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  1. You do not need to input all X's. The problem you guys are having is that you are trying to "skip" it. That's not possible. You need to let the product key process run. When it runs it will pick up the key in the BIOS. Specifing for it to never run or to show errors will cause it to error out. Just leave the Key field blank and tell it to ALWAYS show. If there's a BIOS key to be found you will never see the CD Key window, it will in fact proceed unattended. <UserData> <ProductKey> <Key></Key> <WillShowUI>Always</WillShowUI> </ProductKey> <AcceptEula>true</AcceptEula> </UserData> Removing ProductKey altogether as the OP has done will also throw out an error.
  2. Unfortunately I highly doubt many "corporations" will go with this. I tried when we were all Win8 and they just wouldn't bite with 8.1 right around corner which solved most no menu problems. Then once they saw the new start menu in Win9 that pretty much killed it completely.
  3. That's all that really matters!
  4. I registered. Found out they had nothing but NT4.0 classes. NT4.0 was on it's way out the door then realized my diploma would be something that actually expired. I wasn't about to pay 40+ grand for that (today around 100k+). Now I have well over 10 years experience under my belt which is worth way more than a diploma in this field. Experience AND a diploma....I would hate those people except they're STILL paying off their student loans. Poor bastards....oh....now I get it. Yeah, they need a freebie handout.
  5. I never went to college. Now I feel discriminated against!
  6. Woot! Congrats!!!! Happy Gobble Day!
  7. Thanks! I've got a ton of catching up to do but as soon as I can I'll load an 8.1 VM and give this a thorough run in my domain environment.
  8. Hey everyone!!! Been a long time! I wont bore anyone with the details as to why I disppeared. How you been Tihiy? Anywho, came across this error message every time I go to add/remove policy templates: Resource '$(string.SUPPORTED_Win8Only)' referenced in attribute displayName could not be found. Line 11, column 89 Looks to be refering to this line: <definition name="SUPPORTED_Win8Only" displayName="$(string.SUPPORTED_Win8Only)" /> EDIT: Bleh, never fails! Always find an answer after posting. Somehow the ADML file became corrupt. After fixing it the problem went away.
  9. I think that was just a license question??? At any rate, June 26th is just around the corner!
  10. I've added legacy userpic loading (if domain joined only). The rest of Windows 8 does not pick it though; i guess there should be some new tool for setting picture via .accountpicture-ms. If there is I've not found it yet. Why the FRACK MS hasn't added domain support to the (temp) local account with domain joins is driving a lot of us in IT absolutely mad. What's weird though is my domain account on all my 2012 servers DO have my admin pic for the login but only when doing RDP....WTF!?!?!?! Get your crap together MS! EDIT: Duh.... Forgot to mention it works now. Picked up the domain user pick with no problems!
  11. It doesn't pick up the user pic. Here's my login code for populating the user pic: $username=$env:username $domain=$env:userdomain $temp=$env:temp $photo = ([ADSISEARCHER]“samaccountname=$($username)”).findone().properties.thumbnailphoto if($photo -eq $null){ $command = “\\DOMAIN\netlogon\pictures\usertile.exe $domain\$username \\DOMAIN\netlogon\pictures\default.jpg” } else { $photo | set-content $temp\$domain+$username.jpg -Encoding byte $command = “\\DOMAIN\netlogon\pictures\usertile.exe $domain\$username $temp\$domain+$username.jpg” } cmd /c $command And here is the source for usertile.exe: using System; using System.Runtime.InteropServices; namespace TilePicture { class Program { [DllImport("shell32.dll", EntryPoint = "#262", CharSet = CharSet.Unicode, PreserveSig = false)] public static extern void SetUserTile(string username, int whatever, string picpath); [STAThread] static void Main(string[] args) { SetUserTile(args[0], 0, args[1]); } } }
  12. Whoa! That's awesome! Outstanding work! User pic will be one of the hardest. If you wind up implementing your own way of adding the pic then it'll break all sorts of network/domain stuff.
  13. Because that key invokes the start MENU. The menu being the entire point of the app.
  14. I bet if we look we can find that on YouTube!
  15. I too would like to know if StartIsBack will continue support Windows 8.1. To me 8.1's reintroduction of Start button is just changing the button left hot corner to a physical button on the taskbar and nothing more. What I need is the Start menu! The author has already replied to this topic. Nothing will be done/said or looked at until a REAL supported preview has been released to the general public. Just sit tight.
  16. The main difference is...SiB uses the actual Start Menu code that is left in Windows 8. So you are getting a more authentic solution. My suggestion to you (if you want to check them both out) is to install classicshell. Check it out then uninstall it. Then install SiB and check it out as well. When you'll be a first hand informed user on both. I say to install SiB second because I'm 99% sure you wont be uninstalling it to go back to classic shell At any rate, SiB uninstalls just fine so no worries.
  17. Due to Microsoft request, all start button images containing Windows logo were removed. Download them separately here. Awesome! Update worked, checking it out now.
  18. At this time no. Nothing more will be said or done until it's near final release.
  19. I know the thread is pretty long now however that was already discussed. The end result was no, the way it is now is how Win7 handles it and it's how it will remain. But that maybe an option will pop up later.
  20. I'll provide it later since it will be very requested. Please let's not make a gazillion of posts about where to get it. Awesome, thanks!!!
  21. Awesome! Checking it out now. Under "C:\Program Files (x86)\StartIsBack\Orbs"....all I see is the square windows orb. Where can we snag the default orb before it's gone forever?

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