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  1. erpdude8, before bashing, HAVE YOU TRIED TO PRESS SHIFT?!!!!
  2. Please see "Revolutions Pack" topic.
  3. Shutdown dialog, XP style. Please download and test, feel free to comment.
  4. I've launched IE6SP2 on 98 some ways... even without "KernelXP" or so..
  5. regedit.exe should be placed to the \windows dir if you want. regedit+.exe should be placed to the \windows dir and renamed to regedit.exe if you have Revolutions Pack.
  6. Ha! It's not so easy: you should know which files do you need and add to this url, for example: http://download.microsoft.com/download/ie6...-US/IEMIL_1.CAB
  7. You can get any CAB file from IE6(SP1) distr here: http://download.microsoft.com/download/ie6...T42KMeXP/EN-US/ (this adress extracted from IE6SP1 installer).
  8. You are insane. I'm talking about http://dean.edwards.name/IE7/ Rich javascript product which fixes many bugs, add CSS2 support, PNG support and many other features.
  9. It will be very cool if IE 7 will be integrated in next version.
  10. http://www.mdgx.com/files/REGEDITS.ZIP Includes new Registry Editor (regedit.exe) versions compatible with win98. Practically is a Windows ME version with DOS part from win98 regedit. Includes hotfix from 98SE2ME regedit. It saves last key, includes favorites and some speedup. regedit+.exe is using 32-bit icons and should be used with Revolutions Pack.
  11. You are absolutely right - that's why i'm not developing it. There can be no compromise now.
  12. Yes, i remember it was good. It closely resembles nt-xp task manager interface, but it's written on Visual Basic, and it means you can't rely on it. Its somewhat slow.
  13. Yes. Thanks. Does it add icon into Control Panel? Or maybe some shortcut (in start menu) calls exe with some parameters?
  14. Maybe - not so hard. But everything needs to be rewritten, current version is very simple and actually isn't useful. Keyboard hook is much more important part of it.
  15. Ok, i'm gonna to write Security Center analog for Win9x (please do not ask why) and I need some information about most popular firewalls. - Which firewall are you using? (name, vendor, version) - main executable filename (in which directory by default?) - main "service" executable filename (if exists) - does it add control panel element and if adds, try to find which .cpl does this This information is important for me. If you can find some similar info about antivirus/anti-trojan programs, I'll be very grateful.
  16. http://rapidshare.de/files/881543/TASKMGR.zip.html (15KB!!!) Finally i've translated (it took me whole 5 min) my simple "Task Manager". The main benefit is that it replaces standard ctrl-alt-del taskmanager and can help even when all your programs dead. Install: extract into \system directory. Add "device=taskmgr.vxd" to [386Enh] section of system.ini. Reboot. (Uninstall: delete files. Remove line.) You can replace Taskmgr.exe with another good task/process manager. Just put it in your %PATH%. If you know good task/process manager, please tell me.
  17. In Russia, no legal software exist. So almost all my friends run XP to be with progress.
  18. In setup files - maybe; but latest cumulative updates files for IE6 SP1 are fully compatible with 98 and 2000. Windows 9x is limited by nature, and memory leaks are fatal for it, but 2k not - that's the point for hanging.
  19. Here: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=39333&st=0 my hack allows XP 32-bit icons with shadow to be drawn. don't sure if it ever allow to skin windows, but anyway you may try
  20. Actually i believe Windows 9x/Me and 2000 use same IE6 SP1 code. So after 2006 security patches for IE6 SP1 for 2000 will be compatible with w9x/me.

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