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  1. Even though a motherboard might support ACPI and 98SE, it's still recommended to install via "/p i" to disable it. Even IBM recommended that for their ThinkPads back in the day, with the T40, T41, T42 line of laptops. I suspect that problems might be caused by your GPU, can you try a different one compatible with 98SE? PCI-E compatible GPUs for 98SE include the GeForce 6000 series, and Radeon Xxxx series (X300, X550, X700, X800, X850). You can also try with a compatible PCI GPU (GeForce FX series, like FX5200 or FX5500)...or even a S3 Trio
  2. Is the GeForce FX5200 a PCI card? Try re-installing 98SE with the "/p i" switch to disable ACPI, that might resolve some issues. Have you tried all PCI slots for the Sound Card/GPU? Try using the 45.23 drivers for the NVIDIA card here (the newest ones are not ideal) : https://http.download.nvidia.com/Windows/45.23/45.23_win9x_international.exe For the sound card, use these drivers from our site!: https://msfn.org/board/topic/115903-compilation-of-creative-sound-blaster-live-drivers-for-windows-9x/
  3. Hmm...it seems you might have a problem with MS-DOS prompts from inside Windows (which should not happen!), can you open MS-DOS Prompt from Start Menu fine? You can try messing around with ACPI/Power options in the BIOS.
  4. I've tried installing .NET Framework 2.0 SP0 on 98SE myself and it worked fine. Maybe try re-downloading it? I've used these links: https://download.microsoft.com/download/5/6/7/567758a3-759e-473e-bf8f-52154438565a/dotnetfx.exe https://www.marxmeier.com/download/sqlr/A0200/win32/InstMsiA.exe If it still doesn't work, I guess you should just reinstall 98SE since I can't really figure out why it wouldn't work for you.
  5. You can use 86Box to emulate true old hardware and install 98SE on it. It does require a nice CPU as it's a full emulator, not hypervizor crap: https://86box.github.io/
  6. SATA Patch is NOT for AHCI mode, those are two different things. Using AHCI mode makes Windows 98 use the old legacy 16-bit disk access, Performance Tab in System control panel will inform you of that. Installing AHCI driver then gives you full protected 32-bit disk access, and Performance Tab will no longer complain. ESDI_506.PDR is not used at all. SATA Patch is for situations when using IDE legacy mode gives a black screen when 98SE tries to use the ESDI_506.PDR driver or if the motherboard has SATA ports with no options in BIOS to change SATA mode that results in black screen when 98SE tries to use the ESDI_506.PDR driver.
  7. Fraps 1.9d works natively under 98SE: https://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/fraps_(old_free_version).html @ruthan Try installing IE6 if it's not installed already. Also the Visual c++ 6.0 redists: http://priede.bf.lu.lv/ftp/pub/Programmeeshana/VC++/vc6redistsetup_enu.exe.html I've never tried installing .NET Framework 2.0 on 98SE myself.
  8. -no-acpi probably disables APM too (not sure), which Windows 98 SE will use when installed with the /p i option to properly shutdown/restart. It's probably the same issue I have on my H110 motherboard, where shutdown doesn't work (due to Win98SE not using/detecting APM properly), and need to probably use something like FDAPM.
  9. Yes, you can use HIMEMX.EXE and rloew's RAM Patch together. You need to select the Enhanced option to enable AHCI. And disable the Primary PCI IDE (unless you have anything connected to the IDE port on the motherboard). Read the TRIM utility manual for more details about it, I haven't tried it myself.
  10. http://www.tmeeco.eu/9X4EVER/GOODIES/AutoPatcher/FILES/Hotfixes/Q260067.EXE http://www.tmeeco.eu/9X4EVER/GOODIES/AutoPatcher/FILES/Hotfixes/Q239887.EXE https://www.hwdrivers.com/ftp/fd_-slash-laptop-slash-toshiba-slash-satellite-slash-1670cds-slash-drivers-slash-/fl_win98_patch_qfe-winse-q242934-en-dot-zip.html What version of QEMU and what settings do you use?
  11. The thing is, you now CAN use AHCI mode, it's just an alternative, better to have now more options. It might be faster than IDE legacy mode, not sure, didn't do benchmarks comparing IDE legacy to AHCI mode on 98SE. And it's a necessity for newest motherboards that do not have IDE legacy modes any more like my H110 motherboard. If the Audigy 2 still causes trouble, I would recommend Audigy 1, SB Live (model SB0100), Aureal Vortex 2, or YAMAHA YMF744. As for the shutdown problems, I have them on my H110 motherboard, but didn't have them on my Gigabyte board or any older motherboards/laptops, so he shouldn't need to do that in theory. Maybe installing ACPI would actually be better in his case, and could solve the issue. I recommend using HIMEMX.EXE regardless of how much RAM you have, it solves a lot of issues on newer motherboards, regardless of RAM amount. New motherboards do not really like the built-in HIMEM.SYS (you could also test XMGR.SYS as an alternative to HIMEMX.EXE).
  12. I've installed 98SE fine on a similar Gigabyte motherboard I once had (GA-EP45-DS3L). Forget the Intel Chipset drivers, they are not needed. Try disabling all devices in BIOS that you will not use - LAN, built-in audio, etc. Try replacing the HIMEM.SYS with HIMEMX.EXE (put DEVICE=C:\HIMEMX.EXE in config.sys), you can download it here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/himemx/ Are you using IDE compatibility/legacy mode or the AHCI mode? It's recommended to use the AHCI mode and then install the AHCI driver for full 32-bit disk access and avoid the built-in IDE driver altogether: https://archive.org/details/ahci_win9x There's also a TRIM utility, so that installing Windows 98SE on a SSD using AHCI mode is safe: http://dottoss.com/files/software/rloew/TRIM.ZIP Don't use NUSB36, use the older, better version 3.3 from here: http://www.mdgx.com/spx/NUSB.EXE Try all possible PCI slots for the sound card if you still encounter problems, one might work better than the other. Installing the Unofficial Service Pack (Main Updates) might help with the shutdown problems with the NVIDIA drivers: http://www.htasoft.com/u98sesp/ As for the fake floppy drive, I think I had the same issue, I just ignored it, couldn't do anything about it.
  13. @ruthan Try these drivers, they have the same hardware ID in the INF as the one you posted: http://www.sct181.com/ibkkin/driver/z_98/audio_98_only/pci64.exe
  14. Quadro FX 5500 should work, it is from what I see, the same card as the 7900 GTX, just with a different BIOS and more VRAM. I have a 7900 GTX and it works fine on 98SE. I don't think the extra VRAM would be actually usable on 98SE but could be an interesting alternative in case you can find the Quadro cheaper than the 7900 GTX. I would suggest using the rloew NVIDIA patches no matter what though.
  15. I don't...has it really been over 6 years :O I think I got them from DriverGuide, try looking here: https://members.driverguide.com/driver_search.php?q=es1370 DriverGuide is no longer a crap website anymore, they removed the forced download of their crapware downloader, it's all direct links now, yay!
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