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  1. The Only thing I have been able to do, in regards of getting Windows 2000 Pro installed, is by using BWC overbloated version, taking 2 hours to install or so - going BIOS IDE, F5 and Standard PC and then I get passed that dangerous point and see my Harddrive. With everything else I either have blue screen or hanging. Anyone knows what BWC have installed for making it at least work with IDE??? I have yet to get through the door with AHCI.... But I'm not complaining about his overbloated version, just so you know which one I am speaking about - I'm more then happy that it at least works, even with all those extra installations that it does at entering windows the first time.
  2. Yea I did see that while reading, although I'm just not sure about the drivers. I have like, I think the right drivers from the Chipset folder BUT, they are PnP... Can PnP drivers be run from the F6 menu??? I have seemingly found 3 other ATA packages but... I'm having a real hard time getting anything to work. I think I have found the BWC ATA drivers, but not sure if that has the supported, then from the Cow Guy actually having the drivers I think I need in Textboot but I get an error on the Sys file I think it is... Then I found this other Cat AHCI website but I'm confused on the information and not sure how to install, and the tries I've done, did not work. I need some help here!!! As far as I know, my driver is N- and J- series AHCI - 0F23 and the files for that is named vlv2ahci - but the original drivers trying to slipstream does only give me the PnP option. Now of cause some of these other drivers, like the Cow guy drivers does give me the Text boot option but it makes an error while beginning the install about the Sys file being corrupt as far as I recall. The other I've tried gives me other issues and errors.... I'm not sure I am installing it correctly, or doing it correctly, so SOS!!! So if I get the F6 thing to work, do I still need Text boot drivers or does PnP work???
  3. Okay... It seems the Drivers needs to be integrated in nLite as textmode to be loaded before the installation, I did not know that, then the problem is that the drivers I have in my chipset folder only gives me the PNP option when adding them. Well.... At least I learned they need to be in textmode... So... I need some SATA packages to test out I guess again and have a try to see if anything works out. Does the Disk drive also need to be textmode drivers or can you do PNP if you use the F6 Disk option for installing the drivers? -edit- I think I might have found the very specific driver... Maybe... I'll try it out. has the same number as the one installed on WES7 0F23 - from the Cow guy picture. Okay image burned, the time of truth. So... I ended up just taken that specific one, as I'm... pretty sure, it should work. I hope. The Moment of truth... there we go... Windows 2000 Setup, well.... Lets see what it does. It should unlock the door gently. Come on!!! Here are the website: https://winraid.level1techs.com/t/modded-intel-ahci-and-raid-drivers-digitally-signed/19691 Says iaStor.sys is corrupted.... what... I'll try again... that can't be. No corrupted again.... Argh give me a break. Last try and then bed time. .... Error bed time... "#¤%¤%¤/("!#
  4. ""Installation note 3: As you can see, there are two versions of VBEMP driver for Windows 2000/XP/2003/PE - PnP and LEGACY. And there are VBE20 and VBE30 driver types. What is it for: PnP-version: for Plug'n'Play-cards only (i.e. PCI/AGP/PCIe Bus). LEGACY-version: for nonPnP-cards (i.e. ISA/VLB/MCA Bus) and also for WinPE direct VGA.SYS replacement. VBE30-version: supports refresh rate switching mechanism (you need a VBE30-compatible card and a CRT display to make this stuff work). These refresh rates are supported: 50,60,70,72,75,80,85,90,100,120,140,144,150,160,170,200,240. Separately supported modes: 800x600x56Hz, 1024x768x43 interlaced. If you ever see 55 Hz in mode list it means - default or safe refresh. VBE20-version: does NOT support refresh rate switching mechanism (use it, if you have a non-CRT monitor or your card is NOT VBE30 compatible). This version is HIGHLY recommended for use in virtualization environment (Bochs, QEMU, VMware...)."" Okay, one more thing nailed, seems VBE30 is supported on the slim with Refresh rate, so I'll just throw out the VBE20!!! One less thing to think about. There is also this hardware acceleration graphic, but do not know if it makes any difference on this. I think the WES7 usually sets the Hertz to 60 by default, so I guess I'll do the same with Windows 2000 Pro. I can't remember how Hertz and FPS is different.... Jup it sets it to 60 hertz by default I'll do the same in w2k for now. Great one less thing...
