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  1. I think that one was pretty much solved (scroll up). Basically he was trying to run SiB from a user that didn't have SiB installed. He didn't have SiB installed for the admin account he was elevating to, so the proper files were not where they belonged. I uninstalled SiB for my local admin user and only then was I able to repo his issue. So it's not a bug. He just needs to install SiB for "ALL" the users in which he intends to use SiB. Gotta admit though, that one was a good one! It would seem that the majority of the people here would rather keep it on a per user level. I dunno, I find that to be annoying. But again, I'm an admin with over 300 machines so I'm not exactly using my machines like a home user would. I'll have SiB installed for all machines for local admin (upon setup) and for the current user. Lets say there's an update.....I have no way of installing the update to both users on each machine. The only way I can do that is to install it for all users all the time. Anyone who works with GP knows that's a royal PITA! But I digress. Whatever is easiest for the average user, that's what I always say.
  2. That is the main reason then.... Do you have any files in %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\StartIsBack folder? (I'm not sure about the path though, as I remember - windows 7 had built-in adminstrator files somewhere in C:\Windows - try searching the dll). If you find them - that will be your answer. Ok, then install SiB for your admin user. I'm not understanding why anyone would ever do such a thing??? Kill explorer, then try to run explorer as admin user. I think Tihiy hit the nail on the head when he said it's a non issue. If your needs are that specific then just install SiB for your admin user....or whatever user you're wanting to launch explorer from. To answer your question, yes, SiB is installed for my admin user and well as the ISOHaven user. So that should wrap that up. SiB wont run for any user of which it's not installed for. That's pretty much common sense. If you are asking for the installer to be machine wide then....that ball is in Tihiy's court.
  3. Yes, as you can see in the video that account is active. Not sure where you're going with that registry key but yes, I have that.
  4. Just for reference: That's certainly an odd one. No clue why I can't reproduce it. Do you see me doing anything wrong?
  5. Why do you have explorer running more than once? Do you have multiple users logged in? I can try with that scenario but not until later today. Anyone else?
  6. Sure, that would be awesome. I'm curious as to what the heck is going on.
  7. I'm afraid I don't have a problem with it at all. It's just how the line is rendered. In fact, ex7forW8 did the same thing on Server 2012.
  8. I ran it from task manager and cmd. However, I've noted some bad things happen when trying to run it from cmd. Sometimes not everything starts back up so I always make sure to start it back up from task manager. But in this case, the start menu at least comes up.
  9. I tried it in two different cases: 1. Logged in as a created user and started it with admin priv. It popped up asking me for permission. 2. Logged in as local admin. In both cases I'm able to restart explorer with no issues and the rename start screen works fine. I tried it on Win8 and Server 2012. We'll just have to wait and see if anyone else can reproduce it. For me, this hasn't been a problem since beta 0 and I've tried every time.
  10. Then you changed something. Did you remove items from that list? That's the only way to remove the line, if an entire group is gone then it will not display the separator. Server 2012 with and without Desktop Experience (both are identical): Windows Server 2008 R2: Windows 7: Windows 8: That line is not a bug. It's already there.
  11. Anyone else unable to use that feature at all? In the meantime, try creating a new user account and trying again. I'm afraid this is something specific with your install.
  12. I've done it as admin. No issues. You don't rename the start screen however I'm asking what happens when you do? That process kills explorer and restarts it. So....does it work? You can always put it back once done testing.
  13. I can't reproduce that. I can kill explorer.exe and start it again with no issues. Start Menu comes back up. In fact, at least one of the options within SiB config is to do that exact process (Rename Metro Screen). Can you give any other detail about your machine that's not default? What happens when you turn on/off rename start screen to apps?
  14. Nope. There's a separator on Win8 default install with normal themes. Except it's a tiny thin line. So that's why there's a line there. It just paints differently in different situations.
  15. That's funny because this is the first time MS has ever removed choice form the user. You've always been able to choose from the last format and new format.
  16. Removed Beta3. Installed Beta4 and it activated itself. So the activation maintained. If I rename a start menu item through properties then it keeps the old name. After about 10-20 seconds it updates. Everything else I reported seems to be working fine now. DEP is no longer required. This is nearing perfection!
  17. Very interesting! I would/will eventually be doing just this anyway (RDPing) so I will test this just as soon as I have time. I remote into all my servers. No issues on 2012.
  18. That is gong to be machine dependent. On my oldest machine it bogs down. On all others it's fine. My guess is, video drivers will vary. Kind of like that whole WPF window sizing issue that plagues a lot of older video cards.
  19. Under the built-in Administrator Account "Store" is the only app. But under newly created user accounts you can run "Store" and install other metro apps from it. In this case your Start Screen won't be empty. http://superuser.com/questions/480988/can-windows-server-2012-run-all-metro-windows-store-applications http://www.win2012workstation.com/windows-8-apps/ Huh? The only app for what? I never said Server 2012 can't run Metro apps. I said it doesn't come with any Metro apps by default. You don't even get "Store" unless you install the "Desktop Experience" and 99.9% of all people running Server will never do that. The point was, that everything you initially see on the Metro screen by default and by installing whatever roles and features you require (you know, normal server stuff) will disappear because everything it uses are desktop apps.....so far. So expect an empty Metro screen if you use that checkbox (in other words, not a bug). Yes, of course, if you install "Desktop Experience" then you will also have the Store app icon.
  20. Worked like a charm! It's running now and all findings are identical to Win8. No clue what you guys are talking about. If I mouse over a Start Menu item and hit F2, nothing happens. If I "select" a menu item then it launches...no chance to rename. I noticed if I right-click an item and keep the mouse button down THEN hit F2 it starts to rename the item but if I let go of the mouse button then the context menu pops up and I lose the rename. However, SHIFT+Right-Click worked just fine. Are you guys talking about going to "C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\User Pinned\StartMenu" and hitting F2 on the actual file? Who the heck does that? At any rate, I cannot hit F2 on any Start Menu items in WinXP, Win7, Win8 or Server 2012. So yeah, you guys lost me on that one All in all, aside from those quirks which don't really matter to me anyway....this thing is rock solid awesomeness!!! I'll play with trying to break the licensing today. EDIT: Just a reminder to some folks...still not a good idea to select "Rename Start Screen to "Apps" and keep only modern apps there" on Server 2012. Remember, there are no metro apps on Server yet so it'll just remove everything. Oddly, except for IE which is also not metro. Funny how that one isn't removed.
  21. Uhuh. Not sure how to fix that I thought everyone uses F2 to rename. Huh? When I highlight an item on the start menu and hit F2, nothing happens. I never use F2 on the menu but use it for everything else. Yes, I'm just right-clicking the items then selecting properties then going to the general tab. I'll try shift tomorrow.
  22. I just tried it on Win7 and had no problem at all. Name change happened right away and the app launches fine.

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