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  1. where can i get Jp language cab

    You can find what some language packs in this link : Vista Language Packs
  2. Windows Vista SP1 RC1 Build 17042.v658

    Hi guys i think it was a misunderstanding... Before the advent of the new version of vlite 1.1b2 i thought that it will support the Service Pack integration like nlite and for that reason i asked if the next version (vlite 1.1b2) can support the integration of the current SP1 (v658). thanks
  3. Hi nuhi Also wondering with the next vLite version that we looked forward In recent days I have read some articles on the net about the new release of the SP1 for windows vista that bring new features and bearing the build 6001.17042 (v658) that is published on the net and p2p networks. My question is have you an idea if this new release will be supported by the next version of vLite ? thank you again
  4. vLite Addons

    Any answer ??
  5. vLite Addons

    Hello everybody, and thank you nuhi for your great work i don't know if this topic is already posted or not but the hotfix and the language pack integration support was a major change in the actual version , my question is : could the next version of vLite will support the Addons integration like nLit thank you
  6. 512 Mo of RAM is required !

    Thank you nuhi, it works fine
  7. 512 Mo of RAM is required !

    Yes, it works, but with the Manual install only. Is there a way to run the installation with 256Mo of RAM without the manual install ?
  8. 512 Mo of RAM is required !

    hello nuhi I want to thank you for this greatest work. the problem is when i used Vlite to build a new lite version, i selected in TWEAKS to run this version with only 256Mo of RAM, and when i booted the CD i got te message that my machine can't run windows vista and 512 Mo of Ram is required to install the operatig system. (my PC had only 256Mo of RAM) thanks Last_Session.ini