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  1. I have over 300 PCs and when this issue first came up I walked around and tried to find one. I couldn't find a single keyboard with a right winkey. No, I didn't check them all
  2. I see, thanks. If these issues could be fixed, it'd be nice to have the option. The Lenovos could always use some other key(s). It's not just Lenovos. Most keyboards don't have a right windows key.
  3. Please don't ever apologize for that! Updating often is 100 times better then updating hardly ever. Also, no more issues downloading with IE10.
  4. Could be because timestamp is not valid yet for your time zone or your clock is set up wrong. Retry in 8 hours? Time and date are fine. I'll try again tomorrow.
  5. IE 10 doesn't seem to like it. Tried on 3 different machines. You can still install it, it just complains about it.
  6. Like he said....this week. This week isn't over yet.
  7. Tobin's statement *might*, technically, be true. Whether MS would consider it worth it to do anything about it, however, who knows. It's his opinion, everyone has their right to have one. At least he didn't express his negative opinion in the SiB thread. Exactly! No need to track down all the haters. Haters gonna hate.
  8. But that's because the middle-click is practically useless to me (it's hardly mandatory in the vast majority of all software, and my guess is that most people do not use it) while the double-click is ubiquitous. So, replacing it with the wheel-click, saves countless clicks and protects healthy hands (and doesn't overwork problematic hands like mine). The wheel-click could be assigned to another, less prominent mouse button, but that won't help people who don't own multiple-button mouses ("mice" sounds wrong ) . Well that was why I suggested turning on single click in folder options and then you will never have to double click anything ever again, I hate double click, it's a waste of time and annoying to me, that's why I have it off. But then you have to R-Click and select rename (for example) instead of single click then hit F2. I could never get unused to that
  9. Hibernate will physically turn your computer off. Everything gets saved into a save state file and when you turn your computer back on it will use that humongous file to resume itself. Sleep is simply a power mode that uses very little power but your running data is all stored in memory and the computer still requires power.
  10. MOST impressive! Very impressive! The themes look great and combining the context menu is something a couple users asked for. Although they'll have to wait until I have a way to roll this out to 300+ users.
  11. I did as you said and skipped the gallon of gas. My truck died 18 miles away from work. I'll send you my road side assist bill
  12. It happens. No big deal. That's what the delete key is for
  13. Do you get that when running setup? Try right clicking the setup and running as administrator.
  14. That is pure awesome! So many people are going to be happy with that. Many thanks to you and MRGrim!
  15. I would just have it check each time the config app is run. My guess is it's only quickly checking a URL. Other people also add a manual check but if it checks each time that wouldn't be needed. I use wyUpdate myself. It's free and once you get it all setup it totally rocks. You can pay for the GUI (wyBuild) but it's not needed. Not sure why people are freaking out about popup notifications....no one ever mentioned that. Tihiy made it perfectly clear that would never happen. But yeah, an email wouldn't hurt. It's just that peoples hatred for spam is so strong it even extends to things that matter to them! Also, the tray icon wouldn't work. If people have those hidden to begin with then they would never see it even after it became unhidden.
  16. Try to delete HKCU\SOFTWARE\StartIsBack - UpdateDate. Also note that in 1.0 and 1.1RC update check works only with direct connection. Deleting the key worked. I'll have to remember that on test machines where I'm going back and forth. Once that key is updated regardless of version, an uninstall doesn't remove that key. Thanks!
  17. Only when you run configurator. I may introduce checking in explorer as well, but i don't like obtrusive notifications (nobody does). Do you have an idea how to notify about new version if configurator is not running? You mean it runs right away when you run the configurator but only once a day? In that case, something is broken. I got back into work this morning and as you can see from the screenshot....I'm not seeing where it's telling me there's a new version.... Am I missing something?
  18. It checks only once per day and only in configuration tool. Oh ok, it only checks once per day. I must have never hit that point???? Is it hardcoded? When does it check?
  19. It's working under v1.1RC. @Tihiy, did the new version check have a bug under v1.0? And thanks for v1.1! I only tested released versions since that's what people would have and what sites would archive.
  20. Automatically check for new versions doesn't seem to be doing anything. With 1.0 installed it's not telling me there's a 1.1. Looks like Start Menu Properties was renamed to Properties. Just making sure that was wanted behavior. A manual upgrade worked fine. Uninstall worked fine. Re-install worked fine. Remained activated the entire time. The new orb looks great! Winkey is working fine.
  21. Yeah, I reported that a while ago. It's done that for a long time. I didn't notice it at first because all my machines get IE auto pinned on install. But once I did a detached fresh install I noticed that IE and Microsoft Office shortcuts are all defunked.
  22. There already is a final release. Now he's just taking it further. Final release is here: http://www.startisback.com/
  23. Awesome, I'll check it out right after lunch!

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