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  1. I have a new 1 : The one that got her ex back
  2. Jeeves rescued me froma spot of bother, theres always a special place in my heart 4 him But in the past 3 months or so I have used Google instead He would be a geek that speaks several hundred languages and cant get a gf....
  3. Sorry but I find Tolkien dull and monotonous but he has very vivid descriptions of everything, Lewis's books are hard to get into but they do make a good story....
  4. I do read books other than harry potter. I love reading, books change your life, and you see it through others peoples wishes, emotions and actions... I love Nicholas Evans, he researches his books so well. I cried at the end of the Smoke Jumper. I also liked Kate Atkinson's "Behind the Scenes at the Museum" and Andrew Cowan's "Pig" so before you judge Harry Potter don't say "It's juvenile"...nobody wants to read really serious books all the time
  5. well, I'm using it, so what does that say?
  6. yeah not liking that pic of me, u can change that, I've decided I dont like it........... But the pink looks better as a background......defo:D I didnt get u all working on it-u said u'd make me 1 And Squeakybyte just went "Oh look Ive made u 1 too"
  7. that's the philosophers stone................
  8. Oh god I had loads....... Froggie (my surname is Rivett, don't laugh, I'll crush u like an ant!) Riv Rebs Bex wid da X to mention a few..........
  9. Yeah, a book IS a book and I'd say some of the content is too complicated even for my 9 yo sis to understand. And I know who dies, I think most people have found even by now by flicking thru the book......why or why is it them??? They're too nice!!! :cry:
  10. V, is there a story behind it or wot? I'd try n race him w00t in my car obviously............
  11. Miller magnum I'm loving that desktop w00t
  12. Oh yeah, just read beginning of thread, I'm on AOhell too C-girl, it's been playing up a lot with me too grrrrr
  13. a small amount of time and I read 150 pages, I aint gonna have anything 2 read on holiday! I was supposed to save it but I got like 2 weeks 2 go til then and I just couldnt w8!meh!
  14. Im glad people love their animals so much
  15. omg i thought it was just me I had to doubly load everything ie I typed addy+pressed enter It then went on to auto msn search clicked addy again it worked! weird........
  16. Yeah I checked back my amazon order I ordered it 17th jan, the same day as they announced the release date, what at bargain, it was half price!!! And my card went thru this time, it kept rejecting it last time All good, hope we get post early tomorrow, it doesnt usually come til midday-and there's all the people in our village moaning when it dont get there @ 8am....*tuts*
  17. beccatigger


    wow, thats so cool, it's mesmerising OH MY GOD< OBEY SQUEAKY BYTE
  18. or you can come drive my daddys combine harvester
  19. Look hunny enjoy your childhood. I started working when i was 15 and believe me, I've had no job for a month now, I have no money!!! It's weird, I cant control my spending or anything so just b happy with the money u got@the mo. Also, u'll have so much less time. I got a job working as a lab assistant at the corn maltings nr me this summer (hmm, could it b I got the job cos my dad sends his corn there??!) But here are a few jobs for you to do: 1)Cook all them pizzas for that party I'm having 2)Tidy my scary cupboard (I accept no liability for falling objects henceforth) 3)Sort out my laptop (it doesnt like u right clicking open programs on taskbar to close them) 4)Sort out all my A-level papers for a big bonfire On second thoughts, finding urself a rich girl is probably wiser in the long run...plus if u marry an old one, when she cops it u'll get the dough...
  20. Very scary.... I mean, what's the point? It's like adopting one of those animals, u aint never gonna c it, u dont own it and he's a student, he'll only use it to buy beer...
  21. Well done I got the task of creating our school website....I have like nothing to work with ours is appalling check it out My current school website Hmmm, u dont think they used frontpage do you?
  22. OK OK, changed it back now
  23. yes shaft u better b sorry
  24. Yes the new sig is here, after SEVERAL disasters with graphics programs and owing to the fact I cant get on with PSP5 I have made this using GIMP (which I made the background with) and Paint (dont ask!) ANyways, views r appreciated... Shaft's making me a cool one to replace it with soon

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