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  1. Some programs/games you can try: 3DMark2001 SE: https://benchmarks.ul.com/downloads/3dmark2001.exe 3DMark03 (the 350 version, not the latest 360 version): https://www.4players.de/4players.php/download_info/Downloads/download/7666/3DMark03/Full_Install_v350.html Need for Speed: Underground Demo: https://www.gamepressure.com/download.asp?ID=3950 Far Cry Demo: https://dpcdn-s14.pl/po_godzinach/farcry_demo.exe
  2. @~♥Aiko♥Chan♥~ I still find it dubious that the driver actually works fully, have you tried any 3D applications/games with it (Both DirectX and OpenGL)? The driver is made with the XDDM model and should have never been compatible with Win9x's unique video driver model. There are no cross-compatible video drivers between Win9x and Win2k, unlike WDM AC'97 drivers/LAN/Wi-Fi, etc. The INF does not have Win9x required lines such as: HKR,,Ver,,4.0 HKR,,DevLoader,,*vdd HKR,DEFAULT,Mode,,16,800,600 HKR,DEFAULT,drv,,NVDISP.DRV HKR,DEFAULT,drv2,,NVDISP.DRV HKR,DEFAULT,minivdd,,NVMINI.VXD HKR,DEFAULT,minivdd2,,NVMINI.VXD HKR,DEFAULT,vdd,,*vdd HKR,DEFAULT,RefreshRate,,-1 [...] HKR,"MODES\32\1024,768",,,"60,70,72,75,85,100,120,140,144,150,170,200" HKR,"MODES\32\1024,768",%M%,,"60,70,72,75,85,100,120,140,144,150,170,200" HKR,"MODES\32\1600,900",,,"60,70,72,75,85,100,120" HKR,"MODES\32\1600,900",%M%,,"60,70,72,75,85,100,120" HKR,"MODES\32\1600,1024",,,"60,70,72,75,85,100" HKR,"MODES\32\1600,1024",%M%,,"60,70,72,75,85,100" HKR,"MODES\32\1600,1200",,,"60,70,72,75,85,100" HKR,"MODES\32\1600,1200",%M%,,"60,70,72,75,85,100" HKR,"MODES\32\1920,1080",,,"60,70,72,75,85,100" HKR,"MODES\32\1920,1080",%M%,,"60,70,72,75,85,100" HKR,"MODES\32\1920,1200",,,"60,70,72,75,85,100" HKR,"MODES\32\1920,1200",%M%,,"60,70,72,75,85,100"
  3. Can you show us the network configuration in virtual machine settings? Have you tried NAT and Bridged modes?
  4. Try using an older version of VMware, not the latest one, like 13, 12, or 11.
  5. WDM Audio drivers for 9x use the built-in SBEMUL.SYS driver which provides rudimental Sound Blaster emulation for DOS boxes inside Windows. It does not provide OPL2/3 support as far as I know. That's why you can only hear sound effects and not music, more discussions about SBEMUL.SYS are here: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/comp.sys.ibm.pc.soundcard.tech/P1q1PCa0bag/KTCGkK3d86UJ https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/drivers/audio/kernel-mode-wdm-audio-components https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=12016 If you want good DOS compatibility on Windows 98SE, the onboard C-Media audio will never give you such support. Best way is to get Sound Blaster Live/Aureal Vortex 2 PCI audio card, which have their own Sound Blaster emulation drivers. An even better way is to use an ISA Sound Blaster 16 card, although newer motherboards of course do not have the ISA slot any more. Or, as you've already tried, use VDMSound. Or...you can run DOSBox under Windows 98 although this kind of defeats the purpose
  6. VirtualBox is NOT the right software to make a virtual Windows 98. It's one of the worst choices. If you want good experience with virtual Windows 98, try VMware Workstation Player, it's free.
  7. Just use "/p i". There's no need to use "/p j" on Windows 98SE ever. Yep, IDE Compatibility Mode should work fine, it it doesn't then you need the SATA patch. (not the AHCI driver) You can leave the HyperThreading on, it won't do any harm for 98SE and will make XP much faster Make sure that the hard drive is less than 137GB, otherwise you need the High Capacity Disk Patch.
  8. Can you try different USB drivers? Try the ones from the Unofficial Service Pack 3 from here: https://www.techtalk.cc/viewtopic.php?t=65
  9. You have a 512MB video card...this might cause problems, try this patch (read the MANUAL, it's quite lengthy) https://archive.org/details/PTCHNVSZ Or, you can try a different GPU with less than 512MB of video RAM.
  10. What is your GPU? Have you tried all USB ports? Try enabling/changing all USB/Legacy options in the BIOS.
  11. The number of processes in Win10 is misleading, as each svchost.exe instance in Win10 corresponds to just ONE service, not multiple ones like in the case of Win2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1. Although it WILL use the old method if you install Windows 10 on a machine with only 1GB of RAM. Of course there indeed some bloat with the support for UWP apps (like Settings or Search) but this doesn't make it 3x more processes. My Win10 1909 on a machine with 8GB of RAM and all stuff installed and not many tweaks uses only about ~2GB of RAM on empty desktop. By removing Windows Search and Windows Defender I could make it even smaller, but I actually want those. As long as you don't have any unknown process taking up lots of RAM (the Task Manager is now usable unlike others say) it's all fine.
  12. Which model of the dual core you mean? Here is full list of CPUs compatible with revision 3.0: https://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/775i65G R3.0/#CPU
  13. So to conclude: 137GB patch is required if you have a Win98SE partition that exists (in part or fully) beyond the first 137GB portion of the disk, regardless how big it is. In other words, if Win98SE needs to access any data beyond the 137GB position, counting from the beginning, it is needed. Yes, I always made 98SE partitions at the beginning of the disk. Seems like the easiest thing to avoid all problems.
  14. Use this: https://lonecrusader.x10host.com/rloew/sysdmcpl.html
  15. That is not true from my experience. Sure, the 137GB patch is always required if you want a partition bigger than 137GB without data corruption. But the SATA patch (not AHCI driver) is not always required, this varies between motherboards. Going back on topic, @tillewolle if you encounter problems, apply the SATA patch from here: https://archive.org/details/PTCHSATA
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