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  1. I seem to be having a problem, the registry editor won't open, it just briefly flickers onto the screen and disappears I need to get rid of the "MY search" toolbar, it keeps coming back!
  2. nois3, put a pic up of ur ouji, or i'll host it on my webspace, I wanna see this!
  3. Did anyone watch the live seance with derren brown. I knew there had to be a twist to it! My mates wanted me to do a ouji board but i said no-occult's something i'd rather not dabble in, i already get deja vu and have weird future predictions!
  4. I have this theory bout VW's, they gotta b done up sexy To me, ur car should b like ur woman: Subtle, not slapperish Nicely tuned More Kitten than cat Should have a nice smooth body Thanks Widnez (I'm also painting my brake calipers blue)
  5. Hey, are there any peeps out there a member of no rice? I'm gonna mod my Vee-dub Polo-put bigger alloys on, lower it, sub & amp... anyone done anythin with their cars?
  6. jeez, I mean at least royal mail deliver stuff in 1 piece, albeit 2 days late
  7. ok I've figured out what's happenin It's switching the date from dd/mm/yy to mm/dd/yy e.g. 8th may 2004 (08/05/04) is 5th august 2004 (05/08/04 in eng 08/05/04 in us) hmm how to solve it? I've set all my settings to UK....
  8. it can't be low, I've only had the comp since march, and I've run spyware and virus scan etc, nothing.......
  9. Hey I'm using XP pro and for some reason, if I turn my comp off and reboot, the date changes to July 5th (most of the time) or some other date (usually bout 2/3 months out) It's really really annoying cos it means that I get logged out of stuff on websites etc. I change the date back but as soon as I turn my comp off and on it changes again Anyone had this thing or know how to solve it?!
  10. Happy Birthday Aaron, don't worry it's all downhill from here he he he, not that I'd know, cos I'm 2 years younger... Drink 21 pints & remember, ur car insurance goes down incredibly from here on
  11. Hi, look I have no idea what I'm doin wrong, I'm been following a tutorial Tutorial link I don't understand how she makes a button within a movie I've also got the one she's done and I've tried to make a square on my own for the drag and drop and don't know why it's not working. Please help me, I've got coursework to hand in on this kinda thing, I've spent 5 hours on it and I'm just thick Bec's work
  12. I'm a lazy a** student, sleeping takes up most of my time.......
  13. Did a system restore and all my files got hidden somewhere I couldnt find em, even tho performed a search (cos it wont access the part of the drive it was put on) Got it sorted, I upgraded to XP pro, found out that My search was running circles round the registry, and to top it all off I blew up my modem in a miniature storm, luckily it's all fixed now, it's all to technical for me Over and out folks!
  14. I've got ad aware and ad-awared it several times, it aint picking it up, I dunno what it is.....
  15. OK, cheers cubie for trying to help me, we spent bout 1 hour trying to fix ie, editing registry codes etc cos moi-sikins got annoyed with IE 6 in XP cos I downloaded a stupid MY Search toolbar which is possibly the most evil toolbar in the history of crap toolbars. Anyway, it was spamming me etc, loads of popups so I got rid of it (or so I thought). Then IE 6 crashed virtually any time I started it up. Then I was on a website that needed Java and it said I didnt have Java integrated into me browser ( am I stupid or doesn't it come with IE or XP anyway?). So I thought, sod, it, u can remove it in add/remove windows components. Tried that, didn't work. So casually decided to go round deleting al shorcuts, start menu IE icons, IE folder (cept u cant ACTUALLY delete it, just stuff within it). Prior to this had d/l the SP1 IE pack. After deletions, tried to install it, said I already had a better version on my comp. Then cubie came in on the act & that's when we tried everything I can think of, until he eventually sent me internet explorer program thing to put in the IE folder so now got it all back on start menu etc. Unfortunately, My search is still somewhere on the **** comp, I did a search for it and deleted all my history, cookies, temporary internet files etc. yet if you type in a flase address e.g. www.hjkfksksk.com it comes up with an htm file which is in my Temp folder (deleted it ,a dn it just reappears). Does anyone please know how to get rid of it. I'm about to smash my comp. The only decent solution I can think of & my computer fixer man can think of is to upgrade to XP Pro-cos that way I will still have my personal files on my comp just not the same OS. Also, do I need to dl a java machine????
  16. Yes but if you made two accounts you'd still be able to share the documents between your accounts, that wouldn't be a problem. Just been trying to think why exactly you'd want two passwords. If you're trying to prevent access to certain programs or folders, that can be done within one account.
  17. I'm not trying to buy a bigger card (I've already got 128Mb, quite enuf for me!), but I'm trying to run Winamp visualisations that seriously have issues with ATI-and they're optimized for NVidia. If I hate it I can always change it back
  18. yes but they are very expensive, £235, I only have £40!
  19. I've got an ATI 9200 in my comp@moment but would like a NVidia, is this better or worse than what I've got: Mentor GeForce FX 5200 128MB DDR + TV Out cheers
  20. aww that's so cute-is that near where u live or did u go on holiday? my mum's a registrar (u know, does civil ceremonies) She's gonna do my wedding (memo: first find a bloke) and my cake & my flowers (cheap a** wedding)
  21. is that meant to be funny??? It's just dumb if u ask me, I'd rather have a nintendo & a regular comp.......
  22. Fiat vs. Porsche Cracking
  23. yeah quality mate, I like it........ woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot
  24. Not as scary as this: Cubie and myself have bin talking on MSFN & we had a three way convo with his mate. Got chatting to him, oh my god, one of my best mate's and him went to college, now what r the chances of that?!

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