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  1. I've been stressing myself out for the past hour, I bought a 5.25" floppy drive for about $250 AUD brand new from floppydisks.com. When it's plugged in and all ready, the only signs of life I hear is a faint buzzing sound from the drive. Only 1 drive shows up in the bios, and changing the setting to 5.25 1.2mb and unplugging the other drive does absolutely nothing. No reading light and no spinning. Going into dos and typing A: just prints a "Seek Error" Does the 775i65g even support 5.25" drives? It has the option in the bios but nothings happening.
  2. Haven't tried 2.8, I'll give it a try it later when I get home
  3. Always exciting when there's a new release, I noticed the latest FamiTracker works now with 4.5.2015.13. Maybe I should post that on the program compatibility thread.
  4. Apple is usually notorious for ending iOS support early whenever they make a new phone, I'd say wait.
  5. I'm wondering this too, I've always had to comment on here with my Windows 7 PC or my phone. Apparently SeaMonkey 2.32 is the best browser for 98, I've never tried it though. I'll try it soon and test it on MSFN when I get the chance! EDIT: f*** me, I can't get SM 2.32 working no matter what stubs etc I add...
  6. Oh hell no! I just watched the nerd play it on youtube instead.
  7. Oh shizzle! Good luck!
  8. Ah, I'm on the 2.0 board so that makes sense, pretty sure mine doesn't support Wolfdale. However I did get a decent Celeron 775 socket CPU for about $5 on ebay
  9. 10 Years late, but is someone able to explain what this does exactly? Is it just another Unofficial Service pack?
  10. Not sure if the 775i65g even supports that CPU. AFAIK, it only supports Celeron D and some Pentium 4 CPU's. Doubt there would be a bios mod for it.
  11. Yeah I find this is the only website where people don't say "WHY YOU STILL RUNNING 98!? UPGRADE TO 7 HURR DURR". But as LoneCrusader said, the power supply doesn't matter unless it doesn't have enough wattage. My 98 system has a 650W PSU that came with the case and works fine.
  12. Try having a look in device manager as it might come up as "Unknown device" or something similar. If it is, you could try pointing the new driver to wherever the Dell sound drivers were extracted.
  13. First floppy disks and now VHS??!?
  14. Hmm, is there a way to fake the NT system version along with it?
  15. Might be waaay over-thinking here and might sound dumb, but what if it's possible to create a stub kernel32.dll in the chrome folder which inheritances everything from the regular windows kernel32.dll but has the GetThreadID function along with others chrome uses now? Or is it just simply not possible at all?

  17. Sidenote I'm using sata drives with the 775i65g motherboard, it supports a compatibility mode where it emulates sata drives as IDE. However it makes the 2nd IDE port not work. No idea whether it supports 48-bit.
  18. I recently also bought a WG511v2, it's basically a PCMCIA version of the usb WG111v2. Sidenote: For some reason they mailed me two of them but only had to pay for one. The software looks almost the same and also has WPA2 support. However I could not get this to work on either of my 2x98SE laptops. I can only get None/WEP/WPA-PSK to actually connect and get an IP address, but it can still see the WPA2 network. If I try to actually connect, it flickers slowly with an unlocked/locked padlock icon so I never get an IP (and the "Now connected to the internet" message), OR it just simply bluescreens and I can't skip it. The WG111v2 USB actually worked and fully connected with WPA2, but it may randomly bluescreen also. I got a new router since and now the USB one has the exact same problem as the WG511v2 PCMCIA card where it never gets an IP (or just simply bluescreens).
  19. I was just wondering whether or not it fixes the 137gb limit out of all the patches it has? I hope I haven't posted in the wrong section here...
  20. I know that there is a wireless USB adapter (NetGear WG111v2), and it supports Windows 98 with WPA2 support. Only problem is while the adapter is plugged in, Windows 98 freezes/bluescreens a lot more.
  21. This is great! I can see the future, "WINDOWS XP IS OLD GRRR GET A NEWER OS LIKE WINDOWS 98743!" And we'll get Kernelex for Windows XP and Aero Heheh

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