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  1. I'm already using /ResetBase when capturing my image and it's still coming to outside the single layer range. I know .esd compression can reduce the image by at least 1 GB, but it also makes unserviceable and I want to be able to keep up to date when new updates come out.
  2. I don't want to anything that kills a component of the OS. I just wanted something that would shrink my image without deleting the winsxs backup folder because I was about 100 MB outside of single layer DVD range. Wherever it was that I found it said it would work. So I used it. Didn't know it would kill search. I'm definitely going to take out those 2 lines now. Is there anything else I should take out?
  3. I found a Wimscript.ini file on Google that said it could reduce the size of an image. I downloaded it to test it out and it does work as advertised; it does reduce the image. However, it also completely kills all search functionality in the Windows when installed. Can anyone help me? Here's the script: [ExclusionList]Skydrive*prm0*NL7*NlsData*NlsLexicons**IMD*lex\Windows\IME\IMEJP\Windows\IME\IMEKR\Windows\IME\IMETC\Windows\System32\IME\Windows\Speech\Windows\InputMethod\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Windows\Winsxs\*Fon\Windows\Winsxs\*ttf\Windows\Winsxs\*ttc\Windows\Fonts\gulim*\Windows\Fonts\malgun*\Windows\Fonts\ming*\Windows\Fonts\msjh*\Windows\Fonts\msyh*\Windows\Fonts\NirmalaS*\Windows\Fonts\sims*\Windows\Fonts\simhei*\Windows\Fonts\simk*\Windows\Fonts\simfang*\Windows\Fonts\gulim*\Windows\Fonts\yumin*\Windows\Fonts\yugo*\Windows\Fonts\yumi*[ExclusionException]
  4. Firstly try 8.1 with Update 1. It's much better than just 8. You can't create an entire installation disk from existing installation. What can do you is capture your existing installation into a file called install.wim with DISM. To get the rest of the files you need you will have to download a Windows 8 ISO. Once you have an ISO you can overwrite the existing install.wim your newly captured install.wim. I wouldn't recommend capturing an image from an online image though. Instead I would recommend starting with a base install.wim and customize it to your liking.
  5. I still use Windows 7. It seems that ReFs is the successor to NTFS. Would you recommend that if I ever move to Windows 8.1 to use ReFs on my data drive? Because you currently can't boot from ReFs.
  6. These are the programs I use on my Win 8.1 Desktop. 1. StartIsBack+ - Obvious reasons. 2. Stardock Fences - Group icons into reduced opacity "fences" plus it removes the shortcut arrow and suffix. 3. Old New Explorer - Get the look of the Windows 7 explorer back. 4. Aero Glass for Win 8.1 - Obvious reasons. 5. Win+X Menu Editor - Removed the user command prompt and chopped the suffix of admin command prompt.
  7. The "Terminate modern apps with the close button" option doesn't work completely. Clicking the close button (x) on a modern app closes the app, but still leaves it in the Task Manager. The only two methods I've seen that permanently close an app are good 'ol Alt + F4 and the click and drag way or closing only this time you have wait until the app flips around.
  8. Behold. The Windows Experience Index has returned. http://winaero.com/comment.php?comment.news.220
  9. Tihiy, are you still working on this?
  10. Is this final version of SIB since Microsoft confirmed that start menu is coming back in a "future update"/Windows 9?
  11. It was a empty, fresh Windows 8.1 Pro VM so I'm guessing it's whatever the factory default version is. I'll check the properties though next I power it on. Edit: It worked fine no problem on a physical drive that had 8.1 installed. I see it has a watermark in the lower right of the screen. Does that get removed with the paid version?
  12. I was going testing this is out on a Windows 8.1 VM and it's giving me an error. Here is the debug log I was a bit overzealous in clicking the retry button.
  13. Humans will ALWAYS find something to complain about. BM could've easily made this program the same price as Start8, but instead it's free.
  14. I'm curious Noel. If ReFS wasn't available in Disk Management, what did you have to do in the recovery console in order to format the drive to ReFS?
  15. Do you plan on such conducting experiments on solid state drives as well to what results they yield?
  16. Mega props to you Tihiy. With your two small programs you have made the Windows 8 family more user friendly, more enjoyable, and more appealing than the entirety of the billion dollar corporation that developed it. Once again. Mega props.
  17. Is there any way to use Metro apps with EnableLUA = 0?
  18. Great idea with the opacity slider Tihiy. Always nice to have choice. May I request you add a "Reset to default" button as well? Like the one in the Start Menu tab.
  19. Personally I think this thread should be deleted and any future threads of this type not allowed. BM has said numerous times that we are not to remove the message box. We need to respect his wished. He made Aero Glass free. Based on the quality of AG he could've charged $10 easy. Just stop being cheap and donate.
  20. I can't wait for this. When you release AG for 8.1 I might change to it, because I already have everything else I need. Tihiy's StartIsBack, Xxinightxx's Rounded AG Theme, Grim's Details pane patcher, and Winaero's Ribbon Disabler.
  21. Phew. I guess I'll just have to use IE until MS get their a** in gear then.
  22. Awesome work. With BM's Aero Glass, Tihiy's StartIsBack, this patcher, and a rounded aero glass theme I found on DA I might consider sidegrading.
  23. Did Microsoft actually stop supporting this tool, or something wrong with my computer? MGADiag Output
  24. If I donate will it enable the automatic symbol downloading? Or is that exclusive to people who donated during testing?

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