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  1. Damn... It's been 3 years already? Not sure if any of you are curious but I did get a LS-120 drive off Ebay.com, I had to private message some people to post to Australia but I got there in the end.
  2. I'd like to help but I have almost no knowledge in reverse engineering and programming kernels etc. Best I can do run it on real hardware. It makes me kinda sad that Wine for Linux is able to run more software than XP now simply due to DLL function names getting renamed/updated in newer windows OS's.
  3. Hmm looks like on Ver: 58.X.X.X, it just shows a warning that Vista is no longer supported but the pages are working. (Although, this is with the Chrome X64 version, I can't choose XP as compatibility anymore) It wasn't long ago when I tried this and every page was blank/didn't load and had an icon of a sadface as the favicon on the tab.
  4. Fun fact: Running chrome with windows Vista/XP compatibility in Windows 7 does this same thing. I believe it's intentional.
  5. I've been trying to find an internal LS-120 drive (imation?). Since my motherboard only lets me have 1 drive at a time, I can't use the 5.25" and the 3.5" without unplugging one whenever I want to use it. So I'd get a superdisk one instead since it uses IDE and is backwards compatible. Problem is, I can't even find one, looking all over ebay.com.au just shows the disks themselves. On ebay.com I can find some but none deliver to Australia. So what would be the best place to get one?
  6. I just found out that playing MP3 files in Windows Media Player 9 crashes it with: ModName: kexcom.dll ModVer: Offset: 00001f5d This bug apparently existed in the original kernelex, but it did get patched: http://remood.org:8080/kernelex/info/f6500c4cda47164170664bc88a6d438b97fa57c5 Something to do with the unofficial update? EDIT: I did a complete reinstall of kernelex, added the Kstub822, and added the Release.13 and now it's working fine. Interesting...
  7. The latest I have in my downloads is Version 13 (I think that's the latest?) Release.13.7z
  8. Yeah the USB floppy drive I have is an older model so it has no mini ribbon cable in there, and my internal one just a typical full sized 3.5" drive so there's no ribbon cable in there. I did find the same usb/internal drives used in that video on ebay so I may as well just combine them both together. It would be cool having a superdisk drive however! They're just hard to find.
  9. I think I have my answer: EDIT: It's not available on ebay, doing some intense searching found this but no idea where to get it (also the page is in Japanese) http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/owltech/4942322208169.html
  11. I just took off the shell, I noticed the end of the head spring wasn't lined up in the gap of the engine thing that was spinning. I'll try it now. Probably nothing will happen but lets see.
  12. Yeah doing it on the 3.5" the light stays on as soon as the computer is on. However on the 5.25" drive nothing at all happens. Acts exactly the same no light, no spinning. I guess my drive is broken... I wonder if I can find a cheap one on ebay.
  13. Alright I get a different error now, instead of getting "Seek Error" (same error I get if the floppy drive ribbon cable is unplugged). I get "Not ready reading drive A". But I still don't get any lights or any noises on the drive itself
  14. Actually one thing I noticed about this universal cable I got, it hasn't got any bumps in the middle. I had to look at my old cable to look for these 2 tiny dents from one side. So what if I switch the floppy drive cable the other way around in the motherboard? Hopefully I don't blow it up, I'll write back and tell you what happens
  15. Hmm, might be. I can't tell if the head is moving because it has a shell on it. I might record a video tomorrow and take off the shell to see what's going on.
  16. That's what's spinning, nothing else moves (it's acts like I haven't even plugged in the floppy drive cable at all). But in the video you can faintly see some white creamy stuff in front of the motor, so I guess that means nothing. Maybe it's the cable?
  17. Turns out that tiny buzzing sound is a small motor on the back of it spinning, it has some creamy stuff on the end of it but I don't know if it means anything. Outside feels warm though.
  18. I've tried setting it to 0 and 1, both sides of the cable but it seems no matter what I do, the computer itself doesn't even realize there's a drive in there. The drive gets no activity light and the bottom of it doesn't spin. I'm really stumped at this point, this is the only 5.25" I've ever gotten so I don't even know if the drive isn't working but seems to be really good condition. But yeah so far, the only signs of life is this faint buzzing noise coming from it while the computers on
  19. d***, still not working after changing the jumper or on either one of the plugs.
  20. The only jumper I can find has a "0" on the left and a "1" on the right. I'll try switching them and I'll write back. Here's some pictures of the drive. Here's the model number:
  21. This is the very first time I've ever used them, so I'm lost from the start. I'll have a bit of a read, thanks!
  22. 1. It has both, here's a picture I've tried both sides with and without the 3.5 floppy drive connected along side it. 2. It only has 1 jumper, it has 3 pins with a 2 pin Jumper in between it. 3. The Slot lever closes fine, also I should note this is a brand new drive (new old stock?). Extremely good condition by the looks. Also I just tried the drive in another old computer energy star computer (Bios says 2008), and the floppy drive option resets itself to "Disabled" as soon as you leave and save the bios. Maybe 5.25" drives can't be read on modern-ish motherboards even though the bios has the option for it.

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