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  1. Now that BM has released 1.0 to the public could you update this AIO installer for 1.0?
  2. Congrats on the release bigmuscle and thanks for keeping it free. Question about the donator perks. Are they only available to people donated during testing? Or can people donate today and get the perks you mentioned?
  3. I see people talking about final release, even DosProbie saying he installed it, but I don't see any download link for it. Is it still in private then?
  4. Hey Tihiy I've got a suggestion and a question. Is it possible for SIB+ have a silent installer variant? If yes, would you create one? Because I'd really love being able integrate your amazing start menu in my Windows 8.1 install.
  5. There's no dialogs or consoles of any kind. Just complete blackness; not even a cursor.
  6. Not sure if it's Aero Glass itself or the your installer, but whenever I boot up there is a black screen for ~10 seconds before it logs in.
  7. I know right. I just a freaking message box. I'll admit popups are a pet peeve of mine, but in no way should it warrant all these walls of text. I'm curious though, if I set it to it's notification area behaviour to "Hide icon and notifications" how come it doesn't hide it?
  8. I installed Aero Glass on a Windows 8 Pro VM and it practically removes the taskbar's transparency. I'm not sure if that's because of AG or because it's a VM. If it is part of AG there any way to get AG and keep the taskbar's transparency? Will the final version have the taskbar transparency?
  9. Hello MSFN. Apparently, I joined on May 17 of this year and didn't even know it until when I was trying to register and it telling was me my email was unavailable.

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