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  1. Ahh prefetch There is so much BS spread about it ...enable/disable..how often to clear etc Heres the scoop, according to...well, me 1) Install Windows 2) install applications 3) clear prefetch - you want to do it now because it will have prefetch data for all your setup .exe's and .msi's etc, and you dont need those fetched at boot 4) reboot 5) go about your life and once every 3 months or so (or more if youre installing lots of software) clear it 6) worry about more important things.....
  2. Okay, so i am booting a usb key with grub4dos on it Ive set my BIOS (im on an Intel genuine 845 MB) to boot to USB, and set the primary drive to the usb key (i have 2 hdd's in the PC as well). When i boot the key, i get: Trying hd(0,0).....nada Trying hd(0,1).....nada Trying hd(0,2).....nada Trying hd(0,3).....found Obviously i need the key to be hd(0,0) for some of the commands in my menu.lst to work, for example i need to remap hd(0,0) to hd(0,1): map (hd0) (hd1) etc The menu entries that dont rely on set partition info work fine, i am using find -setroot without issue Any ideas? Ive tried all the sane things i could think of.....just need to make the key hd(0,0)
  3. Im with jaclaz, imgburn is great Id also add burnaware free edition is great as well, never burned a bad CD/DVD with either of them
  4. Its designed to run on Vista SP1, so: It isnt designed to run on PE based on XP, like BartPE or UBCD You could try it on a Windows Vista based PE, like WinBuilder's Vista PE (www.winbuilder.net), but you would have to create the script for this yourself, unless theres one already made, which i doubt
  5. The best, by far, been using it for years: Jim Willshers' Bulk Rename Utility
  6. Heres something to read and be aware of, hope it helps: From Microsoft
  7. Hmmm, usually we prefer facts.... jaclaz I think that over the years youve picked up my subtle way of answering questions Gotta go, its Mozarella night.... @All As for UniSATA, for anyone who thinks one pst doesnt mean theres no help available, the boot-land forums are full of some of the most knowledgable people wasting their lives on internet forums ive had the good grace to know. If it doesnt work for you, simply, as jaclaz points out, posy a message, it will get answered.
  8. Perhaps you need to visit autoItscript.com and you'll see its not as you describe "mostly to automate button clicks" and also not "a LOT of ppl see as a last resort". Ive written entire applications using it, including a Ghost clone thats indistinguishable form the real thing in every detail Its as powerful, if not more, no actually more, than anything you can come up with in a console, its free and is growing all the time due to one of the most active forums on the net. And it DOES NOT need any program installed to run it, you complie your scripts to an .exe file.
  9. Why not use AutoIt for this, the bonus apart from easier conditional programming is that you get a gui, so you dont have to suffer console screens......
  10. I dont use WPI, but i assume it could write registry keys? If so, why not write a registry key of your choice, and script it so that WPI is launched until you dont need it anymore, then clear the registry key...never underestimate the value of registry keys and batch files......
  11. 1 word: TestDisk: here I have used to it to get back 120Gb on one occaision that a user had managed to kill by deleting the partition table and formatting the drive. I got EVERY byte back with it. Did i mention its free? Get the DOS version or use the LIVE CD
  12. Hmm have you tried something insane like copying and pasting each of the .exe lines into say Google?? The first search result is usually going to be what you are looking for Some people really need spoonfeeding
  13. Even paid AV programs do this..... They wouldnt be any good if they did ignore it. Some AV software, i use Kaspersky, flags it as "suspicious" or gives purely informational feedback on it. It because of the compression "packed executable" used and thats written to the header. A good rule of thumb is to where possible get the source code to the script and compile the script yourself. If its only offered as an .exe do what i do, ask for the sourcecode giving the reason why...you want to compile it yourself and avoid any possible virus infection. Oftentimes you can also offer to contribute to the script. Merely asking the author isnt a sign of mistrust, if theyre a sane person, they will understand. Most scripts out there are shareware usually, so unless theyre charging money, its my experience that a request for sourcecode shouldnt be a problem. Otherwise, read the warning and decide yourself. Overall, you really dont want your AV not to tell you about things like this!
  14. I thought id give this a try, despite thinking it would make no difference as i already partition my drive similarly and install windows, apps, pagefile and docs to different partitions. There is no performance gain if you already partition your drive sensibly like a sane person and move your pagefile, apps and docs to offworld partitions. The benefit though, and the only reason im sticking to it, is the mount points Far easier to mount a drive for apps into c:\program files\ than trying to re-path all your apps to any drive other than c:\program files\ ! Im glad that the post exists, it might get people into using sane data separation strategies!
  15. Umm how about getting something decent like MySQL and PHP working together like any other sane non-ASP person would Oh and a copy of PHPMaker from here PHPMaker will generate PHP code for you from a database...saves you tons of time. If you really must stick with ASP, then the above site also has a similar tool called ASPMaker available. Either one will make your dreams of creating a user editable front end happen much quicker.
  16. As a long time fan of BartPE and the CD Forum, not to mention being creator of a few BartPE plugins im disturbed to see You will not find much in these forums on Barts. This forum deal mostly in pure MS OPK PE. Exqueeze me? We roll our own thanks very much, and have nothing to do with MS OPK PE whatsoever, in fact if you check out your history WE actually have had some influence on MS's latest version of PE. I and a few others got Plug&Play working on our PE around a year ago (i made the first mass used P&P plugin from my own and others input) MS at the time was saying it couldnt be done and even the Developer Network newsgroup kiddies laughed at us. Guess who: 1) Isnt laughing and hasnt been for nearly a year 2) Just added driver loading to their PE We did it without the one advantage Ms had over us....source code. But then noones ever going to see that outside of redmond.................... I smile everytime i play a DVD in PowerDVD (dualviewed via my Nvidia card to my TV and in 7.1 Surround Sound) on my BartPE build Anyways................. If you actually do go to www.911cd.net/forums and then the pebuilder section and then go to the plugins section, you will find THE largest collection of plugins for BartPE Pebuilder, in fact this is the clearinghouse if you like to think of it that way. For the terminally lazy theres a direct link here to the plugins forum Some posts contain diretc links to the plugins, some go off site You can try some of the off site ones by visiting: Paragliders Site - has many plugins available and is a large contributor to the whole BartPE thing. Sherpya's Site - again has many plugins avilable, most famous for his XPE Shell.....makes PE look/act exactly like XP with the Fisher-Price wanky theme turned off My Site - You'll find a few plugins here, more to come, some being updated and if you look at my links page, there a link to msfn, which i check out religously!! I hope this helps
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