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  1. DirectPlay 9.0c & Intel PRO/1000 GT on 98SE

    Well, when I install 98SE with 98lite using the Chubby option, my DxDiag also hangs on DirectPlay, and on the next startup, asks if you want to skip DirectPlay in DxDiag. Try installing 98SE normally without 98lite.
  2. DirectPlay 9.0c & Intel PRO/1000 GT on 98SE

    Try to find older drivers ,https://www.driverguide.com might help, it's a good site now, unlike it was years ago. It can show INF files inside the drivers, so you can check if they will work with your device ID. Also try installing older DirectX, like 8.1 and not 9.0c. (that is if no of your games use 9.0c) (probably needs a reinstall of the system) If everything fails, best bet is to buy very cheap generic Realtek/3COM PCI NIC's.
  3. Need help with Config.sys and Autoexec.bat

    If we can patch/hack/port all DOS/W9x games onto modern systems, why would we run DOS/W9x in the first place? Why would the retro thing (1999 PC's and earlier) grow into popularity in the recent years? People have interest in running original hardware and original software.
  4. YouTube WORKING! With Opera 12.02

    Well, when I had an AMD Athlon 64 3000+ back in 2015 , YouTube Flash player did work better on it.
  5. YouTube WORKING! With Opera 12.02

    http://kernelex.sourceforge.net/wiki/Opera Opera 12.02 is probably THE MOST modern browser you can run. YouTube works, because it's using the HTML5 player, which Opera 12.02 supports. YouTube DOES NOT have the flash player version any more, it was removed. Now, the flash player version did work better on slower machines. Since it was removed, people are not happy with the performance of the HTML5 player under Opera.
  6. PCI/XXXX is the HD Audio Bus/physical device. This is the only thing that 9x sees. HDAUDBUS/XXXX is the ID/virtual device generated by the HD Audio Bus, when the HD Audio Bus drivers is installed. (available from Win2000 onwards) Do not confuse HD Audio Bus driver with the HD Audio driver. I do not have the knowledge to know if the HDAUDBUS/XXXX is actually necessary for proper function of HD Audio, but it seems it is not required judging by the watler's driver. It's installed in the same way as the Win3.1 PC Speaker driver, which people was using back in the day in their 9x systems. The INF created by @deomsh does nothing more than copying the files and making the line in the system.ini file. @MERCURY127 did you load up the HDATSR.EXE file before installing/using the driver? Did DOS boxes work for you? (seems similar to the VBEMP bug) Do you use HIMEMX.EXE? I will test the driver myself soon.
  7. Wow! Could this be the next major breakthrough in 98SE history?
  8. I'm eager to test HD Audio! What's a 16-bits HDA driver? Does it have something to do with MPXPlay?
  9. 7800/7900 GTX is not available in AGP, I'm pretty certain @loblo talks about AGP cards.
  10. Compatible Hardware with Windows 9x

    I'm talking about these .386 files (example picture from the web): It seems like your card uses Texas Instruments ACX 111 (aka TNETW1130) chipset. https://www.mouser.com/catalog/specsheets/texas instruments_tnetw1130_prod_bulletin.pdf This document says it supports WPA, AES and 802.11i draft (WPA2). Although I don't know if draft = support, but it seems to be working for you, so that's good I've found the proper drivers now, seems fully compatible with 98SE/ME/2000/XP. No Vista+ drivers I could found. Nice found, definitely will help some people.
  11. Compatible Hardware with Windows 9x

    For slow speeds, use TCPOptimizer 3, and apply the VIP.386 (and others in Device Manager where is the network card) patches, if they are available in your language. Nice site to test on, BTW What is the hardware ID of the WIFI card? I mean the VEN and DEV. I have an Atheros AR5005G in my IBM ThinkPad T40, and I use Odyssey for full WPA2 support on 98SE. I've looked at the drivers for your card, and found Atheros's hardware ID's. My hardware ID is: PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_001A
  12. Does OP even has an AGP slot? We don't know. Best reasonable PCI card would be the GeForce FX 5200. I would not recommend the GeForce 6200 PCI. If OP has an AGP slot, I would recommend GeForce 4 Ti. Any model of that line.
  13. Windows 95 drivers on 98SE

    Win95 and Win98 uses the same VXD/miniport model of video drivers. They will work. M$ designed it that way. What is that GPU model?
  14. Win 98 PC: Restoring from old backups (*.qic)

    http://www.willsworks.net/downloads/msbkwin.lzh This modern tool works with .qic files, see if they work in the first place. Then it's just a matter of extracting the files you find valuable with this tool, no need for using old computers/OS/software. SSD PATA drives are so expensive! Best bet is to find a Samsung 20GB IDE drive, I had 80GB one, very reliable. Or grab a CompactFlash adapter.
  15. ATI Radeon X1800XT for Windows 9x?

    NVIDIA did actually made official 7xxx drivers, remember these?: https://web.archive.org/web/20070202110210/http://www.bfgtech.com/7800GS_256.html ATI never made driver for Xxxx, not even for any OEM. Unlike WDM, which 98SE shares with Win2K, in terms of Network/AC97 Audio/USB/HID drivers (missed any?), Win9x drivers are propietary, and were never used by any other system, period. If they don't exist, they DO NOT exist! Not even Russians can fix that.