  5. This unit uses around 3-7 watts and have 2 Celeron CPU cores 64 bit and Intel HD Graphics and some Realtek sound ALC231, more data here: https://www.parkytowers.me.uk/thin/wyse/3030/ - and if you can find, also some collected here for now but somewhat messy of all kinds of notations : https://jesusgod-pope666.info/portableapps.php Comes with WES7 (Windows Embedded Standard 7 32bit - just another form of Windows 7) and standard code F94KQ-WJBTW-YR6MK-K7TGX-69F4C*1 (works for BOTH 32 AND 64 bit Vanilla installation on this specific unit), which I have sorted the 64 bit version in vanilla to fully MS update, mostly slip streamed including all the drivers, and nearly completed for release, I'll make another topic later in the Windows 7 area. If you buy a cheap unit from Ebay or something, I have weeks and sadly most likely even more of work into the installation with drivers for you to have, although not the fastest machine but it works okay! Progress, installed w2k with BIOS: IDE setting, F5 at startup installation, Standard PC with BlackWingCat installation *Can't find the link at the moment*, made the door open for the Harddrive and further progress for full install, both CD and USB key have been successful. I hope to also make a vanilla installation work but for now I'm locked out on that, so for now I am using what works and just seeing windows 2000 pro run is utterly amazing!!! Lots of reading and researching I have lots of things to check out when my brain is fresh and hope I can sort it out. Network drivers found and installed and working! Took me some tries of downloading different things as usual, but after a good number of tries I finally found something that made it work! With that I have used Driver Max and later also got Snappy Driver +30GB of drivers for a help, sadly all other Driver apps has failed on Windows 2000 Pro, if anyone knows of others please write! I used multiple on WES7 64bit and ended up keeping 7 although 2 was prime, the former mentioned of Driver Max and Driver Easy. I just used them to find and update all the drivers on WES7 32 bit, why... dunno... I just did today because I could. Maybe someone else can use it, who knows. Graphic drivers on the w2k after trying 3 days with all sorts of things, trial and error found out about the Universal drivers VBE20 and VBE30 which both works on the unit for 2D graphics, using the 2015 version *I think you need to pay for the newer version*, although not sure what the difference is between the two and have not looked further into it. I still hope to get the main drivers to work somehow but it was still a huge victory feeling after finally getting out of 640*480, hopefully someone can help me out on things or I get it to work myself although chances are slim on the later. https://bearwindows.zcm.com.au/vbemp.htm *If the main drivers can be installed it should be able to do 720p video, I have run up to 1080p 60 frames in WES7 but that is the maximum and was on the machine itself, on the internet 720p seems to be max which is more then fine! Although thinking about it, I have not tested Universal drivers with video yet but I don't expect much* I think this is the Chipset package for Windows 2000: https://www.station-drivers.com/download/intel/chipset/ReleaseNotes_9.4.4.1006.htm But I have yet to get the AHCI to work at install, but there are AHCI drivers in the package and the Snappy Driver program did use this multiple times for installing drivers on the system, and the names does seem to be correct compared to the WES7 drivers so I have extracted that package and lo and behold there is also AHCI drivers found in the folder so... I would think these should work but I do not know. Sound does not work... I don't know why... I have found this last update to windows 2000 called WDM R274 which has this KB888111 thing to install as well to make it show up in the Device manager in the first place - and was looking for the right INF file to run, by checking WES7 32 and 64 bit versions that goes specifically only for the machines hardware, I located 2 INF, although in the end w2k ended up finding things, 2 in total was found to be chosen, whereas one had the same name as the WES7 32 bit. HDARt.inf and the other was HDA.inf... but nothing seems to work. I can only see one CPU in the Task Manager, although it runs pretty good, but of cause I would like to see both CPU being used! Anyone have a solution for this? Dunno why this would not work out of the box overall... w2k pro does support up to 2 CPU's correct? RAM is also only using the 3.020.260 KB, not a biggie at the moment but as I understand one can bypass it so it have access to all 16GB, although it is kinda overkill with this system, I bought it to see if it would work in the unit, and it does, but expensive and mostly unneeded because of the small CPU you likely will not push for so many Tabs in the browser so you use above 8 GB, and if you do, a Page file can be used. 8GB DRRL is much cheaper and easier to get then 16GB which are rather expensive and as far as I can see, overkill anyway. Okay I think I got most of the data written down, I know there is more - but anyone that wanna help out, please do. At the moment I have near updated both w2k that I have installed with what I can find and update. I hope to do a double driver extraction so it will be easy to install all of them easily. At least so far so good. May Jehovah be with you, Jayshua a most precious Pearl and their Spirit of Truth in us all. Sharing is Caring - Darkijah *1 https://gist.github.com/RaduTek/5fe83ec0834c0d64ff2d0ea98bcd64f8#file-windows-embedded-standard-7-txt-L3 As a Foot Note, if anyone wanna talk some geek talk on Windows 2000 Pro, I do have a mobile that can call free to a lot of nations - so I can further get into it and exchange some words on this system to further help me progress. Everything will be shared, and hopefully a package of w2k double drive collection will soon be ready if anyone wanna come jump the wagon, get a cheap DELL unit and help out. It already looks pretty good, so if further nailing of things can be done, this could become pretty awesome as a cheap low energy consuming unit that runs on 12 volts, I have it running from a power bank from a car plug! Cheap DELLS can be found here if anyone wanna come on board, but remember a power supply with the unit, at least for the plug is nice to have: https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313&_nkw=DELL+N03D+3290&_sacat=0
  6. Uhh, God is Good!!! I think I just might have found a solution to try out: http://wp.xin.at/archives/2702 You guys most likely know it... dunno... But I will be trying that out tomorrow!!! How awesome if it worked.
