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  1. start /wait taskkill /f /im wmplayer.exe This will terminate wmp. Put that into .cmd
  2. Mine: Das ist "truly" mein teil. Rammstein already won.
  3. @Kapo Sorry I can't answer this one. If normal installer from Sun Java site installs plugins then so does mine. @--=ddSHADOW=-- Nobody hacked sfc_os.dll for x64 yet. I came close, but finding last offset that needs to be replaced is impossible. Nuhi did it, because he uses different method, he makes Windows think that removed files don't even exist and therefore WFP has nothing to protect because files aren't there.
  4. Very well said @Gouki I do the same plus I use a Firefox to browse internet.
  5. New version is up... plus updated Addons... ;-------------------
  6. Did you try running: %SystemRoot%\syswow64\explorer.exe /separate in XP x64? This will load 32-bit version of explorer. I found it usefull because that's the only way to rename files using advanced tab on XP x64. I use it to rename .mp3 files and other. I include shortcut to 32-bit version of explorer in Addons Pack. Look at the screenie Link btw, there should be no problems with my pack, I heavily test anything that I release.
  7. Most likely drivers you have do not support your graphics card. Search for older 64-bit drivers that do support geforce2. v81.95 do support your card: get them at guru3d.com
  8. So did anybody actually start making it? Or do I have to start?
  9. I've heard clicky sound on my sony from hdd, i was almost sure that hdd was dying. PC BSODed after POST, I gave it last chance and reformatted whole hdd and made new partitions from scratch. Right now it runs ok, but hdd clicks or reboots itself from time to time. I've also seen pc always booting to blank screen, unplugging all ide and sata cables + clearing cmos always worked for me. Maybe you can take apart your laptop?
  10. @glent, good to hear @--=ddSHADOW=--, got that one integrated in next release upcoming v1.3 Update Pack changelog: - Added KB912919 - Added KB903651 - Compiled __Integrate.exe - __Integrate.exe will be able to integrate directx addon - ~1MB size reduction - Microsoft Update shortcut added to start menu - Windows Server 2003 x64 edition standard support - From now i will include "Fedit.exe" that will help to add entries to svcpack, dosnet and txtsetup on-fly - __Integrate.exe will be a bit smarter than __Integrate.cmd, I try my best - and some more stuff that i already forgot Things to do: - none, pack looks pretty much finished - oh i forgot "I need to disable driver signing policy in x64 os! so my "addons full" could be installed without patching wfp" so far x64 os is picky about my .inf file I hope nobody tried my "addons full" without patching wfp, windows will barely install... I wonder how many hotfixes will be released next tuesday??? EDIT: this is the actual problem - this on orginal x64 os, normal install, no nliting same thing happens when wfp is not patched and from that point everything fails when windows installs I need some help on bypassing that message.
  11. Wait until .swf is loaded and then look into "%UserProfile%\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files" folder You could also get link to any flash. Click view, source in any web browser (you should get site's .html) then try something like "Ctrl + F" and search for .swf in a .html source. Then you may find in a .html source something like that: \videos\funnyflash.swf put that in front of sites adress: www.whatever.com\videos\funnyflash.swf
  12. You should use Nero to burn .iso image correctly. Microsoft includes in their .iso images some kind of file that can boot CD Built in Windows CD burner can't burn this correctly! I hope you did not extract .iso image that you got and copied content of it by using Windows Explorer. Please use Nero, you should end up with perfectly booting CD. Nope, this has nothing to do. CD will always boot. I would suggest to backup existing data and reformat completely. I myself have 6 partitions on my 250GB HDD
  13. They told you wrong. There's no way to install x64 OS from setup.exe especially when executing it on 32-bit OS Make sure that in your bios, in boot devices, cd-rom comes before hdd If this is iso from Microsoft that is burned correctly, it should boot by it self, if not, you should compile yourself .iso image using nLite for example or cdimage.exe that requires boot.bin. I hope that you have unpartitioned space on your hdd so you'll be able to make extra partition. Do you have any other partitions than C:\ ? EDIT: To make extra partitions you have to delete exisiting one and then divide this big piece of space into partitions.
  14. Yes, you do need to have a second partition, unless you want to wipe out all of your data along with 32-bit os. You should start installing by booting of CD that you burned, you can't upgrade to 64-bit over 32-bit os!
  15. There's currently no bios and no software that can display voltages accurately To check real volts you need a multiplier. On DFI LanParty nf4 everything is overvolted. Basically from what I've seen, BIOS is 2% off of the true value. Remember that BIOS also rounds up the numbers. So ~1.57 x 1.02 = ~1.60v
  16. @phkninja Good point, On my web there will be 3 or 4 links pointing out to other .html that I will write. 2 of them are already done. So my web is very small DHTML,Javascript,PHP,MySQL? wtf is that?, hehe (I'll learn those too) Anyway I found FrontPage crappy, I just used Windows NotePad to write .htmls . I will try dreamweaver asap. Thanks for the links, I'll check them out. I can't use WYSIWUG editor right now, does not work with 64-bit os. I believe dreamweaver would be best app to help creating tables or other harder elements ? Thanks
  17. @LLXX I think you're correct, You can easily fry mobo by just shorting extra fan plug on mobo
  18. @ripken204, just be aware of vcore Dfi is a monster, board overvolt vcore by about 4% from what i've seen Take vcore form cpu-z and x it by 1.04 So in reality you run ~1.60 vcore or higher Some dual core may die at 1.77v real vcore or higher. My opteron holds 1.81v (measured with multimeter) strongly. Buth that's only for benching sessions
  19. This notepad is much better than NotePad2! I didn't know that there was a third notepad.
  20. Thanks @Martijn, That is a excellent source of information. Now I'm learning .css to meet modern website requirement
  21. I just started that site yesterday. I'm a complete n00b right now when it comes to write .html Maybe you could make a nnice background?

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