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  1. I've done his before but now I can't do it, can you tell me how to add this line to my registry: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE_SYSTEM\WPA\POSReady] I can open the registry and find my way in there, but exactly how can I add the entry in the right place? The entries to delete isn't there already.
  2. That's what I have thought as well. I don't remember why I suspected it was a ActiveX problem but I must have sen a message or something. Anyway, updating doesn't work. But right now I am very confused. I copied instructions for an edit to the Registry, and took the doc file to another machine for printing. But what I found is that none of the two Brother printers I have connected to that machine would print. I get an error message, cancel the print jobs but nothing helps. And that is a machine i can't even remember having had any problems for a very long time. I could even use the printers from this machine on the my network. I didn't ever expect I'd want to use this word again, but now I am flabbergasted! Was even tempted to use all caps there;) Is there something in the air? In the news this morning was a report on several bursts of a radium isotope in the air somewhere in the country. That's the best explanation i can find.
  3. I installed Sp4 but get no updates, probably because Active x is missing, don't know why, never had that problem before. Can't find and install active x. So I think maybe I can install XPSp3 again and then POS ready, I only need to know where to find instructions. Or maybe an edit in the registry is what is needed?
  4. After installing Sp4 and turning automatic updates on, I don't get any updates, automatically or manually. Seems that Active x is missing, is that the cause? I just can't find out how to download/install Active x, can someone tell me how to do it? (Yes, I feel silly having to ask.)
  5. With a little snoking I discovered that the OS is Windows 10. Even with a 46" tv, I don't find working from my sofa at 3 m distance as comfortable as I would like. I am used to having a 20" monitor on the desk right in front of me. Maybe glasses designed for just that distance might be useful. I am trying to redesign my home for my new life since my wife now is in a nursing home with Alzheimers and she won't be coming back. It is a terrible loss. she's been a wonderful companion for 60+ years. I'll see her tomorrow but all she's talking about is why can't she come home with me? Well, I hope I'll get used to the new system, and I'll have to accept that there is nothing that can be done with the slightly oversize image bitmap that extend beyond the frame. It seems finding the ideal H and V parameters is not as easy as with a proper monitor.
  6. I got me a new mini pc, Acer Aspire XC-710 with Windows 8.1. It works reasonably, but at the recommended resolution of 1920 x 1080, the image stretches a little beyond the limits of the Samsung tv screen. I don't know if there are ways of getting an exact fit of image on the screeen? But since I don't care much for Win 8.1, what would happen if I tried installing XPSp3 (or Sp4) instead? If unsuccesful, I suppose the machine will be spoiled without any means of getting it back to life again? EDIT January 19, 2017: i returned the machine, didn't like it.
  7. I am afraid I am unfamiliar with System Restore. Can you show me how?
  8. Q: What happens if you do that? A: Nothing.
  9. I see this thread as my home at MSFN - and have a problem not related to SP4: I have done it before and have managed to fix it but this time I didn't have any luck with it. I managed to make the taskbar at the bottom of the screen double height, and I can't get it back to normal. It is not locked. How can I get it back to normal again?
  10. SP4 has been working quite fine for a long time but has developed some problems lately. 1. Spooler Subsystem error msg on startup, but ok at restart. 2. Updates been ok, but now the same 5 updates are being offered for installation again each time I shut down the machine. From July 14 ... July 17: KB3123055 ... KB3135986 I can chose not to download and install, or downlad without automatic installation. I now have turned auto updates off. I might perhaps be better of without SP4, using POS updates only?
  11. Any problem uninstalling SP4 and get back to SP3?
  12. The options are: 1. Working without problems. 2. Working but with some problems. 3. Not working I hope for #1. If not, I'll do it the usual way and be a little wiser.
  13. There's nothing to lose, I'm going to start all over again with a clean slate. As long as I do nothing else than installing Windows (XP) on an empty disk, I presume I can move it to any other machine to install motherboard drivers and everything else?
  14. Should be RPC, in SP3. Can't find it.
  15. RPC Server is not available when I try to install a printer on Sp3. Any fix available? (Am tired, just installed installed scanner/I.R.I.S) Why am I doing all this?) I did a great mistake when I disposed of the old HP ink/deskjet 380, I used it only as an OCR scanner and it worked like a charm. But I was stupid enough to think that a new Brother Laser printer/scanner would be a full replacement.
  16. Aha, there is no entry like "Print Spooler". I have copied to the System32 folder some missing files Spmsg.dll Spnike.dll Spnpinst.dll Spoolss.dll Spoolsv.exe Sprestrt.exe Sprio600.dll Sprio800.dll Spupdsvc.exe Spxcoins.dll But that was not enough. What more is there that I can do short of reinstalling?
  17. I presume the msg is right, the spooler is not running. How can I verify status and eventually start it?
  18. One of my machines with SP4 refuses to install a printer because it can't start the Print Spooler. Anyone familiar with the subject, got any clue about what can be done?
  19. I don't understand how to implement either of the solutions offered. The problem is not limited to science daily only. IIRC, I also have had it at other sites.
  20. I often get html code when browsing webpages. Are XP, SP4 or Firefox responsible - or what?
  21. Yes, AFAICT. This morning, turning of the machine that I have running 24/7 two new updates from June 8, KB890830, KB26063 was installed. Previous install date was April 14. On this machine I see the last 8 updates June 15, previous May 11. So this one seems to be in good health. Looks like there is a difference that shouldn't be there. Don't think I'm going to bother with it, the 24/7 machine is almost only used as a jukebox.
  22. I can't remember seeing the yellow submarine after updates but what the heck, [OT] the only meaning with life is what you yourself are able to wrap it in. After all, it's the only one we got. My slogan is "You are so lonesome when you ar dead." [/OT]
  23. There is something wrong with my SP4 wrt updating. I left the machine on last night but nothing new to be seen. The update record shows updates April 27 and 29, and May 11. Since then, nothing. But local time is only 08:00 (8 AM), that would be 06:00 GMT June 15 2016 Do I have to reinstall? EDIT: At last, the updates arrived. Hooray!
  24. I installled F-secure from my cableTV-ISP the other day, and it killed all other security software like ZoneAlarm, Malwarebytes and one more that I don't remember the name of. Can F-Secure be the culprit? My other SP4 machine has been updated! It doesn't have F-Secure. probably not much else of fancy security software either. I'd like to remove F-Secure but i am afraid I won't be able to reinstall it again. Will ha to check that before I try.

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