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  1. Hey Guys, Just wanted to know if WinPE 2005 free or do I need to buy a License for it ??? I know the Latest VistaPE is free but just heard from some where that WinPE 2005 requires a license. went on Microsoft site but could not find anything on this. Can any one clear this out for me. Thanks Viral
  2. "Unable to connect to BITS - 0x80070433. The dependency service does not exist or has been marked for deletion." When I am using x86 WinPE and its VistaPE. I built it from the latest WAIK. " Unable to connect to BITS - 0x80040154. Class not Registered ". When I am using x86 WinPE 2005.
  3. Hey Guys, I have searched the internet for weeks now trying to find out a way of using the Windows BITS Admin utility in Windows PE. Tried a lot of things but nothing comes even closer to running. Is it possible to use a utility like Bits admin in windows PE??? Considering the advantages that are present in bits admin it would be very very helpful to a lot of people if there would be a way of transferring files over the network with bandwidth monitoring. Any Ideas on how to do this ???? Thanks
  4. Hey Guys, I know that there is no provision of running .Net applications in Windows PE but when I go through the c:\winpe_x86\mount\Windows folder I see a .Net Framework folder which does contain the .Net framework 2.0 support files. Just wondering if that folder is present why is it that .Net applications do not work or are not made to work in windows PE. Just had this question and this looks like the best place to put this question. Any ideas why is it like that ?????? Thanks, Viral
  5. Thank you so much...your post helped me alot...I did manage to do atleast the dual boot and the one time boot in windows pe and then running the bootsect.exe /N52 to allow normal XP booting...The only thing i would like to inform you is that in your post you didnt mention anything about copying the winpe.wim file to the c:\win\winpe.wim. apart from that it was a great help. Thanx a ton
  6. Basically im trying to implement an automated reload...where the image of the drive is available and an application running in XP which will make some changes to the the existing working system and will reboot it so that it will boot up in windows pe where i can run another application that would format the existing drive, copy the .wim image file and using imagex deploy the image back on the drive. so thats why i would need to change files but as u can see i have PE 2.x which runs on bootmgr and the XP system runs on NTLDR its not working for me so i would have to some how save the existing XP setting make changes so that it would allow the bootmgr to control the booting and then boot only windows pe. I hope you guys are getting me.
  7. Hey Guys, I have been working on windows PE 2.x since a while I have managed to image the drive using imagex and deploy that image back to the drive from Windows PE using imagex. The next thing i am trying to do is to reboot into windows PE. Say for example i have windows XP running and i wanna make some files changes in windows Xp and reboot and the computer boots in windows PE. later on from windows pe i can revert those changes and get booted back in windows XP I tried a lot of things but they just dont work the contents of my Win PE iso files are boot.sdi bootmgr etfsboot.com imagex.exe Wimscript.ini [boot ] folder [fonts] bcd boot.sdi bootfix.bin etfsboot.com [EFI] folder [sources] folder boot.wim i tried looking into winpe.chm but all the walkthroughs in there start with booting into windows PE from a CD or USB drive. I dont wanna do that. I am trying to make it totally zero touch and without using GHOST files. Can any one tell me how to do this. Thanx in advance
  8. Hey ... i have been using Visual basic 6.0 for a while now...but I have a new requirement in which I have absolutely no idea...I am supposed to write my own code to transfer files over the Network using the BITS interface in Visual Basic 6.0 ... I tried searching online but havent been able to get some clear/easy to understand information... can any one help me out over here ?????
  9. Hey ... I have been building application in Visual basic 6.0 for some time now...but I have a new requirement on which i have absolutely no Idea... I am supposed to build me own code to transfer files from source to destination over the network using BITS in Visual basic 6.0 ....tried searching online but cannot seem to find some thing easy to understand... Can any one help me over here.

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