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  1. If you would contact me at pionner121 at [biggest search engine mail service] dot com I would gladly host all the updates on my webserver for everyone to use them. I could also create autoinstaller for them.
  2. Forget it. Windows 98 will never handle this hardware. Install in VM or build 98-compatible one.
  3. Nice, I missed it. Well I never really worked with browser extensions, so I won't be much help here.
  4. I was thinking, maybe there should be a catalog with old browser addons like adblock, menu editor etc like Chrome Web Store or Firefox Addons site? I could build, host and oversee such website. It would be of course lightweight and minimalistic. Two things: There would have to be a link in browser that would open this catalog, otherwise there would be no sense in making it, and how installing addons is handled in old Mozilla builds? Is it just download with certain file extension? What do you think?
  5. I agree that it should be changeable (even in about:config if putting it in normal settings is problematic), because I prefer new tab on top.
  6. I just want to ask: In readme.md you say it's because of HTML5 browsers etc. that searching for apps is pain in the... and I agree (although Retrozilla makes this much better experience than some old Firefox or God forbid IE). So why not just create IE4 friendly website with download?
  7. I bought Netgear WG511v2 and it works like a charm, well maybe except not getting along with my DHCP, but after setting static IP it works.
  8. I'm looking for WPA2 compatible driver for my Sweex WLAN PC Card 140 Nitro XM (I'm not sure if hardware even supports WPA2) or or TP-LINK TL-WN725N (based on Realtek RTL8188EU). Tried running Biongo Wireless Utility for Windows 2000 with KernelEx, but installer refuses to continue on 98SE. Also I tried to find Realtek driver for 8188 for 98SE, but all I found was 8185 which didn't work (no harm trying;))
  9. I'm glad you're back I think the best way would be release the browser and put a website with compatible addons somewhere. If you don't have hosting, I could share a bit of mine.
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