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  1. can anyone boot PE2.0 from HDD?

    The M$ OPK winpe.chm(Sep.2006) says it can, in "Customizing WinPE"->"WinPE walkthroughs"->"walk through: boot PE from hard disk". but I failed, following its instructions. and especially, bcdedit reports error message: cannot open system store, and I use bcdedit /store to explicitly specify it to work around, but when finished, it still cannot boot, report some errors like "C000000F, winload.exe missing or corrupt". any ideas? thanks in advance.
  2. Booting WINPE from USB

    BOOTFIX.BIN is used for CD-ROM boot (or ram iso image), the CD boot sector calls BOOTFIX.BIN to show that message. but a normal HDD or USB Flash will not. googling will help
  3. ImageX and XImage

    The Micro$oft document of WinPE2.0 stated a tool called "ImageX", but when I installed the OPK tools(version 5308), I only found a file named "Ximage.exe". is Ximage equal to ImageX ?
  4. WinPE Auto Reboot

    winpeshl, check winpeshl.ini.
  5. WinPE Auto Reboot

    more detail, when exactly does the computer reboot? have you seen the initial black-white progress bar? have you seen the desktop background?
  6. What is WinPE

    Additionally, I think the primary usage of WinPE is system recovery, and what does "Official release" of WinPE means, is not important, IMHO, WinPE is originally for OEM customers. above posters are very nice. and this "not pure technical" topic is interesting. I touch WinPE in 2003, by accident. In fact, I'm doing R&D job in a system recovery company, and in a meeting by then, someone talks about WinPE, and I asked my boss:"What is WinPE? is it WinCE?". In a moment I feel quite ashamed, and I swear, to study WinPE hard. by now, I agree the above friend, that WinPE2.0(Vista) is much better to use, especially for network connections.
  7. Winpe 2.0 Networking in vmware

    what is the problem in detail? I think it can. use the newer versions of vmware(such as 5.51...) and default network settings of the virtual machine. it is ok for winpe2005.
  8. net use failed under winpe 2.0

    nice! thanks all. success, connect to Win2K server, with user name \\%server_name%\%user_name%
  9. Cannot start WinPE 2.0 Build 5536 (and RC1)

    M$ says the following in the winpe.chm file of the opk CD: although opk CD is not WAIK, but I think M$ do not wish you to modify a file originally named "boot.wim", you may try to remove some components of winpe.wim(of the new version), hope to cut down 50MB
  10. net use failed under winpe 2.0

    Yes it is DHCP, I boot pe2 from local hard disk, and, there is a wpeinit.log file in the x:\windows\system32 directory, the content of the file includes: but what and where is the "unattend" file? in previous versions of winpe, there is winbom.ini, but what it is for the pe2.0's wpeinit.exe? like some friends have said, the pe2.0's help documents is "not helpful"
  11. net use failed under winpe 2.0

    Many thanks for your warm hearted help... however the problem is still there. have anyone successfully use network in winpe2.0? The operating system I connect to is XP SP2 and Win2K advanced server. and I give full control to the Everyone group, but still not work. I tried net.exe many times with many arguments, and the most often receive helpmsg 1312. and to my surprise, in WinPE, ping another machine is ok(such as, but on another machine,ping the WinPE machine is not ok!
  12. Cannot start WinPE 2.0 Build 5536 (and RC1)

    There may be two WIM files on the OPK CD, one is boot.wim, another is winpe.wim. Micro$oft says they are different, and should apply Ximage on winpe.wim. hope this could help you.
  13. net use failed under winpe 2.0

    I type the following command under winpe 2.0 and if use net /add to add a user, then It shows net helpmsg 1312. The network seems working, IP address is, and ping is ok. how to make net use work? thanks in advance.
  14. WinPE x64

    Try boot PE from local hard disk first maybe the problem is on the network.
  15. AGREE

    format a USB drive with NTFS, under vista 5308, and attach it under 5365 or later, cannot eject.(in system tray), and vise versa. 5365: if a removable drive is empty(i.e. not one file on it. it's FAT format, so no "system volume information..." and $RECYCLE.BIN ect...), cannot open it with explorer.(messagebox appears: cannot access the \ directory). 5456: cannot run lusrmgr.msc on the RUN menu.(messagebox: network path not found.)