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  1. short Burning Sortware review

    Generally, what I can see from this tread straight away is that there are 3 main criteria used when picking a burning soft. 1) It has to be free (hey who wants to pay $100 for Nero)) 2) If you need a portable version. 3) What OS are you using. My review is not full, I just wanted to post it around so maybe someone would avoid paying money for the soft that is already free. Other people interested, I'm sure can write a couple of lines about the program they use and what makes it so special If the moderator doesn't like this tread you can close it...
  2. short Burning Sortware review

    Well it's not about how many programs you put in there, now is it? I've tried ImgBurn, Final Burner, DeepBurner Free Portable, BurnAware, CDBurnerXP, Disk Master, InfraRecorder, Star Burn and Ultimate CD/DVD Burner among freeware programs and ended up picking Express Burn among them coz it was simply faster and I loved that Express works with Windows starting from 98 (you need a win95 support? ), and mac. I wanted to but a free program compared to 100 bucks "media center tools" and see if I want to pay this hundred bucks. And who would read 3 page review of burners anyway?
  3. Poll and Discuss Burning Software

    I stopped using Nero a couple of years ago. Using it feels as if you entered the store to buy some cigarettes, but instead you find circus, with jugglers and magicians in there. Works soo slow... I was looking on several free DVD Burners and ended up using Express Burn for a long time now. It's a simple drag&drop. And it's the fastest CD/DVD writing program I've used.
  4. Favorite Game Style!

    What a question, of course RPG lol
  5. short Burning Sortware review

    Nero First thing first a monster. If you ask about burning soft, first reply you hear is Nero. Using it feels as if you entered the store to buy some cigarettes, but instead you find circus, with jugglers and magicians in there. Who needs all that crap when all you want is to burn some information on the disk. There is nothing easy about this program, since it tries to include all the multimedia functions, it became hard to do the main purpose of the program. Really it is as good as anything else. The price tag also scares you away, 3 times more expensive than any other program for this purpose. http://www.nero.com/ena/nero9-introduction.html Express Burn Simple and has everything you need to burn. My personal choice for those 2 reasons and the fact that I can also run it on mac, so I don't have to switch to PC every time. http://www.nch.com.au/burn/plus.html Roxio Creator Same thing as Nero only for 10 bucks extra. Edit movies like a pro, and other ad's on their page. Basically they claim that it is Final Cut/Photoshop, which happened to be also able to burn disks. I'm not buying it, what about you? http://www.roxio.com/enu/products/creator/...e/overview.html Burn Pro Same as Express Burn with the only difference, using same drive and same dvd's I had 3 errors in burning during a week of using it. http://www.mp3editorpro.com/burnpro/index.htm
  6. Good Video Editing Software

    I use Final Cut ... and advise it to everybody lol Seriously, I got a Prism for video converting, since it's a great tool you can try it http://www.nchsoftware.com/prism/index.html Personally I don't edit video much, so I found editor of the same company, VideoPad. It's good for simple tasks and works way faster than a MovieMaker and all that crap. You can see the page, but them don't have a trial for it. http://www.nchsoftware.com/videopad/index.html
  7. help selecting a PDA

    I agree with the statement that pda era is over. I had Palm Tungsten T and HP 4700. Generally I would say that Pocket PC (Windows) is much more useful. But to be honest, with today's prices for Tablet PC's and tiny laptops I wouldn't consider getting a pda.
  8. GTA IV coming to PC

    I bought Xbox last year, just because of it Add-on is pretty great too, just finished it a couple of days ago. May be it will be out for PC in 2010 lol They are killing PC gaming...
  9. Fallout 3

    I finished it and the first add on, just coz I'm a huge fan of the game. But I have to confess that I'm a fan of an Interplay game. #'d one seems like an atomic bomb feel down on oblivion => it's short, and boring. It doesn't have all the great atmosphere of the first and second games...
  10. Hi there

    Hi, nice to meet you all. I've been reading MSFN for a while now, it's time to post stuff, right?)
  11. Hello Everyone

    Same-same Reading is always more fun than writing