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  1. I can't find it in add/remove programs, in beta 1 there was an uninstall.reg file, and if i try to install version 1.0 on beta 4, it works only for the current user. Are you using a 1.0 key for those other users?
  2. If you installed it properly you can just go to add/remove programs and remove it. Either way you just can install on top of it. It'll work fine.
  3. Yeah there is. All my users have their user tile showing. PM me if you want the code. But I'm on vacation until thursday. The code is at work.
  4. Yes, as long as you use the same mainboard. Once both the HDD and mainboard change you'll need another activation.
  5. So has anyone else used any of the other languages? Thanks to crackhawk for the German result.
  6. Airplane is always the answer! No one abused you and no one said you can't read. I said to GO READ. Major difference there. Also, I am an IT Admin and like I said....none issue. Did you have any other concerns about the PROGRAM and NOT of Win7?
  7. No, it's not. The worst case scenario is...no more start menu. Been there, done that. It does not alter the system in any way. Was that your concern? This is not a hack. This does not alter system files. You can turn off the machine. Boot off something else. Go in and delete the app files. The machine will still load as normal and you can just use Metro.
  8. 1 & 3. Then READ the forum. This has already been brought up before. 2. You don't have to be an expert to READ and know what something is/does. I happen to use many of the new features that come along with Win8. To give them up would be a shame.
  9. Two reasons: 1. Reality shows us that Metro on a desktop is less productive than the start menu. Especially for people who have to use many applications and for Admins that have to use many "tools". 2. The mere fact that you think staying with Win7 is an option tells most people here that you know very little about Win8. Based on your logic, MS Paint should be enough for everyone. Why install Adobe Photoshop, right? It's just a program, a tool. Get over it.
  10. It doesn't remove anything. That's the entire point. Please go back and read what this program does. Also, Windows 8 is not only about Metro. Please go back and learn and what Windows 8 is all about.
  11. That's was actually "Download Release Candidate" and "Comment on it". Hit CTRL+F5 or whatever you need to do to perform a hard refresh on the page. Your browser is caching the old page.
  12. Awesome work! Your dedication is truly appreciated. Yes, you deserve all the sleep you can get. Is there anything specific you need us to check out? EDIT: Almost forgot...CONGRATS ON THE RELEASE!!!
  13. no they don't I'm not talking about activation servers I talk about permanent inet conection need for constant verification and online accounts as said, only server emulator can be used for that method and now I apologise to tihiy for going off topic That's enough. The whole activation/cracking argument needs to stop.
  14. And if you backup activation data before deactivating, you have both old and new activations working. Who's going to go through all that? That would be a royal PITA. A person that would swap hardware between multiple machines many times just to get 2 copies working with one license is going to use the cracked version instead. Remember, you're trying to keep honest people honest to the best of your ability. There's no such thing as a full proof licensing scheme. People who cheat will cheat and just use the cracked version. No worries though, I'm just throwing out ideas in case anything sounds better... Before I continue to use the new key on testing machines....how did the whole VM HDD issue turn out? Since the keys have limited activation I feel hesitant on installing them on multiple VMs and test machines for further testing if it's going to just blow them all out and make them worthless???
  15. That would only be true if you did not DEactivate the old hardware. If you deactivate the old piece of hardware (update the activation to the current specs thus pushing out the old) then you could not activate an unlimited number of machines. Instead a user could guarantee that THEY are always activated. It's call a round robin activation scheme. User first installs software License Key 1 - Activated to MB A and HDD A User changes MB License Key 1 - Activated to MB B and HDD A (MB A is no longer in the picture and HDD A was valid) User Changes HDD License Key 1 - Activated to MB B and HDD B (MB B was valid thus HDD was updated) User Changes entire computer License Key 1 - Activation Invalid (requires new key)
  16. Stays? I was referring to reinstalling windows to the same hardware. If you have SiB running on a system and you reinstall Windows with a new mainboard but the same HDD....is that the same activation? Then once activated does the NEW mainboard become the current mainboard since you used the same HDD? If not then you'll still have the same problem except you just added another piece of hardware. Oh the joys of DRM!
  17. So...if you get a new computer but first use the old hard drive to get Windows up and running then run SiB on the old HDD and input the key then it would still count as the same activation because it's the same HDD? But it would then update the MB with the activation? Then you could swap out the HDD with a new HDD and get SiB up and running again and again the activation would still count as the same because now the MB is still the same?
  18. I can see that being a problem. In the past 1.5 years I've gone through 5 drives. 3 SSD's and 2 PCIe drives. I have a newer PCIe drive in the mail that I plan to upgrade to so that makes 6. What are you planing for your Pro version? As it stands, I couldn't use this in a business environment at all. If you think over 300 machines is bad...just imagine going through a massive swap from HDD to SSD. You think a flood wiped out the market? Nah, that was me!
  19. Maybe you did use beta key? Oh, there's new keys? I didn't get an email, I figured you were talking about new donators. In that case...RC will activate if upgraded from Beta4 without inputting a new key. But only for the original installed user. Other users on the system are SoL. Good to know either way!
  20. ERROR: INVALID LICENSE KEY - Reloading the system to see if there's an upgrade issue. The local admin was already auto activated. But the other user created on the system wasn't activated and wouldn't. It kept spitting out this error. Thanks for making the "check for updates" configurable! My users can't install software anyway so those popups are annoying for them.
  21. I would like to find a nice one like that, that animates.
  22. I tried it on a few games and it worked fine. I was able to select another app and it went to that app just fine. I do it all the time with TSearch. As for windowed apps...it's depends on the app and how the window form was coded. So you can't simply just test any app. I suspect the same will be true with a full screen app as well. The guy that had this problem is going to have to tell us WHAT app he was using and we'll have to try to hunt it down and try it out for ourselves.
  23. Good one! Another reason it's important for me to have consistency for all users is for when a user logs into a machine for the first time. Lets say a user works from another desk that day. They log in and if the app is then installed from GP then it's not fully setup for that user. It wont be exactly like it was on their normal desktop. That causes confusion. Also, the app wouldn't be licensed. So if that user uses that machine 30 days later...poof. I get a phone call. So yeah, it would also be important that if we ever get an install for all users that there also be a set settings for all users. But I'm guessing all that is for the next version and not the personal version.

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