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  1. http://www.howtogeek.com/134620/how-to-disable-the-lock-screen-on-windows-8-without-using-group-policy/ thanks!
  2. is there a way to disable lock screen? because i want to use classic lock behaves like windows 7/vista
  3. try refresh the pc or before you reset the pc, backup your important files
  4. can you take a look at the image please? and i use the ribbon disabler any ideas? please reply thanks!
  5. hello everyone, you need to donate to Tihiy for support future development by donating to prevent discontinue developed!
  6. is Big Muscle creating new website that has Windows 8/8.1 aero glass download?
  7. f23948 glass8.berlios.de website is Closed down, here are downloads. thanks!
  8. What happened the glass8.berlios.de website? i can not get in the website
  9. is there a way to apply the Royale themes on Windows 8.1 spring update with software utilities without patching multi theme support? it's like a applying the themes on WindowBlinds software without patching multi theme support. because it shows the black screen after installing windows updates and restarting the computer.
  10. try clear the icon cache with ccleaner, hope it helps
  11. thanks for the reply!
  12. Why the *.exe files icons are white? is it just my computer or is it Windows 8.1 update 1 like that?just like that?
  13. how do i put the start menu without 3rd party in Windows 8.1 update 1?
  14. i transformed windows 8.1 into mac os x mavericks, and then i uninstalled mac os x mavericks transformation pack, and i still see the mac icons, how do i delete the icons cache manually?
  15. If I use the 3rd party themes with StartIsBack, sometimes on next couple days, it shows a black screen after boot and I have been resetting the PC many times to start all over again. System restore is helpful but I don't want to use the system restore. Any ideas?
  16. I tried to go to creativx.net many times but the website is not available! Any ideas?
  17. how do i restore to its original settings on registry settings just in case i need to restore to its original settings?

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