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  1. 2nd this... the button MS provided is fine, just don't like where it goes to I dont't think you understand me. Instead of windows 7 orb for example can we have the one that 8.1 already has and opens the start menu? I am just saying if startisback has a way to use the BUTTON that 8.1 came with instead of another orb. Yeah that's what I meant, I understood you perfectly,..
  2. Hi, I just thought as I've been testing this recently that like in Windows 7, could this software detect the use of remote desktop (and the visual settings for it) so that it automatically disables aero glass when RDP is used? Otherwise with it enabled, using RDP over the internet uses too much bandwidth which makes the whole experience quite slow. Thanks
  3. +1 I agree that should be an option, initially you may want any 3rd party code disabled, but also the familiarity when troubleshooting is also something that can really help...
  4. Hi, I work in the IT department for a company, which is on the brink of changing from a family run small business ethos, into a more corporate structure, and I am trying to fight the battle, where the MD thinks he knows best about everything and should also be buying everything including all computer equipment whilst barely even involving me in those decisions (he think's he can save pennys if he does everything himself). I'm gradually converting him over to the way larger companies would work in this instance. The biggest problem I've had and still have when he just goes off buying what he t
  5. Or you could just press down the ALT key to get the menu to appear temporarily and this also works in all windows where there used to be a menu (IE, explorer etc), I think it's a really cool thing, cos it takes up screen space most of the time, and you dont want it most of the time either, so press ALT when you do, it's neat
  6. You can have up to 4Gb on a 32bit system, however the issue arrises when you do put 4Gb on a 32bit system in that other resources also make use of the address space, and you have no control over this. So what tends to happen is you end up with about 3.2Gb of usable memory or there abouts, so you still have more than you would from just 3Gb (most of the time). If I were you I'd do what I did with mine, and had 2 sticks of 1Gb paired up and 2 sticks of 512mb paired up, that way you pretty much get all the memory you've paid for and it's still more than most home users currently need.
  7. Well i'm using it right now, but I dont like it much, gave it a couple months to get time to get used to it etc, but it definately has stability issues, and I really hate DRM. It is ok to use on a day to day basis, like web browsing or email etc, dont get the point of the search thing personally I know where all my stuff is, and for the odd thing i forgot then XP's search was adequate... Drivers are a pain, I have a soundmax onboard sound card, and my god that does not like to work very well, I cant play audio cd's in windows media player (but can in everything else), playing movies in media
  8. Ooo very nice, just the other day I was thinking about something along these lines, then I see this post! Brilliant script!
  9. hrm oh well if that's the case i dont think i'll be using their sidebar, i was hoping that would be the one thing it did better than the competition, but seeing it doesnt, everything else about the side bar is poo, may as well just continue using samurize or something... thing is, i understand what the other poster was saying about it's by design and that it is another window, but, kde doesnt do that with karumba, that program rules, it sticks perfectly to the desktop even when u press the show desktop button, i was hoping for something along those lines, all in all after playing with so many
  10. Why not enable the option to keep the Sidebar on top of other windows in the properties then? You really should look before complaining However, my grumble now, is that why the hell is the sidebar transparent on Glass-Incompatible gfx cards? I'm on a i915 and if I enable sidebar-on-top my sidebar becomes blocky, but it's still see-through (I can move windows behind it and see them). Half-assed glass is worse than no-glass at all Hey i do know about that option, so dont go saying i dont look, i dont want it on top of other windows at all, I want it underneith all of them and STUCK to the d
  11. wow 128 builds since RC1, and that's all they manage? the **** sidebar still minimizes when u press show desktop, that's what I wanted fixing, it seems to have also stopped working with free avg (not completely but windows defender seems to not like the resident shield, and I cant see a way to get it to like it - edit: ok on closer inspection it fails upon loading the drivers, so it is vista, and not defender). bit disappointing this release really....
  12. Only a couple so far, mainly when my epson rx620 crashes, but that's more an epson issue really cos they havent released vista drivers, i might also complain that the sidebar in a previous build used to stick to the desktop, so even when u press show desktop it still stays there, which i liked, but in RC1 that's gone, which is annoying!
  13. ....Are you saying we're supposed reach deep into our pcoket book and give microsoft good,hard erned money so they can make 3rd rate software that crashes on first use?The Only reason I use Windows 98se is not becasue its good on my PC...Windows XP has problems...deep Deep issues that can only be adressed by downloading 200-300MB of fixes they "forgot to update".And you're blaming ppl like us for asking microsoft too much by telling them to make their products more stable?Well if so,here is a message to Microsoft and ppl like YOU!...If you really wana force people into Windows XP then I sugges
  14. There's a really really really simple answer to all this stuff about microsoft not supporting win98 anymore..... it's this: MONEY You guys dont give Microsoft anything, didly squat, wtf would ANYONE in their right mind continue to support and PAY for people to test and write patches for stuff so ancient, for a bunch of people who dont give them anything in return? It doesnt make good business sense at all. In 2004, they may have thought to keep u lot happy so perhaps u'll want to upgrade to vista, but none of u do, so why would they bother? And if u think it's wrong that they release buggy
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