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  1. thanks for that other forum link and Guess what I've realised??? My mum installed dumbass Norton antivirus.... cos she saysI put viruses on the computer Funny that, she was the one the downloaded it and installed it!
  2. It's gr8 hunny w00t But does it have a marble dashboard?
  3. Right now I'm looking a big like Rudolph But I am looking golden everywhere else But you'll never guess what I burnt ehehehe! Oh BTW, WHO WROTE IN MY GUESTBOOK ON MY WEBSITE???? (Only my BF's getting stressy, I've made up some rubbish bout ur writing a beccatigger bot.....I dunno, u boys...) And I wont tell him who it was, but I'd like to know B3cca x
  4. OK, right I checked all that doggie, it's all fine, but I remembered that John gave me those 2 articles to read cos now it come up with "Windows just recovered from a serious error" thing every time I reboot, so now downloading a patch, hopefully this'll sort it
  5. I'm burnt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just checked, meh!
  6. I got my dad a book, which my mum paid for since I have no job@mo And it as my mums birthday too
  7. Hello guys, today I got the infamous BSoD I've got 4 screen shots 4 ya (sorry, but they r jpegs and I';ve cut them down as much a possible) I was running AOL 8 MSN messenger 2 I Explorer windows This BSoD said: IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL Tech info: *** STOP: 0x00000000 (0XFFAC2000,0X00000002,0X000000000,0X805226AC) Beginning dump pf physical memory Physical memory dump complete Copied all errors and pages into this : Becca's error page Oh yeah and rufo's things sounds similar, I'm having to turn off PC to get it to reboot
  8. I am not naked!!!!!!!!!! I have like 6 bikinis but I'm wearing that pink 1 in the picture War btw that pic was taken in Greece w00t Shaft what was that post about? Hello flash, dont tell ur friends, they might start talking dirty to me again
  9. *laughing til I cry* Yes, I'm a water baby I'll cu all later, I'm going to sunbathe in the garden (U take advantage of sun when u get it here in Britain) Need 2 get rid of the strap marks grrrr
  10. Nice mock up, but i can assure u I'm all woman...
  11. 0 drivers 2 update and I use Auto update anywho
  12. tell me, which half is the tigger half?
  13. and then she became a really famous supermodel which would teach the guys on RI:SE TV never to be horrible to her ha ha ha Tell me lynchknot, what's the real end to the story?
  14. I only had 2 browser windows open, I usually have like 6! And at least 3 downloads, but today just 2 browser windows...........
  15. Oh gr8 Genie, grant me a wish........... I wish that I was rich (and u cant say money dont buy u happiness cos in my world it does)
  16. roflwtime OK OK!That's enough!!!! PS, is ur genie making the sign of the cross or what?
  17. Gamehead's 13, the only thing u learn how 2 say when ur 13 is ur name and where u live.............. I'm virtually fluent
  18. what????? Ooooohhh sorry, I just caught on............ w00t God, the queen of crude's slow tonight
  19. I'm still waiting for sum1 french in the forum so I can have convos with them bout u all +u wouldnt know ha ha ha s'alright vcant, I'll just give u a small a** kick....
  20. ooohhh aaaaaaahhhh (chews corn and suddenly acquires Texas drawl) I don't know much, but I's know that Tiggers can bounce in tents
  21. Yeah the MSFN pitch, didn't u know???? Everyone else has one, maybe ur not special enough

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