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  1. MrMateczko

    win98se mouse too fast

    I just remembered that Win9x USB mouse behaviour differ between different USB mice! I had one when it worked fine, and other that was acting strangely. So it might be a problem of the mouse itself. Enable USB Legacy Support and PS/2 Emulator (if there is an option like that) in your BIOS.
  2. MrMateczko

    win98se mouse too fast

    You can try using a PS/2 mouse, unless your motherboard doesn't have a PS/2 port. Did you try changing the mouse speed in the Control Panel Mouse applet?
  3. MrMateczko

    use custom CAB files for a win9x installation?

    Hmm, I'm sure I've used it to create working Win9X CABs, did you set it for 16bit extractor and MSZIP compression?
  4. MrMateczko

    use custom CAB files for a win9x installation?

    The more interesting related question I have is, do you even need CABs other than MINI.CAB and PRECOPY1/2.CAB at all? Win9x setup program recognizes bare files put alongside the setup program. (Which can be seen in the official OSR2.5 win95 folder on the CD) Can we just dump all files from Win9x_*.CABs and be done with it? Is there a way to automatize the creation of the Layout*.inf files? Those control all the files in all the CABs. I remember using CabPack to make my own CAB files (I think it's a GUI wrapper for CLI CAB programs): https://www.softpedia.com/get/File-managers/CabPack.shtml
  5. MrMateczko

    Searching for a WPA2-Capable Card

    I can confirm what cov3rt said, Realtek RTL8185 WiFi chipset has Windows 98SE drivers. Will note that.
  6. MrMateczko

    Windows 9x Driverpacks 2018 Update

    Try looking here as a reference: https://translate.google.pl/translate?sl=ru&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=pl&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fbust.narod.ru%2Fwin98.html&edit-text= It lists some drivers that are available. As I've said in the other topic, here are the absolute latest Atheros WiFi drivers for 98SE: ftp://ftp.eutronix.be/4pos/POS700/POS700_V1.0/Common/Wireless_LAN/802.11abg/UNEX_CM10/Win98_ME/DV4.1.2.71/Driver/98Me/
  7. MrMateczko

    Searching for a WPA2-Capable Card

    Search for any Mini PCI WiFi card with an Atheros chipset. Then use the drivers I've posted before: ftp://ftp.eutronix.be/4pos/POS700/POS700_V1.0/Common/Wireless_LAN/802.11abg/UNEX_CM10/Win98_ME/DV4.1.2.71/Driver/98Me/ And use Odyssey Client for connecting with WPA2, works for me. I wish I could provide experience with other manufacturers, but only Atheros comes to my mind when it comes for WPA2 802.11g WiFi under 98SE.
  8. MrMateczko

    Searching for a WPA2-Capable Card

    Driver_98ME_5707_1120.zip is for PCI(-E) network cards starting with PCI\ in their device ID's, not USB! Before giving him the answer, I've took a look at the Realtek's website, and did not found any drivers for USB WiFi adapters for Win9x with their chips.
  9. MrMateczko

    Searching for a WPA2-Capable Card

    I've took a look at the .sys file itself. The one from my Atheros' WiFi card is designed with 9x in mind, the Realtek USB WiFi one is not. I'm afraid there will be no drivers for your USB WiFi dongle. Code 2 in non-Win9x Network drivers means no luck, the VXD of Win98SE does not understand the SYS file, sorry. In the future, try to find out the device ID of the device before you buy it. Then, check if the drivers are available. In this way, you won't waste time. That's how I knew what WiFi card to buy for my ThinkPad. Just a tip from experience
  10. MrMateczko

    Searching for a WPA2-Capable Card

    Earliest I can find is for Windows 2000: http://drivers.zedt.eu/sd/Wireless/Edimax EW-7811Un/20101210_v1.08_windows/88_92_CU_Driver/Win2K/ Try editing the INF to make it similar to a Win9x compatible WiFi adapter INF, like this one I use in my ThinkPad T42p: ftp://ftp.eutronix.be/4pos/POS700/POS700_V1.0/Common/Wireless_LAN/802.11abg/UNEX_CM10/Win98_ME/DV4.1.2.71/Driver/98Me/ Look for "ATHER Win9x specific" - Win9x expects ndis3, while the Win2K inf has ndis5 written, and different strings...
  11. MrMateczko

    Newbie hoping to program - any good books?

    You're not alone. I would like to know such things as well. Here are just some thoughts from the top of my head in no particular order: Win9x was relevant from 1995 to about 2004ish (when XP SP2 was released). Good thing is to limit books/articles released in that time period. IDA Pro is a nice tool (a must?) to have while dealing with Win9x. @rloew might give some ideas as well. Try looking in old articles from The Wayback Archive. Look inside Win9x disks content, there might be references to some books (tours/guides/cd sampler thingies alike). Download and have a look inside the SDKs. I know that Visual Studio 2005 is last version to compile Win98 compatible stuff. (even if you have to compile apps inside WinXP) Learn about the limitations (limited API calls, Unicode support) Driver architecture (VXD, PDR, MPD) is unique to Win9x, so it's hard to make drivers, since you cannot use knowledge from other OSes. I would like for someone to dive deep into NTKERN.VXD - expand it so the NT compatibility is much greater, if even possible. Don't get your hopes high for writing ground-breaking drivers, Nouveau for Linux is made for decades and is not perfect. Maybe basic stuff like an universal better IDE driver to replace the Microsoft's default one, or an universal HD Audio driver is possible. But something like GPU drivers? Probably impossible. Keep in mind that a lot of the Win9x kernel is still 16-bit and even DOS based, making it even harder to improve it!
  12. MrMateczko

    Du Meter 3.50 for Windows 98

    You can try the old Network Indicator from here:
  13. MrMateczko

    Delta City '95 - anyone heard of it?

    I'm pretty sure this update pack is not suited for 486 machines. It's for those people who really do not like Win98FE/SE/ME
  14. MrMateczko

    Delta City '95 - anyone heard of it?

    At least the site is compatible with old browsers/OSes. That's the spirit. Author claims some updates will be on the way. Has anyone tried to do automated WinSock2 installer for 95? It doesn't use the same update mechanism as other updates.
  15. https://deltacity.stare.pro/ Found this recently, looks pretty cool. Claims to be better than MDGx stuff.