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  1. You type and run "PATCHMEM /M" (no quotes) from pure DOS, not from Windows DOS prompt, use F8 or exit to DOS from shutdown menu.
  2. 1. What are the rest of your components? What is the exact variant of the GPU? 2. Reinstall 98SE with the "/p i" switch to disable ACPI which might cause problems 3. Install R. Loew's PATCHMEM with the "/m" switch: https://archive.org/details/PATCHMEM 4. What is the error? When does the system crash? 5. Install patches from PTCHNVSZ from R. Loew: https://archive.org/details/PTCHNVSZ (although it says it is only for 512MB GPUs, its fixes can be applied to other NVIDIA GPUs as well (minus the BIOS fix), consult the included manual
  3. Ok, it seems I should be in better luck trying Mesa, your driver/GPU has worse support than mine, maybe try installing the latest one (they seem to be not the latest ones) from here: http://download.lenovo.com/ibmdl/pub/pc/pccbbs/mobiles/vftp1gme.exe (they are made for ThinkPads specifically)
  4. @Bruninho Have you checked this page he created? https://github.com/kjliew/qemu-3dfx/wiki/Apple-Silicon-macOS-Prerequisites
  5. Try using AIDA64, Everest doesn't show info regarding which OpenGL version is supported, AIDA64 latest version does work under Win9x. Use ZIP version, if experiencing BSOD, remove kerneld.w9x from AIDA64 files. I can try using Mesa, going to be a long process testing all those versions...
  6. There's also the unfixable at the moment VCACHE error that appears on the newest motherboards: https://msfn.org/board/topic/183200-z690-vcache-protection-error/ Maybe this info can help to troubleshoot this too...
  7. You can try RLoew's AHCI driver: https://archive.org/details/ahci_win9x and plug the SSD directly to Intel's SATA ports, disable JMicron controller, and set the SATA mode to Enhanced. There's no need to look for any specific SATA controllers anymore, any SATA controller will work with this driver using Enhanced AHCI mode (not Compable/IDE). Just install Win9x like normal, it will boot up in DOS-compatible disk access mode, in which you install the AHCI driver, reboot and you're all good.
  8. Hello @WhiteArmpits I have tried running Minecraft 1.8 as instructed in the video on my ThinkPad T42p with the ATI Mobility FireGL T2 that should support OpenGL 2.0 in theory as seen in TechPowerUp: https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/ati-m10.g249 vs your GPU https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/ati-m7.g199 However, upon launching, all I get is a garbled screen and a complete system freeze. It seems that the ATI OpenGL driver for Win9x (for those laptop GPUs at least) is not fully compatible with OpenGL 2.0 as seen in AIDA64: (can you show how it looks like on your laptop?) Perhaps Windows XP driver has support for OpenGL 2.0 for those GPUs, I would have to check this myself, you can also try using Windows XP, should have much better luck there. I haven't tried Mesa, but from my experience, trying to run any software emulation of OpenGL or D3D9 is usually a pain in Win9x, since most of the time, it is not working at all, and even if it worked, the performance would probably be very bad, as SC7601 points out. Version 1.7.2 worked fine. I can try running 1.8 it on my Core 2 Duo PC with the GeForce 7900 GTX, it should work there.
  9. I always used NetTime for time synchronization on 98SE but it isn't perfect. I'm interested to try TimeSync and see if it works better.
  10. Hi I haven't forgotten about your topic, I have it on my lists of things to do, I'll post here when I test it out.
  11. When it comes to RAM amount and 98SE, if you have between 512MB and 1152MB, the stability varies from PC to PC with no clear pointers to check if the system will work fine. On some systems it will work fine, on others there might be some minor or even major errors. If you have more than 1152MB of RAM, 98SE will throw an error at startup, and R. Loew's RAM Patch is then required...I can't find a reason not to install it anyways.
  12. I saw your comment under TheMiningTeam's YouTube video Video in question, for those interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aw1RcdOSlTo Perhaps if other people with similar hardware to yours replicated steps from the video to try to run Minecraft, that could narrow the cause. I have a ThinkPad T42p (15 inch version) which is similar to your laptop, but it has a ATI Mobility FireGL T2 GPU with 128MB VRAM and it's based on a newer architecture. I will try to run Minecraft as instructed from the video on my laptop and will let you know if it runs, if I find the time, life's busy.
  13. Try grabbing drivers from a Restore CD of a similar model (eTower 633is): https://archive.org/details/emachinesrestorecdversion1.1etower633is2000
  14. Pretty much all users on the Win9x section of this forum know that it isn't practical, we do it for fun. Or well, that's what I like to think
  15. This does not solve the VCACHE error

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