  7. Well, it worked, although used the edited Black Wing Cat version and still had to go IDE in BIOS, use F5 and Standard computer to get to the hard drive - but that as well with the CD-ROM install... I think I have found the AHCI drivers for the DELL N03D system, in a Chip set package that Snappy driver took a good amount of drivers from for install, but I don't have a USB disk drive to test out but there are some AHCI drivers found in that Chipset folder that I have extracted from the Snappy Driver zip, although it is also found on the internet. Here is the data sheet: https://www.station-drivers.com/download/intel/chipset/ReleaseNotes_9.4.4.1006.htm Is there a way I can incorporate them somehow? The USB install thing have these 2 top options for something, has that something to do with that, could I make my own for these AHCI drivers or something? I tried slip streaming the Chipset drivers but the only thing I got out of that was that I lost my mouse and keyboard at administrator screen so I could not get any further. Maybe... I could have entered safe mode and sorted it.... I do not know if the drivers was actually slip streamed as I did not get any further then the login screen. But clearly the AHCI was none working at the beginning and still had to do the IDE in BIOS and use F5 and Standard Computer to get further at the beginning. Thanks for the making of the program by the way! May Jehovah be with you, Jayshua a most precious pearl and their Spirit of Truth in us all, Amayn. - Darkijah
  8. @jaclaz Any idea of how to get my second Kernel shown and used? Just thinking of how well one CPU does, two would be absolutely awesome. Of cause getting the Graphic drivers to work would also be very neat. I hope I get everything sorted!!! It feels like home and my long lost wife of youthful love.
  9. I'll take a look, it worked very well when I figured it out. Although for safety and ruling out any issue, I have used the CD-ROM to install the last couple of times. But seems to be working very well but after getting some blue screens when updating drivers I went back to the CD-Rom installation just to rule that out and have one less factor. But don't think it had anything to do with the USB install, just did it to be sure. Thanks for the Information.
  10. We should make a Chat Room for us Windows 2000 Pro Geeks! On XMPP so we can easily get in contact.
  11. The idea I have for the moment is to fully update a windows 2000 pro system and use double driver to pull the drivers out for easy install. I hope it works... I have 2 Windows 2000 pro systems I am testing and using at the moment. I have crashed the system 2 times at least with some driver updates... but overall, things are going pretty good! It will just take me some more time to get further, and some of the things I can handle myself to a point with exchange of time little by little. But... Would be nice to see the 3D work on the Intel HD Graphics... but for now... the using the universal drivers for 2D which works very well. I'm looking into the sound at the moment, trying things out and hoping I hit something that works at some point like the rest of the stuff. I've used DriverMax as well, I can get 2 drivers a day. Every other Driver app I've tried has not worked with w2k, ANYONE know of any other I can try??? On Windows 7 I had +7 driver apps I used in combination to get fully updated finding all the missing once and updating everything. Worked wonderful, although still time consuming. But here, I only have 1 app so far that can check for drivers so it makes it somewhat harder. Ohhh yea, I forgot - I also used that other driver app... Snabby Driver downloading the 30 GB, and then again updating and failing on the way and then again 33 GB downloading to get it fully updated... that was something in that, that lead my system into ruin twice.... but anyway... it was helpful non the less for sure leading me to find my chipset drivers which seem to have the ACHI but I have not been able to slipstream it, having it working. I need a disk drive to try it out to see if it works I guess as slipstreaming drivers did nothing but to ruin the keyboard and mouse at the entry administrator to windows so I could not get any further, tried twice with same result.
  12. Well... Still battling with it... took me 3 days to find out about V20 and V30.... So now I'm running above the 640*480 resolution!!! Although not sure what the difference is between the two drivers... both works for 2D. I have no sound at all in my system, but I have nearly updated all the drivers that I have been able to find. It is actually running pretty nice, although I only see 1 CPU and I know there is 2 kernels. I really would like to start from foundation and get a vanilla image to work for installation but.... as far as it goes I'm using: https://archive.org/details/w-2-k-bwc-dvd-rc-14a-en which worked to get me to the Harddrive with BIOS IDE, F5 and Standard computer opened the door for install. If any hardcore w2k nerd are willing to have a talk over the phone I might be able to call you to have a nerd talk. Depends on the nation but I have got long list of free calls to nations
  13. Out of the box I have yellow flags at: Standard floppy disk controllers Secondary IDE Channel Microsoft PS/2 Mouse Realtek PCI GBE Family Controller PCI Device PCI Device Video Controller (VGA Compatible) There is no floppy and no PS/2 in the client so... Network drivers should be sorted soon again. And... Then it would be nice if I could get the graphic drivers to work so I can get away from the painful low resolution which tends to block buttons and all. App for making an windows 2000 USB installation is called WinSetupFromUSB by the way!!!
  14. I did have my eyes on this as well but my first try is DELL N03D and hopefully it will be the end game. But here the second was: >>>>>>> Dell Wyse Vx0LE C7 Eden 1.2GHz 44pin harddrive / 1GB Ram 12V 12-15W (WEXP): http://www.ebay.de/itm/371505095982 http://www.ebay.com/itm/352548602837 http://www.ebay.com/itm/202590981179 <<<<<<< More information on my website JesusGod-Pope666.Info in the portable app section!

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