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  1. any good guide for this? and successfully tested .inf ? keep getting errors or restart while testing in VirtualBox. I removed alot of thing, and again, not sure what can be removed and can not. Therefore, need some help... (any link of good guide?) Overall, this is a great software! One major issue that I hope could improve in the future version is the processing time. Really take a while to get it done. (CPU P8700, 2.53 Ghz, yet, still experience slow in process..)
  2. Windows 7 & vLite *DEPRECATED*

    one question: i used win7elite64.ini , one problem is that i can't turn on windows firewall. Which tweak relates to it? can somebody help me plz, thanks for much!
  3. though still dont completely understand what u said, but it works now, thanks for the help.
  4. the one show in the pic is a iso file, delete? and move?? dont quite get what you mean, great mara- ~~ but i did copy all files from that iso to my root, c , then delete the setup.exe, and copy the other one under file/setup setup.exe to root, and try, it works~ y this time is aliitle bit complicated??? did i do anything wrong previously?? thanks for help
  5. Always say thanks to all the pogrammers whom made this great software, save alot update time, thanks for the wonderful job!! I used 1.7.3 to integrate office 03 August patches, all cool. Today, i download september patches, and try to ingegrate with newest 1.7.4 version, but when i browse the setup.exe, error message popped up, first time, wonder y, and did i do something wrong?? Please help, thanks for much cant find 1.7.3 anymore~~ so cant test with that version and see whether something wrong with my iso file or??
  6. i used nlite v1.4.6 to integrate KB951376. When finished, I tested on VM, and tried windows update, this update was still there, anything went wrong?? i integrated this updates with other 6 or 7, should i inetreage it individually???
  7. wonderful work, always have to say this first, thanks for the great software, it really save alot of update time, great!! just a small question, i think, v1.5.5 ,when integrate hotfix, i can select multi files at one time, ex: if i just download three updates, i can select all after, and integrate them at one time. but seems to me that v1.6 cannot do that, i have to integrate one by one. and if i dont want this update, neither backspace or detele works once hotfix is selected, ~~ is it my problem or??? THanks for the great work again!
  8. Need Help with nlite 1.41, please~~

    just test with DotNetFx_All_In_1_Addon_v2.7z , cool, this time work, perfect, new installed windows include framework, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, and 3.5 , everything is cool, thanks again, thank you!
  9. Need Help with nlite 1.41, please~~

    thanks, yes, it works, finally, itunes is successfully opened. Thanks to all!! U guys are the best!! Also, can i ask few more questions? I am also intereted with Net Framework, and i saw the topic above mine, and dwonlaod that edit 2 link "DotNetFx_All_In_1_Addon_v2.7z " ,tried to integrate with nlite, but failed~~~ then i went to RogueSpear's Forums, ( thanks to mara- again for providing) and checked out some of the framework addon. I saw the framework 3.5 actually included 2.0 sp1 and 3.0 sp1, so, i thought integrate "Microsoft .NET Framework V1.1 SP1 & Visual J# Runtimes V1.1 " and "Microsoft .NET Framework V3.5 - Full "would do the job, they both passed through integration through nlite, but when tested on vmware for the installation of new windows, only 1.1 shown in add/remove, no 3.5, what happen?? Basically, the questions are: 1) is it like we only need 1.1, sp1, securty patch to 1.1 and 3.5 , 'cause 3.5 includes 2 and 3. So it's automatically 1.1, 2.0,3.0 and 3.5?? is that concept correct??? 2) (new babies to nlite too, if there is a tutorial, will be happy to look at them and learn) but what is via Runonce / Runone.EX ??? is it the same in the tap next to General says Runonce, Command to add ??? 3) the most important question, how to integrate 3.5? i downloaded Microsoft .NET Framework V3.5 - Full from RogueSpear's, but how to work with them? Thanks again for solving itunes, thanks!
  10. Need Help with nlite 1.41, please~~

    thanks for telling, yea, it works, winamp ,new version, support ipod for sync song, but one more problem, i can sync song, but can't recharge!!! i have that mini ipod shuffle, has to oepn itunes and get recharge, winamp cannot recharge my ipod, oh my god, so close~~~~
  11. Need Help with nlite 1.41, please~~

    yes, i did, i started with new set of files. following attatchment is the new changes, PS: I dont want to waste cd, and dont know how to use win-pe, therefore, i tested on VMware 6.0.2 lite version, ok right?? if next time doesn't work, give up itunes, and if there is an alternative way to sync song to my ipod, i will definitely not going to install itunes, dont like it and use it at all!! Last_Session.ini
  12. Need Help with nlite 1.41, please~~

    -__- not working~~~ itunues, still, oh my~~ i unchecked the midi support, and on remove section, i only kept those default, clcik, and two .bmp files, still~~ itunes coudn't start.
  13. Need Help with nlite 1.41, please~~

    those in keep or remove section are copied from some "pros", ha ha ,i dont know about them actually~~~ so, ur suggestion is to remove those in remove section ??? and uncheck MIDI audio?? what abot that update? and NET Framework, and can i remove windows media player and media player 6.4 since i am going to integrate media player 11?? last time u helped me lo, this time again, i still remember u , thanks for help, thank you!!!!
  14. Need Help with nlite 1.41, please~~

    Thanks for the great work, nlite is really amazing, cool!! I attached my setting, hopefully it will help. Here comes my problems: 1) iTune 7.50 cannot start, nothing shows up~~~quicktime player is good (they come together, which totally dont like that~~). and when i open itune, and windows task manager, it is running, but nothing shows up on the screen, anything wrong with my changes?? 2)"Update for Windows XP (KB934238) This update contains improvements to the printing components on your system and to the Microsoft XPS Document Writer. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer. Once you have installed this item, it cannot be removed. " cannot be installed. Installation Failure ,Error Code: 0x80242006 . 3)Is there any way to integrate Net Framework 1.1, 2. 3 ??? they are like 150 MB more, and eveytime need to update them, takes a while~~ 4)I integrated wmp11, and in multimedia section, there are windows media player and windows media player 6.4, can i remove them too?? Thanks for the help!!! LAST_SESSION.INI
  15. no, it didn't help, message still display, anyway, i am going to uncheck those 4 things, codec, midi , media, and 6.4 , and hopefully it will be fine. i forgot one question though. my labtop has a card reader function. i was using regular windows xp system, and i plugged my memory card into the adaptor, and to the notebook, it worked. but since i use the edited version of xp with nlite, i can't use the memory card function anymore. everytime when i insert my card into that card reader on my labtop, blue screen, dont remember exactly what the message say, but it's like "bad pool.... " something, something i did wrong with nlite?? delete too much?? actually one, just remember, one the taskbar, i usually show those connection monitor on taskbar, those two mini computer thing, and this problem came with edited version too, something, the connection is on, but that monitor keeps showing accquiring address~~ (i use both wireless and lan) but it does not matter, sometimes it shows connected, but soemthing it just keep accuqiring address where it is already connected. not a big problem tough, but just wonder what happen~~anyway to fix it??? (so that if it's connected, just show connected, not accquiring address)