and I'm bleeding well not.... Sorry, I have looked and can't find this anywhere, though I am aware hotmail could be down cos of those 2 viruses but hey....
  7. Happy birthday M But you won't b in the club sippin on sum Bud, so I'm sending u a big hug n a kiss for ya instead, MWAH! Becca *whistling happy birthday*
  8. I use Snay O L (Say it slowly, you'll get it!) purely because my mum says there's more protection for kids (I have a 9yo sis). Frankly, I think it's appalling but hey........i'll be waiting another 10 years for broadband
  9. hey guys, I'm here in corfu, I've managed to find the one computer on the whole **** island... It's really nice and I'm getting a tan, running a bit low on the financial front, so have put loads on the credit card...haha! Off to albania tomorrow for a day trip lol See you all soon Love yas XXX
  10. well crispy, they've been testing me for a long time....... LOL, no I'm testing grain like wheat and corn for moisture and chemicals and stuff (mostly my dad's corn) It's very boring and repetitive!
  11. See you later guys, I'm off to Corfu for two weeks-behave yourselves or I'll have to give you all a good hiding when u get back!!!! Then I have to start a real job doing that lab testing on 28th pay's good, £4.90 good for sum1 of 18 for a summer job in country bumpkinsville! Love you all, mostly Bex x
  12. When I was 6 my mum had a car accident with me +two other little girls the same age we car pooled with. One of the girls was sitting in the middle and had a full bladder. The force of our car+her full bladder meant she nearly died from poisoning. Now my mum wont let anyone sit in the middle unless they have to. My mum reckons it was her car that saved her...she was driving a golf. That's why we all drive volkswagens in our family now The guy that caused us the accident never got sued, he went to the police station, handed in his licence and said he'd never drive again and got away scot free. Life's just unfair Thank god ur here rufo!!!! I've had some scary stuff happen to me too, but never as bad as that.
  13. No fair-why is there no britain day????
  14. Becca well, cos that's my name daaaawwwg And tigger cos my ex used to say I bounced a lot I used to be flyfroggirl because I'm fly, I'm a girl and frog cos of me surname (see the playground nicknames thread) Edit:Sorry, I'm joking, it's because the first time I went on the net EVER was into a chat room with sum1 called Flyguy, so I made myself flygirl but added the frog because there already was sum1 called flygirl on hotmail
  15. U think 28's small C-girl!!! Yeah I pretty much got 1 to 1 teaching, I was the only girl doing physics, and the max class size was 5, for maths!
  16. I have been at a private all girls school all my life The first one was a convent that I went to aged 3-10 but I got bullied so badly I left I've been at this other 1 for 8 years!!!!! My parents believe u get a better education at private school-everybody wants to learn there...... It's weird though because we've only had 11 people in my year this year and I'm going to uni with 22,500 students next year!
  17. LOL, £6.35, sweet! Most I can get is £5 ph doing lab testing on the corn
  18. I'm sorry, but r the people in ur school totally amazing, 78% a C??? In my school that'd be a really high B I would've thought......
  19. Look, I've just had my last official day @ my 6th form. I've been with the girls I'm friends with for 8 years @ this school and it's weird....I know that we'll still care about each other when we leave though....Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened:D
  20. yeah so it seems Thank god I never got called Brace Face cos that would have really sucked
  21. Go XPerties !!! Don't stay there too long, funny things happen up north... That's why nice people live in the South And for christs sake dont go near birmingham:D
  22. haha very funny but I could do better I've reported this thread by the way
  23. PMSL, good 1!!!! MSN war, is it older than you too????
  24. I remember hearing about this 6 months ago, pioneering technology so that when you heard a song and you wanted to know what it was called and who sang it, all u had to do was phone a number+play the song 4 bout 30 secs WELL LADIES AND GENTS, IT'S HERE! And it's called Shazam www.shazam.com it's so cool Oh, and some dude from Big Brother works there.........that put me off a bit

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